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Annals of the Parish By JOHN GALT
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JOHN GALT Annals of the Parish John Gait, poet, dramatist, historian, and novelist, was born at Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland, on May 2, 1779. He was trained for a commercial career in the Greenock... More > Custom House, and in the office of a merchant in that seaport. Removing to London, Gait engaged in business and afterwards travelled extensively to forward mercantile enterprises in all the countries bordering on the Mediterranean and the Near East, where he repeatedly met Lord Byron. His first work of fiction was a Sicilian story, published in 1816, but it was not until 1820 that he found his true literary expression, when the "Ayrshire Legatees" appeared in "Blackwood's Magazine." The success of this tale was so great that Gait finished the "Annals of the Parish; or the Chronicle of Dalmailing, during the Ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder," which he had really begun in 1813, and they were published in 1821.< Less
Rise of Cain By J. Henry Martin
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Cain was the first born son of Adam and Eve who grew up to murder his brother. But that was over 125 years later. This is the story of what went wrong. Drawing from the account in Genesis 1:1 - 5:2... More > and from assumptions of how a near-perfect humanity would survive and thrive, the author uses his imagination to fill in the gaps. The characters are far from perfect and this is not a Sunday School story for children. The characters react as adults in a world learning what humanity is all about. The world they live in is a fertile valley surrounded by a less hospitable wilderness. From the original campsite several days travel east of Eden, the family of Adam and Eve grows to ten towns by the end of the first 130 years. Abel grows close to God, while Cain becomes a wealthy plantation owner -- the most powerful man in the valley. The conflict grows for over a century and in the ends with mankind's first civil war.< Less
Night of the Whirlwind By David Bruce
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June, 1943. Immense German and Russian armies face each other across the fortifications of the Kursk salient. Whoever wins the impending battle will win the war in the east; and the smallest factor... More > could be the one that turns the tide. For the Prime Minister, that small factor could be a German Panzer general visiting France; if he can be eliminated then the Russians might stand a much better chance of winning. But removing a high-ranking enemy officer in too obvious a manner could compromise ULTRA, the highly secret code-breaking operation that revealed the officer’s location in the first place. Churchill has first to convince MI6 that the result will be worth the risk. With the outcome of a war hanging in the balance, what better plan than to give the mission to a handful of intruder pilots flying near obsolete aircraft? (See “Prototype” and “Assassin” for other books by the same author)< Less
New Covenant of Reconciliation: Reformed Theology Modified Through Covenant Understanding By Dave Schoch
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This book is the printed form of a Doctoral Dissertation, the focus of the Paper is the application of Ancient Near East covenant principles to exegesis of New Testament Scriptures. This is an... More > important work, for such application demonstrates many fallacies within currently held to Reformed Theology. Application of covenant principles to interpretation of New Testament Scripture is a more complete hermeneutic than what the Reformers had, and must be incorporated into the modern codified set of Biblical Hermeneutics. Because the New Testament is not a testament but a covenant modeled after ANE covenants, understanding what a covenant is and how a covenant operates is paramount to a more complete and accurate set of interpretative rules for comprehending ancient documents. This work is no less important to preachers, teachers, scholars and theologians than is Mendenhall and Trumbull's seminal work on covenants, Kline's work on covenant law, or Sander's work on the law.< Less
The Original Aramaic Gospel of John In Plain English By Rev. David Bauscher
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This book is a translation of what this author believes to be the original Aramaic Gospel of John. John was the first book the author translated in 2006 in The Aramaic English Interlinear NT, and... More > then in 2007 as part of the Original Aramaic New Testament in Plain English. This translation of The New Testament is different from most New Testament translations in that most are translated from Greek or Latin, whereas this is from Aramaic. Aramaic was the language of Jesus of Nazareth (“Yeshua Netsarya” in Aramaic) and of his twelve disciples. The Peshitta New Testament is the only complete Aramaic New Testament known today which is held by a significant Christian denomination to be the original text written by the Apostles. The Church of The East has always held to this text as the original writing of the Apostles, preserved with word for word accuracy by its Scribes for nearly two thousand years with meticulous care and reverence.< Less
The Treasure of Norumbega By Tom Howard
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Three young people, Mary Lynne Elbridge, Penelope Elbridge, and Will Overstreet, have to leave their comfortable lives in Bristol, England, to settle in the colony of Pemaquid, Maine in 1632. A... More > trader named Dixey Bull gives Mary Lynne a map saying that the lost treasure of Norumbega can be found nearby. There is trouble east of Pemaquid when the French seize the Plymouth Colony trading house at Penobscot and plunder Bull’s vessel. Bull blames Abraham Shurt, leader of the Pemaquid Colony, for plotting with the French as Pemaquid and Plymouth are rivals for the lucrative fur trade on the Maine coast.Mary Lynne, who craves excitement, a break from the harsh routine of frontier life, gets more than she bargains for when Bull attacks Pemaquid and takes her captive. She thinks life as a pirate will be fun but one of the pirates tries to kill her. She flees into the wilderness near Pemaquid and gets lost in a blizzard…< Less
Remember Patience By Shawn Sandhurst
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Simon Gray is the leader of the Little Js, a study group which has met on a weekly basis for years in the town of Ridgewood, Illinois. One night, the group's weekly study session is interrupted by a... More > national emergency. A devastating terrorist attack in a major US city occurs during one of the Little Js' final meetings before they all graduate high school. Seizing the opportunity created by the situation, the group, which is religious by nature, bands together and decides to spend their summer vacation in the Middle East, attempting to locate the group who initiated the national crisis in an attempt to convert them. They face near-death experiences, all the while maintaining optimism and a sense of humor amongst the dark comedic background.< Less
Love’s Seasons By John Rawson
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This is a gentle, sometimes sexy, traditional romantic love story. A girl, Meri, with a long-held dream to go to university, has been thrown out onto the streets, near to Christmas, by her drunken... More > mother. Desperate, she resolves to prostitute herself to survive. A chance meeting with a young professor, Tom, saves Meri from selling sex, and soon leads to a close friendship. As the year advances, Meri and Tom, realising they are soul mates, have growing feelings for each other. On Easter Sunday, surrounded by the magnificent scenery of North Bay on the East Coast, for the first time, they openly proclaim their love. Enjoying a glorious summer, Meri and Tom explore their ever-deepening relationship, marrying just before the autumn term at university begins. Together, Tom returns to work, and Meri fulfils her dream to study chemistry. The story ends, back at Christmas time, with a surprise twist…< Less
Hamish By James F. Park
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Hello, I'm Hamish and I'm a tartan caveman and I live in a tartan cave near Forres so here’s a little information about Forres. Forres is a town and former royal burgh situated in the north... More > of Scotland on the Moray coast, approximately 25 miles east of Inverness and 12 miles west of Elgin. Forres has been a winner of the Scotland in Bloom award on several occasions and there are many geographical and historical attractions nearby such as the River Findhorn and there are many historical artifacts and monuments within the town itself so the next time you’re up in the Highlands why don’t you pop in and say hello. Anyway I hope you have lots of fun colouring in me and all my stone age friends.< Less
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