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World War II and My Military Memories By Murray Coffey
eBook (ePub): $8.99
World War II and My Military Memories takes the reader from the author’s beginnings in the small town of Myrtle, Mississippi where he heard many stories about the First World War from his... More > three uncles. Then to the ROTC, getting an education at a tough war college, then into the service and lots of specialized training, and on to combat in Europe in World War II while serving most of the time in the 89th Infantry Division. There are stories about the Battle of the Bulge, the Rhine River Crossing in Germany, liberation of the Ohrdruf Concentration Camp and the then unknown horrors of the Holocaust. After the war came service in the Occupation Army with numerous escapades, some serious and many that were fun and humorous. Later came the Reserves, a near miss on the Korean War, then completing an education and building a career after the war, and finally a trip back to Europe to re-live old memories many years later that included a visit to East Germany before the Berlin wall came down.< Less
Salzburg to Stalingrad By Karl Sinnhuber
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This unique account records the of life of a young Austrian training and serving as a pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II, flying transport and courier aircraft on the Eastern Front. Karl... More > Sinnhuber writes compellingly of his many encounters with danger, including being chased by Russian fighter aircraft near Stalingrad, and a literally chilling escape, wounded, from East Prussia, as the Red Army advanced on Konigsberg in January 1945, his journey home to Salzburg, capture by the US Army and eventual return to civilian life in which he developed a distinguished academic career. The book details everyday life while training, including the compulsory stint in the Labour Corps during which he followed front line troops invading Poland in September 1939, encountering Jewish villagers just days before the German Army probably took them away. The author's photos of these people are among many previously unpublished images within this historically important eye-witness account.< Less
The Singer in the Band - Biography of Alan Breeze By Michele Breeze
eBook (PDF): $4.90
A Biography Of Alan Breeze, one of the finest British Big Band Singers of the 20th Century. Alan sang with the legendary Billy Cotton Band for nearly 40 years. Written by his youngest daughter... More > Michele Breeze, herself an Internationally acclaimed musical actress having played the leading role of Eva peron in Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice's world hit musical, EVITA. The book spans Alan's early life in London's East End to his death in Norwich in 1980. "One of the great Big Band vocalists of the 20th century" - Desmond Carrington - BBC Radio 2 "Once started, I couldn't put it down" Anne Hopper - BBC Radio Cumbria "This book is fantastic" Peter Worsley - This England/Evergreen Magazines "An excellent tribute" Ray Pallett - Memory Lane Magazine " One of the saddest, yet funniest books I've read for years" Pete King - Big Band Buddies Magazine< Less
The Amazing Dr. Strousberg By Richard Hunt
Paperback: $21.52
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Bethel Henry Strousberg was probably one of the most important and influential Prussian industrialists of the 19th century. He set out on his amazing career when he arrived in London from East... More > Prussia as a near-penniless sixteen year old economic migrant. in 1839. In London he worked hard and built a career as a journalist, publisher and insurance expert (marrying a seventeen-year old and going to prison for fraud on the way). Forced to return to Germany, he became a pioneer of the railway construction boom and at his height controlled lines in Prussia, Austria, Hungary and Romania, earning him the nickname of “The European Railway King”. His factories, railways, mines and estates employed tens of thousands of workers. Strousberg owned a grand mansion in Berlin, country estates and a castle in Bohemia. Problems caused by poor financial management culminated in his arrest and trial for fraud in Moscow and subsequent bankruptcy. This book traces his rise and fall.< Less
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Astromagick Pro - 67 Horoscope Signs vs Faux Zodiacs By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $67.00
The brief enlists but the main issues ditto issuing from miscalculation due to superstition or simplified pseudo-zodiacal models still in wide use across the planet, bot east and west, north and alas... More > south. The most damaged and debilitated horoscopes of course pertain to the southern hemisphere which is alas treated as northern (sic). As the northern one is already afflicted by overwhelming zodiacal offsets, there is no hope for the southern to come even near to a rudimentary horoscope; e.g. if Europe normally overlooks seven (7) signs of zodiacal offset, then South America suffers from complete disaster when it comes to natal skies. This in turn affects the minds of people, twisting them in random directions – all wrong. If by any chance such a foul astrology is taken in bona fide as religion, damage to the nation is guaranteed: not that the northern cousins don’t have their own 9-11: the south is even more afflicted by asinine prepositions as fostered by astronomy haters.< Less
20-Tom Swift and the Electricity Vampires (HB) By Victor Appleton II
Hardcover: $32.95
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In the 20th adventure of this new series, Tom Swift finds a pleasant day test sailing a new yacht is turning into an attack from the sky. Out of nowhere a lightning bolt strikes his boat and sucks... More > all power from everywhere. Not a freak incident, it seems to be more of a warning of things to come when a large power generating station along the East Coast is attacked next, with the same loss of electricity as if it had been siphoned back into the sky. This time, there is a great deal of damage and a near death. More and more power stations are targeted and now Tom must try to find out several vital things: Who is attacking? Why are they invisible and how do they manage that? What is their purpose in zig-zagging up and down the country hitting station after station? Not only is he broadsided by these attacks, he also finds out there is another Tom Swift out there; or rather a Tommy Swift. Together they work to uncover the evil attackers Bud Barclay has dubbed the Electricity Vampires.< Less
Provenance of LYE By Jim White
Hardcover: $79.95
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Provenance of LYE – Book Two includes Secondary surnames to the Immigrant all of them proved to family origin, which includes several key Mariner families – None of the Key families are... More > missing - follows is the list of Several Surnames Shorey, Sizemore, Vann, Ward, McLemore, White, 3 BOONE players same family, Shelby, Starr, Harlan, Crocket, Hobbs facts none in reserve – Includes validated inner-racial marriage dates never before located or proved by descendants places, hard dates birth and death records from East and South Coasts to the Mississippi River–shows early evidence our ancestors migrated to the West Coast before 1700 primarily by South Carolina Cherokee and Shawnee before France established New Orleans 1718 – Hicks, Ross, nearly all Chiefs proved to immigrant despite Tribe – Many facts governments Globally do not want revealed or Proved – We opted to make the Record known to Everyone interested. Treaty Signers First Formal Treaty March 1684 South Carolina names NO doubt!< Less
Shelters, Shacks and Shanties By Daniel Carter Beard
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Daniel Carter "Uncle Dan" Beard (June 21, 1850 –... More > June 11, 1941) was an American illustrator, author, youth leader, and social reformer who founded the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905, which Beard later merged with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).Beard was born in Cincinnati, Ohio into a family of artists. As a youth, he explored the woods and made sketches of nature. His father was the artist James Henry Beard and his mother was Mary Caroline (Carter) Beard. His uncle was the artist William Holbrook Beard. He lived at 322 East Third Street in Covington, Kentucky near the Licking River, where he learned the stories of Kentucky pioneer life.He started an early career as an engineer and surveyor. He attended art school in New York City. Excerpt from:< Less
Gentlemen Rovers By E. Alexander (Edward Alexander) Powell
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: E. Alexander Powell (August 16, 1879 – November 13, 1957)... More > was an American war correspondent during World War I and author. He generally published material under the name E. Alexander Powell; his full name was Edward Alexander Powell.Powell was born in Syracuse, New York in 1879. In 1898–1899 he worked for the Syracuse Journal, and in 1902 he became editor of Craftsman. From 1903-1904 he was an advertising manager for the Smith Premier Typewriter Company, based in London, England, and in 1905-1906 he worked in the Near East as a correspondent for British and American publications. From 1906-1909 he was a Consular official in Syria and Egypt.Powell worked as a war correspondent during World War I and his position as a neutral allowed him access to both sides of the battle lines, from 1914 onwards. Excerpt from:< Less

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