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Afro-Indian Dreams Trilogy By William Forde
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This book is a compilation of the 3 stories that Nelson Mandela phoned me personally to say were ‘Wonderful’ at their publication in the year 2000. The stories are from the individual... More > perspective of 3 children; one from South Africa, one from the Punjab in India and one from Falmouth in Jamaica. Each story provides an accurate historical background setting. Throughout my life I have always been fascinated by the cultures, customs, development and history of three countries from the other side of my world. The 3 countries are Africa, India and Jamaica.< Less
Kaleidoscope By Olatubosun Macaulay
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This poetry book touches the social, political and economic life of Nigeria during the era of the dreadful regime of late General Sanni Abacha to the inauguration of the third republic. However, the... More > relevance of these poems to the times and trials of Africans, runs through many verses: from the ravages of useless tribal and international conflicts, elegiac verses on Africans like Ken Saro-Wiwa, Gani Fawehinmi and M.K.O Abiola to eulogistic verses on Wole Soyinka and Nelson Mandela. The poet employs a light and flowing diction tinge with humour to ridicule issues, which many considered serious. Issues which had, sometimes, caused so much divisiveness among Africans.< Less
In Their Own Words By Ruth Chasek
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The truth of their lives, as told in the unique voices of Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Muhammad Ali.
The Valley of the Two Tall Oaks By William Forde
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The true test of any great nation is not what it achieves, but how it endures. Africa is a great nation and the endurance of its people over many centuries is a testament to their capacity to survive... More > with dignity within an all-too-often cruel and intolerant world. For many centuries, the people of Africa experienced colonisation, enslavement, economic exploitation, apartheid, disenfranchisement, resettlement and segregation. Throughout these hardships they kept their faith in their beliefs, culture, traditions, religions and dreams. Many have written about Nelson Mandela, but I wanted to write about his dream; a dream which sustained him through three decades of imprisonment; a dream held by other tribal chiefs in the Africa of old and passed on to the next generation, like a baton until it eventually ended up in the hands of Nelson Mandela, who then gave it to the world. Nelson Mandela described this story as ‘Wonderful’.< Less
Regeneration Of Rainbow Nation By Mlamleli Zide
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This true play that is crafted based on life of the great Nelson Mandela who was charged over the country which was blinded and oppressed and meant to remain in the dark but this man sought to bring... More > liberty and oneness over all races of the country having the idea in mind with an aim to make peace. I also express the wisdom of the founder of the union of South Africa (Pixley Seme). Without these 2 men, South Africa would not be as beautiful as it is today.So with all this i made, i commemorate both men and promise or wish to promise the eternal establishment of the union of South Africa as it now turned disorderly. Freedom mean order, respect and obedience. Such things are not yet established and this is why as South Africans, we feel like sometime the Sacrifices that Tata Nelson Mandela did were just in vain as the country is turning back to its previous state. i have expressed that God was behind every victory that we even Nelson Mandela Celebrated, So i commemorate him.< Less
Place of Women In South Africa By College Guide World
eBook (ePub): $1.75
Gender roles in South Africa have long been decided according to the long-standing beliefs of all racial and ethnic groups. Most of the beliefs concerning gender roles are based on the assumption... More > that women in South Africa are not as important as men. They are said to be less deserving of power than men. In South Africa most of the traditional social organizations are male dominated and revolves around male. Things have not changed much even in this new era of equality and better communication. Even in the 1990s it was seen in some rural areas in South Africa that wives were walking a few paces behind their husbands to maintain their traditional practices. Place of Women In South Africa Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Historical Struggle Chapter Three: During the Era of Apartheid Chapter Four: South African Women in the 1990s Chapter Five: In the 21st Century< Less
Government by Deception By Jan Lamprecht
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Government by Deception - Psychopolitics in southern Africa - Why South Africa could become another Zimbabwe This is the book that nobody believed could be true. It has since had the most successful... More > track record of predictions of any political book ever written in South Africa. Readers comment that even in 2007, it is as if it were written yesterday! The book touches on many aspects of life in South Africa, but with a psychological warfare emphasis. It describes guilt as a racial weapon. It predicted many things which have since come to pass. It was probably the first book to discuss crime in S.Africa as a clandestine war against Whites. Its predictions about Zimbabwe have been borne out, including the chapter, The Marxist Brotherhood. In that chapter it was predicted that Mugabe's evil would spread and that other African countries would support him. In 2007, the world was stunned when the 14 SADC countries supported Mugabe in his "war against the Western world!"< Less
Kinky Hair is Kingly Hair By Dynast Amir
eBook (PDF): $5.95
In "Kinky Hair is Kingly Hair," Mansa is at it again. This time he's out to set the record straight, proclaiming that whether you refer to it as "kinky" or "nappy", this... More > type of textured hair is synonymous with royalty.< Less
The Harvard Square Book By Herbert F. Vetter
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This book contains five parts, all relating to Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From "The First Independent Thanksgiving" shows Harvard Square as the locus of the Thanksgiving... More > Proclamation of 1774. to the original "History of Cambridge," first published in 1801, was written by the Rev. Abiel Holmes. Long used by Cambridge school children, that text is here illustrated for the first time. "Harvard Honors Nelson Mandela" portrays the outdoor celebration of 25,000 people when, for only the third time in its history, Harvard presented an honorary degree outside of its regular academic convocations. University photographers abundantly recorded the occasion. Finally, "Harvard Gallery of Photographs by Rick Stafford" consists of images of people in the Harvard Square environs illustrating diverse fields of learning and life.< Less
Place of Women In Mali By College Guide World
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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There are numerous traditions and several ethnic communities in Mali. They have their significant role in deciding the role of women in the society. The social roles and status of women in Mali are... More > formed by the complex interplay of traditions and ethnic communities. A little less than half of the population in Mali consists of women. The Malian women have sometimes been the centre of matrilineal societies, but they have been a vital force in the economy and social structure of the society, especially in the rural and agricultural society. Place of Women In Mali 1 Copyright Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Education and Health Care Chapter Three: Family and Marriage Chapter Four: Women’s Rights and Exploitation Chapter Five: Horrible Tradition Chapter Six: Violence against Women Chapter Seven: Economic Rights of Women Chapter Eight: Female Trafficking and Prostitution Chapter Nine: Women in Politics< Less

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Inside Secrets Inside Secrets By Joseph Stumpf
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