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Neo By John WR Emmett
Paperback: $30.00
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Possessing elegance, the attribute of being tastefully designed, and maintaining refined grace and dignified propriety. Source: Wikipedia
Ovni et extraterrestre By NÉO
Paperback: $16.53
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Des articles d'experts sur la zone 51, le crash de Roswell et autres...
Design renovation dilemmas and fundamentals By Roland Neo
eBook (ePub): $19.99
This book is written to explain the importance of space planning is, before starting the literal renovation.Below would be a brief of how the e-book would start off. Until recently, space planning... More > has been considered a required but only preliminary part of design preparation. It was a pre-design process. Space planning was comparable to a necessary evil - one to which interior designers and architects paid only the required attention. Now, however, space planning has become an integral part of the interior design method and procedure. It remains a fundamental part of the project from the start through to the final analysis of how the design concept and its implementation are working. This is only its due. Space planning is truly one of the most essential components of interior design. Without proper implementation, designers will not accomplish their goal of functional interior design............ Kindly purchase and download to read the full version now!< Less
Jsp Basics - Original By Neo Anderson
eBook (PDF): $7.99
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You might be a Web developer or enterprise developer who wants to use Java Server Pages to develop dynamic Web applications. The steps in this trail contain a series of topics and sample code that... More > teach you how to write Java Server Pages applications. Each step illustrates a group of related principles.< Less
Chemi Pirveli Cigni By Neo Cortex
eBook (PDF): $10.00
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This book is about effectively managing Facebook ADs.
Who Wears the Pants?: Demystifying the Blurred Lines In Relationships By Neo Legodi
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Many mistakes committed before, during and after a relationship can be avoided. That’s if the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, visible and realistic. In a relationship, youalign,... More > malign or marginalize your better half. Who should align whom? Who Wears the Pants? A husband’s role used to be crystal clear in the age when a woman’s role was limited to laundry, cooking, taking care of the children, and pleasuring her husband at night. However, the 21st-century woman protects and provides for her family. Who Wears the Pants now? If a woman is working hard to keep her family together and the marriage thriving, while her husband is doing the opposite, Who Wears the Pants? Those married – did you really know what you are signing up for? To the singles – know what you are signing up for before walking down the aisle.< Less
Kama Sutra Kissing Guide By Neo Vatsyayan
eBook (ePub): $2.00
Kama Sutra is a world famous love making treatise written by Vatsyayan somewhere between 400 BCE to 200 CE and is perhaps the oldest book on the art of lovemaking. Since them hundreds of years have... More > elapsed and now we are in the year 2014. A lot has changed on every front and so has it on the art of lovemaking as well. While the basic of man woman relationship still remains the same, evolution and electronic media has brought in sea changes to all aspects of human civilization including lovemaking. This book is an effort to present the old wisdom of Kama Sutra focussed on the Art of Kissing.< Less
Kundalini Yoga Training By Neo Anderson
eBook (PDF): $6.99
If you wish to have good health, cheerful life, kundalini power then this book is what you need to gain happiness and remove all your problems of daily life. This book will guide to arise your... More > kundalini power. When you begin the path to rise of kundalini, you will begin to feel its effect from the very first day. So why wait? Start your journey to Kundalini Jagaran from today.< Less
Neo Politeism By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $9.00
The idea of neo politeism in prime self union need to be clarified.   While the founders (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, & Irina Zygenhagel) consider themselves to be politeists, which means... More > they do agree on the perception that there exist several gods and goddesses, at the same time agree on the existance of a unique source of all that is: PRIME SOURCE   Prime self loving love source heart's core.   Within the Prime self union mythology, there is the following information needed for the readers, practitioners and users of Prime Tech.< Less
Neo Central By Justine Alley Dowsett
eBook (PDF): $5.99
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Her mother gone, Equinox finds herself alone in a place she can no longer call home. Following the only clue her mother left her to her father’s identity, Equinox leaves her Slums heritage... More > behind to search out her father in Neo Central; the largest and most affluent city in the world. Not knowing where to start, Equinox finds that it’s a lot harder to fit into a world she doesn’t understand than she ever thought possible. Feeling abandoned, Equinox’s best friend Nano follows after her and gets embroiled in an escalating plot by revolutionaries to overthrow the government of Neo Central. Nano uncovers that affairs in the city may not be exactly what they seem and that there may be a sinister purpose behind the city’s many orphanages that he escaped from when he was younger. Separated, then reunited by circumstance both Equinox and Nano will discover what it takes to live in a city like Neo Central and if they can afford the price of fitting in.< Less

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Genius Matters Genius Matters By Angela Maiers
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