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Neo Central By Justine Alley Dowsett
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Her mother gone, Equinox finds herself alone in a place she can no longer call home. Following the only clue her mother left her to her father’s identity, Equinox leaves her Slums heritage... More > behind to search out her father in Neo Central; the largest and most affluent city in the world. Not knowing where to start, Equinox finds that it’s a lot harder to fit into a world she doesn’t understand than she ever thought possible. Feeling abandoned, Equinox’s best friend Nano follows after her and gets embroiled in an escalating plot by revolutionaries to overthrow the government of Neo Central. Nano uncovers that affairs in the city may not be exactly what they seem and that there may be a sinister purpose behind the city’s many orphanages that he escaped from when he was younger. Separated, then reunited by circumstance both Equinox and Nano will discover what it takes to live in a city like Neo Central and if they can afford the price of fitting in.< Less
Boris By Zaid Aftisse & Neo Sora
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Boris and his bizarre adventure through his imagination.
Boris By Zaid Aftisse & Neo Sora
eBook (PDF): $3.00
Boris and his bizarre adventure through his imagination.
ינוקא By david (neo) buhbut
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מקבץ השירים המאוגד הזה, החל... More > להיכתב בהיותי בן 15 שנים, בכיתה ט'. הספר מתפתח באופן ליניארי ומתקדם על פי סדר התרחשות מוגדר, שניתן לסכמו לחלקים עיקריים- הראשון והשני. החלק הראשון מתחיל, באופן טבעי, בהתחלה. ומורכב משירי "ילדות". משמע- משירים שנכתבו בגיל מוקדם ושיקפו עולם חוויתי מעמדה גילאית– ביוגראפית-ספציפית, למרות שלעתים נדמה כי עמדה זו עוסקת בתיעוד המילולי של הפשטת החוויה מתנוחת קיום אקסטרנית, כסיפור המסופר מבחוץ. האירוניה בחלק מהשירים, נועדה לגרש גינונים דביקים העשויים לאפיין לרעה כתיבה אישית ואוטו-ביוגרפית מעין זו. חפצתי בלהתנער מכל אפשרות שבהשפעה רגשית-חד ממדית על הקורא. החלק ה"שני" ניחן בקול גברי מובהק (יותר) ועוסק ברובו בשירי ארוס, ארוטיקה, רומנטיקה, וזוגיות. אי לכך ובטבעיות, החלק השני וה"מאוחר" של המקבץ, הוא הבשל, הערוך, והמוגמר יותר. הן מבחינה שירית, והן מבחינת האמינות האישיותית. בתחום ההתפתחות השירית התרחשו, במקבץ זה, ניסיונות לכתוב בסגנונות שונים תוך חיפוש מתמיד אחר הנוסח ההולם והתבנית ה"נכונה", אחר הצורה שהיא ביטוי לנטייתי הטבעית.< Less
Internet Postage Meter By Neo Post Inc.
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This brochure courtesy of Neo Post Inc. tells you everything that you need to know about our internet postage meter. Make sure that you visit our website for more information.
Nyonya Kebaya: Peranakan Heritage Fashion By Christine Ong Kiat Neo
Paperback: $72.93
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This book combines the passionate and the practical features of the kebaya fashion. It renews the intricate embroidery work of the past through the creative adaptation to fit contemporary demands.... More > The outfit can be worn and cared for on a daily basis or based on creative preferences of the nyonyas. The book also shares tips and ideas on matching the kebayas with the sarongs (skirts) so as to achieve an amazing ensemble! Aspects of the sarong art is also highlighted.< Less
Learning Neo4j By Turriani Davide
eBook (PDF): $234.56
The title of this book, Learning Neo4j, is a really good title in many ways. On one hand, it re��ects my own personal experience with Neo4j over the past couple of years and more. As I... More > fell deeply in love with graph technology, Neo4j kept on providing me with new fascinating things to learn about and explore. This book, in more than one way, is a summary of that learning experience—it's the tale of my learning of Neo4j. But the book is also supposed to provide you with lots of good starting points to get going with this technology more quickly. I know for a fact that nding learning resources on these types of technologies is not always easy, and that's really what drove me personally to spend many late nights, weekends, and holidays to put together this book to accelerate your learning of Neo4j.< Less
the NEO GEO Encyclopedia Book By DaddaRuleKonge
Paperback: $25.00
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The book/PDF is made for someone who is interested in the Neo Geo System as a collector or just a gamer. The main portions of the book consists of; information about collecting, developers, Neo Geo... More > games and checklist for your own collection. The book consist of pictures, including screenshots, cover-art and more. Note: The book is mainly about the AES and MVS systems.< Less
Neo-Sindarin Phrasebook By J-M Carpenter
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Get more from your trip to visit the Elves in Rivendell, or the Sindarin speaking Gondorians with this Neo-Sindarin phrasebook! Avoid embarrassment, and be prepared for any situation. Sindarin is... More > one of the 'Elvish' languages created by J.R.R. Tolkien and can be found throughout his works, most prominently in The Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately it was left unfinished, and it is through the work of many linguists and scholars piecing together Tolkien's notes that Neo-Sindarin came into being. This phrasebook is a basic introduction to the language.< Less
Neo Polytheism & The Culture of the Primes By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
eBook (PDF): $34.17
Do we agree on the perception that there exist several gods and goddesses, at the same time agree on the existence of a unique source of all that is: prime source.  Prime self loving love source... More > heart’s core ? The prime self union mythology, the spiritual practice, mission and purpose, representatives and culture. Within the Prime self union mythology, there is the following information needed for the readers, practitioners and users of Prime Technology, the technology of the culture of the primes. At the point of reaching the status of hero, the traveler empowered by divine bliss, will face the most advanced challenge while stepping and tapping into the realm of the demigods and demigoddesses.< Less

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