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The Heart of a New England Girl By Anna E. Harrington
Hardcover: $38.99
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First collection of poetry by Anna E. Harrington. Born April 2,1918 Amherst,Massachusetts.
What They Say in New England By Clifton Johnson
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"WHEN I began to collect these signs and sayings, it was with the idea of gathering them for my own entertainment. In days like the present of universal books and schools, I thought I could hope... More > to get only a few remnants of the thought and notions that have descended to us from the illiterate and superstitious ages of the past; and I supposed that by the time I had picked up two or three scores of these oddities the subject would be exhausted as far as New England was concerned. But when I began to notice, I found that people in their every-day conversation were constantly dropping remarks on the significance of all sorts of things that were a part of this old folk-lore. When questioned, nearly every one, old and young, could repeat a few sayings of the kind I sought, and among these were almost always some I had not heard before. My collection grew until I saw the possibility of a volume, and I could not but wonder what the superstitions of the Dark Ages were like if these were only remnants."< Less
New England: The Timeless Landscape By Tom Narwid
Hardcover: $51.95
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Beautiful large format photography of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire
The Sabbath in Puritan New England By Alice Morse Earle
Paperback: $16.33
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The Sabbath in Puritan New England by Alice Morse Earle. 9th edition. 1902. 343 pages.
Taste of New England eBook By Jill Anderson
eBook (PDF): $12.00
Taste of New England is a collection of recipes inspired by the Glen-Mor, a popular Maine restaurant that operated in Kennebunk for almost 35 years. This cookbook is organized as a restaurant menu,... More > and covers everything from the bread basket and soup specials to main courses, sides, and desserts.< Less
Lost to the New England Sea By Anna Galicinski
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Katherine Atwood lives in the exciting year of 1623, when New England has just been discovered. In no time, her Father decides to take Katherine, her mother and two sisters there to start a new life.... More > Along the way, they encounter many hardships and many new people. Katherine begins to enjoy her life at sea sailing to New England, until she learns that there is not enough food or water on board to feed all the crew and the passengers. Will they be able to survive until they arrive in New England? To make matters worse, storm clouds are gathering in the distance. What will happen to them when the storm hits? How will they reach New England if their ship sinks?< Less
Along New England Roads By W. C. Prime
eBook (ePub): $3.99
"The carriage was standing at the door, and I had finished my morning inspection of horses, harness, bolts, and gearing. We were on one of our favorite journeys, wandering over the hills and... More > through the valleys of New Hampshire and Vermont. We had driven already two or three hundred miles, seeking only that which we found daily, scenery, sunshine, birds, flowers, whatever of nature and whatever of humanity might be seen as we wandered along New England roads...." -- W. C. Prime< Less
My New England Dream By John Knight
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This book is an accounnt of a trip through New England made in the Fall of 2007. It starts and ends in Tampa Florida and includes a visit to Niagara Falls. The writer is a 75 year old Englishman who... More > always dreamed of making a trip to New England< Less
Having Tea in New England By Jean M. Andrews
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A selection of tea rooms, tea menus and tea recipes for the best New England tea experience. Includes detailed information about 19 tea rooms in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. Also... More > includes menus and authentic owner-supplied recipes for hosting a variety of your own tea parties: An Afternoon Tea, A Child's Victorian Birthday Tea, An English High Tea, A Fourth of July Picnic Tea and A Formal Silver Tea. 89 pages, 50 color photos.< Less
New England Bygones By E. H. Arr.
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IN Northern New England, in the traditional good old times, to own a house was a condition of thrifty citizenship. For this a young couple would toil early and late with heroic self-denial. No matter... More > how humble this home was, it must be one's own. When a man married, he at once set up a household, and, as he needed, he let out his four walls, and seamed and patched them. His barns ran over, and he added to them. He planted an orchard, and set out poplars before his door. The roughness of toil was ground into his bones and muscles. He grew hard-featured and hard-fisted, while his wife grew jaded and angular. Their children became like them. They were all weather-changed into a kind of peculiar peasantry, — a readily recognized product of their condition, — the busy, honest, persistent, hopeful, helpful New England farmer's family. The visible signs of their labors were hardly more than an orchard of straggling trees; the annual rotation of crops; and the daily spilling out from the doors of family-life.....< Less

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