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fiction By Ahmeel Fowler
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life about fnding love at first sight. coming to a new school and finding out that the first day is homecoming day
New Soviet Science Fiction By Introduces Theodore Sturgeon
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This is a great collection of sf stories from former Soviet Uninon. The Violet • shortstory by Ilya Varshavsky (1966) The Duel • shortstory by Ilya Varshavsky (1963) Plot for a Novel... More > • shortstory by Ilya Varshavsky (1971) Escape • (1973) • shortstory by Ilya Varshavsky (1968) Share It With Me • (1979) • shortstory by Kir Bulychev (1970) Personality Probe • novelette by Dmitri Bilenkin (1978) Theocrates' Blue Window • novelette by Gennady Gor (1968) Cheap Sale • shortstory by Vladlen Bakhnov (1970) Beware of the Ahs! • shortstory by Vladlen Bakhnov (1968) Formula for Immortality • (1963) • novelette by Anatoly Dnieprov (1962) Success Algorithm • novelette by Vladimir Savchenko (1964) The Pale Neptune Equation • novelette by Mikhail Yemtsev and Yeremey Parnov (1963) The Friar of Chikola • novelette by Vadim Shefner (1971) A Provincial's Wings • novelette by Vadim Shefner (1966)< Less
Fiction & Nonfiction New Releases 2010 By Navarone Books, Navarone Books
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Browse our 2010 catalog of fiction and nonfiction. Most of our titles are for children, with two nonfiction titles for adults. Perfect gifts for the readers in your life. Catalog is open to inclusion... More > for other authors and is published monthly.< Less
Permission to Speak: an anthology of new fiction By Truhlar & Daurio, Editors
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Crossing all genres, this collection of works by twelve authors provides a transliterary snapshot of various trends and practices in North American fictioneering. What is a ‘story’, and... More > how can it be told? These concerns are reflected in pieces both unexpected and traditional. From photo-collage homolinguistic translation to speculative dystopian narrative to historical remembrance, here are works that use haunting and poetic language, humour, irony, gothic elements and documentary style to take the reader on unexpected voyages. Contributors: Melody Sumner Carnahan, Beverley Daurio, Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, Karl Jirgens, Lesley McAllister, Opal Louis Nations, Misha Nogha, Lance Olsen/Andi Olsen/Davis Schneiderman, John Riddell, John Shirley, Richard Truhlar< Less
Real Fiction By Terence Park
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Real Fiction shines a light on a murky world of crime and business, where detectives pit their brains against each other, criminals try to beat the system and no-one is entirely good or evil. Jonny... More > Muse is an OpEd. In Alibi He gets involved in a suicide and his life is changed. In Tornado Alley, fresh from New York, he chases tornadoes and gets an introduction to Indian culture. Ray wakes up in Korlam Heath, beaten and battered. Who’s Ray? That’s me. I live in New Goodshaw, capital of New England and biggest city in world. When I find who left me like that I’m gonna beat the crap outta them. Read my story in Goodshaw City Blues. Lellegheny is febrile with rumours of a local legend, the Ridge Runner and Mr Dimling has decided to go missing. A job for Bernie Doarn, private investigator, in Harjazes At the time of the Crusades, corsairs prowled the Mediterranean. A storm near Malta upturns the lives of three friends in Xewkija, The Central Sea and Adriana.< Less
Unwashed Fiction By D. E. Park
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More tales of flash fiction from D. E. Park. Crossing a variety of genres, including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Fairy Tales and Other. What Heinlein chose to call "Speculative... More > Fiction". For example: What happens when a witch hooks up with a frog prince? Avoid the lengthy queue of souls entering Hell. Meet a Baroque art classic with unusual habits. A new bride deals with a jealous sister's interference. Buy a fortune cookie from a genuine seer. And many more! 43 works of flash and micro-fiction.< Less
Effete Fiction By D. E. Park
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Need a few tale tales to kill time while you're stuck at the airport or in a queue? Flash Fiction is the answer! Tiny tales suitable for a quick read on the bus, in the laundromat, or when the boss... More > isn't looking. Pocket fiction for your phone, any time. Or just a quick shot of your (well, my) favorite genres. All tales are between 40 and 500 words, wham bam, thank you ma'am. (I can't recommend this approach for all aspects of your life, obviously.) Here are even more (46 more!) tiny tales from D. E. Park in a variety of genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Other—Speculative Fiction. For example: The lost fortune hunt is on! An afterlife that isn't at all as expected. Our favorite wicked witch is cheered by the changing seasons. A delicious Italian dish, but is she pretty poison? No one expects the Robot Inquisition. A new import to the Greek Isles with a siren problem. Beverly Hills Drunken Divas. The first European monarch launching. And much more silliness.< Less
How To Write Creative Non-fiction - New By Donna Kay Kakonge
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Through the power of the Internet, the popularity of and Donna Magazine: the knowledge of the writer – me, Donna Kakonge – I bring to... More > you effective tools and tips for writing creative non- fiction. This book is meant to prepare you for the world of creative non-fiction writing and to make a living at it either full-time, part-time, or as supplemental income. With the World Wide Web, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, advertising, marketing, public relations and publishing – there are many oceans of opportunity out there for creative non-fiction writers.< Less
The Bikes of New York: A Science-Fiction Novella By Cheeseburger Brown
eBook (ePub): $3.99
This is the story of Luc Drapeau, immigrant and father, living in the midst of a global energy crisis. He feels the throb of civilization through the soles of his shoes, and it isn't his... More > imagination: in Manhattan every sidewalk bounces to harness every footfall for the public energy pool, every recoil channeled to the island's banks of giant flywheels turning underground to keep the lights lit. The poor ride generator bicycles to power the cities, working for coins with their sweat. They dare not let the pace slacken. To lose momentum is to let joules fall down the well, and to go home hungry. It's a hard life. But Luc Drapeau is about to change the bikes forever.< Less
How to Write Creative Non-fiction - New By Donna Kakonge
eBook (PDF): $7.74
Creative non-fiction is the type of writing that people like Truman Capote, Guy Talese, Joan Didion, Tom Wolfe, John McPhee and Hunter S. Thompson made famous. It's the type of writing where the... More > research is rich and multi-layered, the writing is dramatic and literary, you can take several points of view and have more freedom than with traditional journalism – or you can choose to stick to "just the facts" with a sprinkle of imagination for garnish. It differs from traditional journalism in that you don't always have to take an objective stance in the research, reporting and writing. What you read in the front pages of newspapers is traditional journalism in democratic nations. Reporters and editors have a written rule to deliver "just the facts, ma'am." The key element with this type of journalism is that you can be creative, but still tell the truth. It gives you the chance to be more of an artist with your writing, while still protecting the craft of journalism.< Less