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New Era G vol 1 By Steiner Palomino
Paperback: $9.69
Prints in 3-5 business days
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What do you get when you mix a very HOT-blooded young hero with martial arts pandemonium, skillful swordsmanship, superhuman powers, cyber-technology, and the mysteries of time and space? You get a... More > brand new era of adventure!! One night a meteorite fell from space, it crashed on earth. However, there were two individuals who witnessed the impact. They ran to see the meteorite…only…it wasn’t a meteorite… Ryo O’Connor is an average teenager who lives a normal domestic life. However, one fateful trip to the pool with his younger brother Brainy and his new friend Julie leads the three of them to a horrific encounter that will change all of their lives FOREVER!< Less
Tale of Champions: An Otherworld Novel By Phillip Quinn
eBook (ePub): $1.00
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Two great fighters compete for the world title only to find themselves in another world. They meet a peculiar guide and must develop new talents to defend this other world. Along the way, they must... More > discover the true source of their powers and fight for each other.< Less
Talespinner Magazine, Issue One By andrea sfiligoi
Paperback: $8.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Talespinner is a magazine dedicated to games published by Ganesha Games (Tales of Blades and Heroes, Familiars RPG). Playable materials are double-statted for Labyrinth Lord (tm) so they can be used... More > by players of "Old School" games. In this issue: Swimming Rules for TBH; New character types for Familiars RPG; Three short fantasy adventures; Swamp Trolls; The Martial Artist archetype; Sneak Peek: Heroes of the Tales; Alternative Initiative rules for TBH; Errata and submission guidelines.< Less
Jen Hunter: Original Sin, Zodiac Girl & Sensei By Rachel Redhead
Paperback: List Price: $13.68 $9.58 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Jen Hunter is not your average bank robber, not after she's betrayed by her friend Chris Cannon. After a chance rooftop encounter she seemingly develops super powers, strength, agility, flying and... More > she starts to make a dent in the criminal organization known as Big Crime. English tourist Sarah Sixpence finally meets her pen pal Choi Mei in Hong Kong. The two young women quickly get involved in a series of strange events each of which sees Mei infused with new powers and a new tattoo on her skin, that can move about it at will. Mei and Sarah discover that Mei is fated to accumulate all the legendary powers of the zodiac animals and become a great super hero. Sarah develops powers of her own along the way, and the two of them move to Mei's uncle's academy to train themselves in kung fu. Back in London Jen is assigned a teacher to instruct her in the way of morality and restraint. Only one candidate is found, Varya Koshmara, who is later revealed to be the legendary warrior Malice Latimer!< Less
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eBook (PDF): $2.99
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An accidental New Millennium Super Hero Young Mac Mathews and his family experience his Grandfather's new state of the art Electromagnetic technology testing facility in Kobe Japan. However, during... More > the routine technology test in an Electromagnetic domed chamber, something goes terribly wrong! Mac is accidentally hit by a very powerful E.M. pulse beam. By a miracle... Mac survives then slips into a deep coma soon afterwards. However, while in this coma his body's cells and tissue causes Mac to morph into a living, breathing electromagnet from the inside out. As a result, the extraordinary Pre-teen inherits strange powerful electromagnetic powers including reverse magnetism, and superhuman strength! When Mac recovers, his Grandfather Yashima a Physicist and a secret Grand-master Ninja teaches Mac to have perfect control of his mind by immersing him in Ninjutsu. Twenty years later, Mac leads an Elite Black Ops force to take out the most dangerous Mega-terrorists on the planet with the Code name Shurik'en!< Less
Shadow's Ghost By Ray Diamond & Ann Diamond
eBook (ePub): $12.99
Brooklyn authors fill new fantasy novel with thrilling, magical adventure. A Novel that screams out to be made for a movie. The legend begins with a black polydactyl cat, who becomes human with the... More > power from Diyu — the realm of the dead. He is raised by Roy Danza Hemingway, an ex-musician with martial arts skills who runs a private investigation firm with his lovely Guyanese wife Lee Ann, who battles daily the challenges of multiple sclerosis. Shadow's Ghost, the Legend of Tex Element is the first of the series. This novel is a love story with a super-hero character. It has action, suspense, comedy, drama, a serial killer, a hit-man, a war, evil spirits, royalty and mermaids and that’s only part of it! Check out our website @< Less
V1 Vixen By Stephen Liddell
Hardcover: $22.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
There is a veneer of civilisation in this world in which we live, but scratch beneath the surface & you’ll uncover an underworld of fear, violence & death. Sometimes though you... More > don’t have to peek into the shadows & darkness to find it, sometimes death comes to get you. When her friend disappears in mysterious circumstances and with the police seemingly unable to help, Ru yearns to ditch her mundane day job and dips her toe in a world that soon threatens to subsume not just her but all those she loves. What starts as a curious investigation soon erupts into a one-woman crusade to clean up the streets & gain justice at whatever cost. Swallowed up by a world of gangs, drugs & guns, Ru transforms herself into V & uses the two things no man can resist, her stunning beauty and powerful Mixed Martial Arts skills. The weak and oppressed have a new hero in town,you better remember it as one day you might need to call her. Her name is V, for Vixen. Vixen is a Vigilante Pulp Noir Action Thriller.< Less

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