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Nigeria By Zhingoora Books
eBook (ePub): $8.99
The General Knowledge book series, are designed for specific country, are one of the most admired book for the improvement and learning purpose.This book contains information about... More > Background,Geography,Natural resources,Land use,Environment. Population,Sex ratio,flag of the county,Area,Border countries,Maritime claims,Elevation extremes,Land use,Natural hazards,Volcanism,Age structure,Median age,Net migration rate,Country comparison to the world,Religions,Languages,Literacy,School life expectancy ,Government,Time difference,Administrative divisions,Executive branch,Cabinet and almost everthing related with general knowledge.< Less
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imagine this Nigeria is a book about present day Nigeria. it talks about the Nigerian problems,how Nigeria needs to change both the people and leadership and suggests many ways Nigeria can attain... More > change and solve most of her problems. a must read for every citizen especially Nigerian citizens.< Less
Nigeria In Evolution By Moses Makinde
eBook (ePub): $3.99
We have given to the lectures in this volume the theme Nigeria in Evolution. The lead lecture is on Nigeria’s Amalgamation, and the second on Northern Nigerian Renaissance, critically examining... More > the socio-economic developments of Northern Nigeria in the 20th and 21st centuries.< Less
Welcome to Nigeria By Emmanuel Eroms
eBook (PDF): $12.50
This Book is aimed to help Nigerians and the outside world know Nigeria better especially those visiting Nigeria for the first time..
For The Sake of Nigeria By Edeh Jonathan Onche
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If everything you and i are: all we stand for and would be in the future is dependent on the stability and survival of a certain institution. Shall we then sit by, hands crossed and never do anything... More > while watch the total loss, destruction and failure of this institution, when all the while we had it in our power to turn things around. Such is the Nigeria case, we are at a crossroad in our nation's history, where our corrupt leaders have consistently contributed in taken apart the nation by which a people are called. So invested in this book is a clarion call to save the fatherland. We must do everything in our power, that sole power you and i possess as individuals to save Nigeria- not for your Sake or mine, but for The Sake of Nigeria, by which a people are called.< Less
MY NIGERIA By Edeh Jonathan Onche, Balami Isaac David
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The content of the book attempts to influence the mind of its readers toward an individual effort at reshaping ones immediate environment; a profound contribution toward nation building in... More > Nigeria. Therefore, it goes back in time to capture the past, walking through the present and serves as an awakening for the future of a great country. This is indeed a revolution finally achieved by the contribution of the authors who are deemed patriots.< Less
MY NIGERIA........ By Edeh Jonathan Onche
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The most precious and effective asset possessed by any Nigerian alive today is his or her mind. Take away the use of the mind from him or her by manipulation, oppression, suppression,... More > marginalization, indoctrination and abuse. And you have succeeded in controlling, enslaving and sabotaging a people who are endowed with the power of the mind to bring about their own transformation.< Less
On Restructuring Nigeria By Ozodi Osuji
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This book shares the author's views on Nigerian politics. It added the dimension of psychology to understanding Nigerians.
Nigeria- troubled African Giant By Christopher Okoli
Paperback: $26.48
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The future of Nigeria (mirror of Africa) examined by a Financial Adviser.
Nigeria: A Country Profile By Library of Congress, Federal Research Division
Paperback: $15.96
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Capital: Abuja has been the capital of Nigeria since December 12, 1991. Previously, the capital was Lagos. Major Cities: According to preliminary results of the 2006 census and subsequent estimates,... More > the most populous cities in Nigeria are Lagos (about 8 million), Kano (3.8 million), Ibadan (2.6 million), Kaduna (1.7 million), Port Harcourt (1.3 million), and Benin City (1.1 million). Independence: Nigeria achieved independence from the United Kingdom on October 1, 1960. Public Holidays: A national holiday commemorating independence is celebrated on October 1. Other holidays are New Year’s (January 1), Eid al Kabir (Feast of the Sacrifice—movable date based on the Islamic calendar), Eid al Maulud (Birth of the Prophet—movable date based on the Islamic calendar), Easter (movable date in March or April), Workers’ Day (May 1), Eid al Fitr (End of Ramadan—movable date based on the Islamic calendar), Christmas (December 25), and Boxing Day (December 26).< Less