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Gendai Ninjutsu II By Carlos Febres
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This is the second book on the Nindo Ryu Gendai Ninjutsu series dealing with the Theory of the Elements and it application to Modern Ninjutsu
Demystifying Ninjutsu, a Necessary Task By Guillaume Lemagnen
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Who has not heard of the famous ninja? Although originating in Japan he is now a worldwide phenomenon. Yet the confusion brought about by the controversies surrounding him has also resulted in many... More > errors and fabrications, depriving the West of the historical truth. Corrected and supervised by Master Jinichi Kawakami, the last known heir of the traditions of ninjutsu, this book will restore the balance by offering the public a serious and objective approach to what really is ninjutsu ; namely a historical and cultural tradition of Japan, as misunderstood as it is authentic!< Less
Koga Ninjutsu Kenkyu Kai Kyohan By William Durbin
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Ninjutsu, the mysterious art of espionage. This book tells you the real story of Ninjutsu, the real arts of stealth, and presents Kiyojute Ryu Nimpo Kempo Kobujutsu, the Ninjutsu art of Soke William... More > Durbin. Learn about the real art and the real methods of the spies, commandos, and scouts of ancient Japan.< Less
An Introduction to Kagetora Ha Koga Ryu Ninjutsu By Dr. Carlos R. Febres
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This is a history of Koga Ryu, past and present and an introduction to the the skills of the Kagetora Ha Budo Kai.
Ninjutsu - Japon 2008 By Marcos Drake
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Livre photo de mon voyage au Japon en 2008 au dojo du Maître Hatsumi pour pratiquer le ninjutsu.
Le ninjutsu, une discipline à démystifier By Guillaume Lemagnen
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Qui aujourd’hui, n’a pas entendu parler du ninja ? Bien qu’originaire du Japon sa popularité phénoménale à travers le monde, ne se dément... More > pas. Mais le flou engendré par les passions suscitées autour de lui, a également engendré beaucoup d’erreurs et d’affabulations, privant l’occident de la vérité historique. Bénéficiant de la correction et de la supervision de maître Jinichi Kawakami, dernier héritier connu des traditions du ninjutsu, cet ouvrage permet de rétablir quelque peu la balance en offrant au public francophone, une approche sérieuse et objective de ce qu’est réellement le ninjutsu ; a savoir une tradition historique et culturelle du Japon, aussi méconnue qu’authentique !< Less
A Story of Life, Fate and Finding the Lost Art of Koka Ninjutsu in Japan By Daniel DiMarzio
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Ninjutsu is arguably one of the most controversial topics in the martial arts world. There are numerous organizations teaching Ninjutsu worldwide. Some claim to teach traditional Ninjutsu while... More > others teach a modern interpretation of the art. These two scenarios are not uncommon. It is almost impossible to authenticate traditional Ninjutsu claims while the modern styles are a new interpretation of the past. Much rarer is finding a reclusive Ninja school in the heart of Japan that almost no one in the world has heard of. A Ninjutsu organization that has remained veiled in secrecy for ages and is about to go extinct. A Ninjutsu family that has the backing of Japanese historians, the government and a museum. A find like this is unheard of. Author Daniel DiMarzio unknowingly stumbled upon just that while living and working in Japan. For the first time in English, with the permission of his teacher, he brought this Ninjutsu organization to the Western world by publishing this book in 2008.< Less
Kagetora Ha Koga Ryu Ninjutsu (Spanish/Espanol) By Carlos Febres
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Esta es una introducción a las artes marciales de la escuela de Ninjutsu, Kagetora Ha. Contiene una breve historia de Koga Ryu.
HISTORICAL RECORDS: Classical Shinobi-jutsu By MTD
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Class houndouts compiled related to:The Ninpiden - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Hattori Hanzo-1653; The Bansenshukai - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Fujibayashi Tasutake;1676- The... More > Shoninki - Ninjutsu Scrolls written by Iga Ninja Natori Masazumi-1682.< Less
How to Be a Ninja By Cross Williams
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You've seen them in movies and Japanese anime. But what exactly are ninja? A true ninja (shinobi, in Japanese) is not just someone who wears black, drops down from the ceiling and slices everything... More > into pieces. Ninja have been around since at least the 14th century, when guerrilla warfare in feudal Japan called for subterfuge and assassination - activities which samurai would not perform because they were forbidden by Bushido, the samurai code. Ninja were employed as master spies, assassins and specialist warriors. While some aspects of the ninja way may be outdated, the principles and techniques remain valuable for anyone who is interested in espionage and deception. Being a ninja is extremely hard work, but this book will help you get started. Scroll up... and click on "Buy Now" to deliver almost instantly to your iPad or other reading device.< Less