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Sefer of the Nephilim According to Noach By Anayahu ven Dawid
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(This book version is now obsolete; eventually I will release a new version of the Book of the Giants in the future which is much better than this version) The Sefer of the Nephilim According to... More > Noach (also known as the Book of Giants; Ogias) is a book of Scripture that was regarded as Scripture by the Essenes and the Manichaean Gnostics. It was written by Noach, in approximately 1,187 years after creation (1,187 AC). Unfortunately, it only survives in fragmentary form, although we have manuscripts both from various Manichaean regions and Qumran regions. It is a Hebraic Roots version, in that many Hebrew words instead of being translated into English are transliterated into English, allowing a fresh approach towards understanding and connecting to the Scriptures.< Less
Torah Portions - Noach (Paperback) By Our Torah Studies
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Torah Portions are designed to help you read and learn the Word of God in a systematic manner. With scheduled reading times, Torah Portions will help you feel closer to the Land of Israel. All over... More > the world, people are reading Torah Portions in a variety of ways. It is believed that at least 80% of the New Testament is based upon the Old Testament. The harmony of the two testaments is incredibly accurate. These individual Torah Portions include… 1)The Modeh Ani – Which is "I give thanks," the first words of the prayer Jewish prayer that observant Jews recite daily upon waking, while still in bed. 2)The Shemoneh Esrei Amidah also called the Standing Prayer recited 3 times per day in most Jewish Synagogues. It includes 18/19 Blessings that you CAN apply to your personal prayer life. 3)Torah Portions Reading List. This paperback option gives you the ability to make notations that can be reviewed from year to year.< Less
Frameworks Journal (2) - Noach By Rav Matis Weinberg
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Offprint from the popular FrameWorks Bereishit, originally marketed as the FrameWorks Journal on Apple. Essay 2. 27 pages
Byakko Magazine Issue 99 By Byakko Press et al.
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Features: "Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Awakening" by Masahisa Goi "The Jewish Festival of Lights" by Rabbi Henri Noach The two main articles in this issue offer two different... More > perspectives on the ways in which our own consciousness works to create the future, and how we as individuals can work to bring the earthly world in tune with the divine mind. Masahisa Goi discusses the nature of human consciousness and thought-energy, while Rabbi Henri Noach draws parallels between ancient Jewish teachings and the writings of Masami Saionji.< Less
Byakko Magazine Issue 104 By Byakko Press et al.
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What is prayer? What is its meaning and purpose? In "The Spirit of Prayer", Masami Saionji describes true prayer as "an act of returning... the radiance of our own infinite love,"... More > and she discusses how prayer can bring about peace by dismantling our dualistic perception of the world. In "Jewish Dietary Laws", Rabbi Henri Noach writes about the significance of traditional Jewish dietary laws, ultimately linking these teachings with a unique perspecitive on life and death.< Less
Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit: As The Days Of Noach By John Martin
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Torah Gematria of the Set-Apart Spirit is a spiritual mathematical inquiry to sound the warning of great judgment before Yisrael concerning the final jubilee great destruction as the days of Noach... More > with the coming of Yahushua The King Messiah Son of Dawid.< Less
Sefer Ha-Zohar - Il Libro dello Splendore - Vol. 2: Toldot Noach e Lekh-Lekha By Shimon Bar Yochai
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Questo testo rappresenta la prima pubblicazione in lingua italiana di una importante sezione dello Zohar, il principale testo della kabbalah ebraica. La traduzione è integrale, e riguarda... More > Toldot Noach e Lekh-Lekha< Less
Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Jacob Emden meets Apostle Paul By Michael Adi Nachman
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Here we look at the thoughts of the highly respected and highly controversial Rabbi Jacob Emden. Rabbi Emden, Yabetz is as orthodox a Rabbi as there ever was. He loved truth and vigorously opposed... More > what he understood as error among his own people. When he did his study of the New Testament the results were shocking, and yet he risked his life to publish the fact that the teaching of Paul was exactly in line with ancient Jewish halakha. In his Megilat Sefer Rabbi Emden explained the threats to his life and livelihood which came from the publication of his short response to the position of the New Testament on the Torah.In the second paper we enter another highly controversial issue. Does the New Testament apply the Tetragrammaton, as Philo of Alexandria called the Divine name Yahuah [Yehovah, Yahweh], to the resurrected and ascended Jesus of Nazareth. This idea was peer reviewed in the paper "Reflections on the Use of the name Yahuwah[Yahweh] or Iao in Early Christian communities".< Less
BEREISHITH Hebrew Book of Genesis Torah Portion Vol.1 By Rastafari Groundation
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THE TORAH PORTIONS IN THE FIRST BOOK, CALLED BEREISHIT (Hebrew Genesis) are composed 12 portions, including the first portion, or self-named parsha of Bereishit • Noach • Lech-Lecha •... More > Vayeira • Chayei Sarah • Toledot • Vayetze • Vayishlach • Vayeshev • Miketz • Vayigash • Vayechi. DISCLAIMER: The views presented in this volume are not our own and do not necessarily reflect the Ethiopian-Hebraic interpretation to the Old Testament, or Ethiopic Orit (Torah) in particular, but is being compiled into these five volumes: Bereishit, Shemot, Vayikra, Bamidbar, and Devarim (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) and printed separately, largely due to size per volume. Nevertheless, this study, and these volumes have been compiled by the Lion of Judah Society, and are designed for the Brotherhood of the Ras Tafari disciples and Ethiopian-Hebrew faithful to get better acquainted with the primary and prevailing opinions on Judaism and the interpretations of the Hebrew Bible.< Less
Taking Measure of Chance and Outcomes
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This is the catalog for the exhibition: Taking Measure of Chance and Outcomes: The Crit Club's First Group Exhibit. Curated by Meg Kaplan-Noach

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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