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An Introduction to Old Norse By E.V. Gordon
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An Introduction to Old Norse by E.V. Gordon. Long out of print introductory text to learning the language of the Vikings. "This is a superlative textbook for the teaching of Old Icelandic... More > (language and literature)."--R. Mark Scowscroft, Catholic University of America< Less
Odin as Santa and the Norse influence Christmas By Samantha Luccese
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“Odin as Santa and the Norse influence Christmas” explores the myths of the Norse and how those myths influence modern Christmas traditions. Myths and the icons, such as the gods and... More > goddesses, were one way for ancient societies to understand life and the environment around them. “Odin as Santa and the Norse influence Christmas” seeks to reveal the ancient, Pre-Christian story behind the modern, Christian one, associated with Christmas traditions and decorations. This work looks at the Norse mythology and its gods, Christmas symbols and flora and their Nordic backgrounds. This work looks at the image of the manger and the birth of the Scared Child.< Less
Ancient Norse Mythological legends and lore By Þórhildur Sif Þórmundsdóttir
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In this book, the old Norse mythological gods, goddesses, other characters, places and such, have been brought to live. How the earth and everything on it came to be according to the old religion and... More > how the people of this old time saw their world. This translation is made from the ancient scripts by Snorri Sturluson and are quite accurate, yet child friendly. Þórhildur Sif Þórmundsdóttir studied art from very young age at Reykjavik school of Art. She later studied Multimedia, minoring in teaching studies. For the past years she has studied law, minoring in Russian culture, language and literature and Icelandic folk lore studies at the University of Iceland.< Less
Frederic Amory in Memoriam: Old Norse-Icelandic Studies By John Lindow & George Clark
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With this volume, twelve distinguished scholars from Europe, Iceland, and North America honor the memory of Frederic Amory with contributions to the field of Old Norse-Icelandic studies. Topics... More > treated include, inter alia, several in which Amory did important work, such as skaldic poetics, the locutions of poetry, and saga narrative techniques. CONTRIBUTIONS BY RICHARD PERKINS; RUSSELL POOLE; JOHN LINDOW; MARVIN TAYLOR; ÁSDÍS EGILSDÓTTIR; THEODORE M. ANDERSSON; GEORGE CLARK; MARIA BONNER; RORY MCTURK; ÞORLEIFUR HAUKSSON;HANS FIX; and ANATOLY LIBERMAN< Less
Word Searches for Literature By John Marshall Carter
eBook (PDF): $3.75
This is a booklet of word searches for use in upper elementary, middle, and high school language arts.
Saga Six Pack 3 By Anonymous et al.
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Saga Six Pack 3 presents another scintillating sextet of Scandinavian superhero stories: The Story of Burnt Njál, The Saga of Magnus the Good, The Song of Atli, The Hell-Ride of Brynhild, The... More > Saga of Olaf Kyrre and The Lay of Hamdir.< Less
Saga Six Pack 2 By Rasmus Bjorn Anderson et al.
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Saga Six Pack 2 - The Poetic Edda (Vol. 1), The Nibelungenlied, Saga of Thorstein, Fridthjof the Bold King Harald's Saga and Ingolf's Saga.
Saga Six Pack By Snorri Sturluson et al.
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Saga Six Pack brings together six classic sagas:Beowulf, The Prose Edda, The Story Of Gunnlaug The Worm-Tongue and Raven The Skald, Eric The Red, The Sea Fight and Sigurd The Volsung. There is also... More > an introductory essay, What The Sagas Were.< Less
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Scandinal By Tango Wayne
eBook (ePub): $4.99
What would you do if you were gay, and on the evening of your seventeenth birthday party a beautiful, charming and spectacularly-endowed boy asked if you wanted to have sex with him What David... More > actually did was drop his punch all over Mum's new carpet ... and then spend much of the evening trying to avoid his very persistent ... and increasingly strange gate-crashing suitor. No shoes or socks and apparently no possessions, as bold as brass ... and then of course, there was his almost uncanny ability to appear and disappear at will. If you like Norse legends with a twist, then this is for you! (Note: Teen+ gay themes.)< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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