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The North Korean Threat - Submarine Warfare, part 1 By Claude J. Sire
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This package presents the 3 first novels of 7 French books, available on iBookstores, Kindle and In this book, away from an American plot, the North Korean strategy of a new missile strike... More > is preparing its deadly scheme. It countains the 3 novels : - Noirmoutier's trap - Elysée on alert - Shadow's comittee revenge. This book is followed by "Sky on fire, submarine Warfare part 4", a thrilling 250 pages novel already published in French since march 2011. Translation of part 4 is in progress. Claude J. Sire, a French specialist of nuclear and defense as already published 12 novels in French.< Less
A Unconnected Place: Book 1 By Matthew Pointon
Paperback: $12.67
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Matt Pointon's account of his 2015 visit to the north eastern corner of the DPRK, better known to the world as North Korea, perhaps the most isolated and unconnected nation on earth.
Yes… It's Another Damon Book By T. Edward Fox
Paperback: $9.99
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Like his famous son, Tom, Damon Swift is an inventor of great note. Along with running Swift Enterprises, he has been responsible for more than a hundred individual inventions. Some have been small... More > and some have revolutionized areas such as communications and space travel. In this fourth collection he takes on a case that is both a mystery as well as something of international importance as he tries to help a national space effort where nobody wants to ask for or accept any help. Story two sees him Australia once again. This time he is there to investigate and advise them on a wildlife issue that is threatening to get completely out of hand. The third tale is about how he comes to the rescue of NASA to make a space probe to Jupiter a success. Finally, there is a bonus short story for you to enjoy. This book includes: • The Punjabi SpaceTube • The Tin Cowboy of Oz • The Jupiter Skimmer • Bonus: The Water Bug< Less
My Life: From Rotary Dial To Smartphones By Robert Baldwin
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This book is the same story of my life which was published in 2015 under the title My Life: from Cotton Patches on the South Plains of Texas to Negotiation Tables in China and North Korea. This new... More > edition includes the same introduction and the twenty-four original chapters. All are published herein without changes in their content. However, this 2017 book does have a new subtitle, front cover, and epilogue. I have also added some of my blogs at the end.< Less
Great Paradisestan By Igor Trutanow
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Atom Karamazov is one of the best engineers in the most secret company in the Soviet Union. He works at a nuclear weapon testing site. Atom enjoys a better food supply, living conditions, and... More > privileges other people in the country cannot even dream of. With the collapse of the communism Atom looses his nuke paradise and ends up in a new, harsh reality. The jobless engineer longs for his lost Garden of Eden where he spent his childhood and youth. He writes a book on the great nostalgia of Humanity for paradise and various attempts to restore it on Earth. Himself, he lived in the Soviet Union that claimed to be a “workers’ paradises”. One day, Eva, his ex-girlfriend from the nuke testing site, visits him. She promises Atom to regain everything he has forfeited in his life. Eva travels across Russia searching his former colleagues - jobless nuke engineers. She smuggles Atom with his precious knowledge into North Korea, another “workers paradise”.< Less
The Greatest Story Ever Told In China By Martin Avery
Paperback: $8.22
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The Greatest Story Ever Told In China or The Jesus Book: Looking For What Jesus Wrote In Dalian
The Mind and Face of Bolshevism By Rene Fulop-Miller
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In the news today we hear a lot about Socialism, Communism, Marxism, but were you ever curious about what really happens when a country goes from being a monarchy or capitalist to marxist? This... More > book was written 10 years after the Bolshevik revolution and although it was FüLöP-Miller was a socialist, he paints a very clear of the good, bad, ugly and evil of the after effects of such a violent revolution. If you want to know how it would go down and what would change, this book will tell you in concise terms. If you are interested in the history of the Soviet Union and its founding? This book will give you a matter of fact insight into the early years of the Soviet Union. Uncompromising in its honesty, this book is a must have for anyone interested in these subjects.< Less
DPRK-China Friendship Goes Down Century after Century By y g
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.This is the physical version of a book by the similar title.This presentation introduces picture album "DPRK-China Friendship Goes Down Century after Century" published by the Foreign... More > Languages Publishing House to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and China.Credit goes to the original author, I only edit< Less
Dealing In Cracks. . .Political, of Course By Abi Desta
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In the complex realm of international politics, every utterances and positions try to reflect on a self-fulfilling prophesy. Every move is calculated. Every deal measured. Every alliance made to... More > last. Every nation fights a silent war to claim a position it deems is deserving. How the world is sorted out – in political terms – demands that no one nation stands isolated, even when it is powerful. Economic and political factors force any nation, anywhere in the world, to seek regional and global influence. The book tries to trace China’s global chain of political and economic influence. This nations world view and outlook is contrasted against its recent desire and possible role in Europe to solve the continent’s economic problems. And when one sets out to detail on Chinese influence, one cannot go without touching on the role Russia plays. The two eastern powers’ complementary global influence is explained in the book as adequately as the writers global political understanding can allow it.< Less
How to Master Korean Vocabulary By Paul DeGennaro
Paperback: $9.95
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Hit a roadblock with your Korean? Tired of memorizing long lists of Korean words? How to Master Korean Vocabulary introduces a unique method for learning thousands of Korean vocabulary words, simply... More > by linking one Korean syllable to one English sentence. The book includes more than 300 mnemonic devices that teach you the most commonly used Sino-Korean characters (Hanja). Expand your vocabulary exponentially with How to Master Korean Vocabulary.< Less

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