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Fidelity: A Novel By Susan Glaspell
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Susan Keating Glaspell (July 1, 1876 – July 27, 1948) was... More > an American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, actress, novelist, and journalist. With her husband George Cram Cook she founded the Provincetown Players, the first modern American theater company. During the Great Depression she served in the Works Progress Administration as Midwest Bureau Director of the Federal Theater Project.A prolific writer, Glaspell is known to have composed nine novels, fifteen plays, over fifty short stories, and one biography. Excerpt from:< Less
Hunger: a novel By Knut Hamsun, George Egerton
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Knut Hamsun was praised as "Norway's soul" and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. His literary debut was HUNGER, which is today hailed as a psychological masterpiece and as one... More > of the first examples of a modernist masterpiece. Written after Hamsun's return from an ill-fated tour of America, HUNGER is based on the author's own impoverished life before his big breakthrough. It recounts the adventures of a starving young man whose sense of reality is giving way to a delusionary existence in the darker side of a modern metropolis. While he vainly tries to maintain an outer shell of normalcy, his mental and physical decay are recounted in detail. He is unwilling to pursue a professional career, which he deems unfit for someone of his abilities. The novel has been hailed as the literary opening of the 20th century and an outstanding example of modern, psychology-driven literature. It hails the irrationality of the human mind in an intriguing and sometimes humorous way.< Less
What Will People Say? A Novel By Rupert Hughes
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: Rupert Hughes (January 31, 1872 – September 9, 1956) was an... More > American novelist, film director, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, military officer, and music composer. He was the brother of Howard R. Hughes, Sr. and uncle of billionaire Howard R. Hughes, Jr. His three volume scholarly biography of George Washington broke new ground in demythologizing Washington and was well received by historians. A staunch anti-Communist, in the 1940s he served as president of the American Writers Association, a group of anti-Communist writers.Hughes was born on January 31, 1872 in Lancaster. Excerpt from:< Less
Tarifa: a short novel By Jean Coqt
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The second section of the eccentric novel Skagen a novel of Europe by the reclusive 20th-century writer Jean Coqt, translated into a haunting, lyrical series of meditations by Charles Lunaire.
In Search of Lost Time: The Complete Novel By Marcel Proust
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In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past is a novel in seven volumes by Marcel Proust, all included in this ebook. His most prominent work, it is known both for its length and its theme... More > of involuntary memory, the most famous example being the "episode of the madeleine."< Less
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Recovery: A Novel of the Future By Eliyahu Rooff
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Imagine a future where centuries of wars, economic disasters, disease and ecological devastation have left a small percentage of humanity alive and where vast swaths have been taken out of animal... More > life. It's a world where none of the nations we know have survived intact, where much of civilization has barely returned to a feudal state and where a few nations control the surviving technology. A group of scientists and technocrats from the Republic of Nevada have finally succeeded in developing a time machine that will let them send teams into the past to gather specimens of birds and animals that have been lost, and to collect as much as possible of the information and culture that was lost when civilization broke down. Nothing ever goes quite as planned, and the Recovery team has to deal with animal attacks, arrests, assaults, high-speed pursuits, romantic entanglement between a team member and a 20th-Century man, as well as the problems caused when a traitor tries to sabotage the entire project.< Less
Coming to Terms: A Novel of Our Times By Abraham Rothberg
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Coming to Terms is a novel exploring the lives of half a dozen friends and colleagues of differing generations-Hippies and Boomers, Gen-Xers and Vietnam and World War II veterans- as they strive to... More > find meaning and happiness in the tidal wave of change inundating the America of the late 20th century and the beginnings of the 21st. All are caught up in a struggle with themselves and each other in trying to move their lives forward and make sense of their respective pasts, their personal commitments as wives and mothers, husbands and fathers, lovers and loners, young and old, heterosexuals and homosexuals, soldiers and civilians. As they come to terms with their pasts, they define their presents and discover their futures, some willingly, but most reluctantly. In doing so, they fracture the circles of their families, friendships and allegiances, and discover the prices human beings must pay in contending with society's constraints on the individual's struggle for freedom and pursuit of happiness.< Less
The Fixed Period: A Novel In Two Volumes By Anthony Trollope
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The Fixed Period is a satirical dystopian novel by Anthony Trollope published in 1882. Set in Britannula, an island of Australia. The president has decreed that all citizens reaching the age of... More > sixty-seven are to enter a 'college.' There, they will be prepared for death at age sixty-eight. The first candidate for this euthanasia, Gabriel Crasweller, loses his enthusiasm for the 'fixed period' scheme as his own term approaches. Rescue is provided by the British navy, which returns Britannula to the rational rule of the Empire. Britannula is a former British Crown Colony which demanded, and was granted, independence from Great Britain in the mid-20th century. Its 250,000 inhabitants have, with few exceptions, retained British law and customs, and also her currency. Britannula is a thriving agrarian society whose wealth is mainly based on sheep farming and the wool trade. Its capital, Gladstonopolis, is named after 19th century British Liberal statesman and Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone.< Less
Marblehead: A Novel of H.P. Lovecraft TPB By Richard A. Lupoff
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Trade Paperback. A major new mainstream novel by the author of LOVECRAFT'S BOOK, this chronicles a year (1927) in the life of the greatest horror writer of the 20th century. This huge book was... More > written in 1976 and has been lost until now.< Less