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University of Colorado By nu
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nu By Naoshi Yamauchi
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nu By michelle cinetta
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A collection of Jesus-inspired poems that decode and document participation in this human experience which, at times, feels like a social experiment.
Nu By K B Sykes
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Its dark. Where am I? What's happening? A small group of survivors try to remember what it is they survived... A sci-fi short in 13 pages by K.B.Sykes
ABDO NU By abdo Nu Tella
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abdo nu tellaabdo nu tella abdo nu tellaabdo nu tella abdo nu tellaabdo nu tella abdo nu tellaabdo nu tella
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La nudité au lit, secret du bonheur à vie ? Se mettre à nu pour trouver l'amour ? C'est un concept. Mieux encore (ou pire, selon le point de vue que vous adoptez…). Le but... More > ? S'affranchir de toutes les conventions sociales véhiculées par les vêtements et permettre ainsi de se concentrer sur l'essentiel, "l'âme". Pour trouver l'amour, ils se mettent à nu… et tout nu ! La nudité est-elle source d'excitation ou bien finit-elle, au contraire, par émousser le désir ? C’est l’une des questions que se posent les couples, surtout après plusieurs années de vie commune. A vous de découvrir…les bienfaits de dormir nu en couple ? Jusqu'où la pudeur a-t-elle sa place dans le couple ? Où est la limite entre le partage de l'intime et le tue l'amour ? Alors quels sont les avantages de dormir à poils ? Alors pourquoi nous priver d’un anti-âge naturel ? Et vous, dormez-vous nus en couple ?< Less
LIFEOLOGY-Darkside By Nu Rob
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The Darkside of a relationship.
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Nadie ha visto, que yo sepa, un tiranosaurio rex caminando por las calles, pero tenemos una idea de cómo lucía un tiranosaurio rex gracias a los huesos que hemos armado en forma de... More > tiranosaurio rex. Esa representación que nos hacemos, ese rompecabezas mesozoico es sólo posible por los huesos fosilizados, y así de fosilizadas se encuentran a su modo las palabras con relación a la posibilidad ya implícita en su lenguaje: representaciones, reflejos efímeros, sombras de sombras. Sirva lo anterior para decir que Kannon Volex Monitor es la ruina y el origen de un lenguaje, y al presentarse en su reencarnación de libro, es también el fin de la literatura, del modo en que un tiranosaurio en nuestra mente existe sólo porque es posible imaginar que así lucían los dinosaurios hace más de 65 millones de años.< Less
Modigliani's Nu By Ann Kannings
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Modigliani had painted female nudes from the time of his arrival in Paris. His first works were notably expressive and conformed to the Symbolist idea of the female body as a source of sin. Later,... More > his nudes lost this moralizing content and embraced a Mediterranean sensuality. In 1917 and with the consolidation of his mature style, Modigliani began his popular series of reclining nudes on the request of his friend and new dealer, Léopold Zborowski, who aimed to sell them to collectors interested in the newest type of avant-garde art. However, the thirty or so works painted in Zborowski's apartment between 1917 and 1919 did not meet with the anticipated interest. In these works Modigliani looked to the example of earlier nudes, from Giorgione's Venus to Goya's Naked Maja, flattening the female form in a way first used by Ingres and ultimately adopted by Picasso.< Less
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Singing The NU-U Sessions will allow You to Become MoreAware and WakeUp to Your RealAwareniss. When YU Sing “NU~U~U~U” YU will have The RealConnection with The SoundLight Reality that... More > IS ALL of Life, THE ALLIS. The people of earth are Waking Up to The NU~U Sessions and discovering that their DreamVisions at night are becoming more vivid as they experience RealGuidance. There have been many ways in the past to get started to better understand The Whole of Life, such as Meditation, Veganism, Chanting OM, AUM, AMEN, HU, and even such silly things like Worshiping and Prayer. But these Old & Outdated things, along with so many others no longer work with The TruReality LifeIS. Now IS the time for The NU~U Sessions to show people how to Totally Free ThemSelves from all the Restrictions they have come to know. YU can Test The NU~U and Discover that YU are a Free Being of RealLight, and that YU no longer need any Restrictions to Live Now.< Less

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