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The Vampires Of Nubia By Teejay LeCapois
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2700 years ago, in the Kingdom of Nubia, Atem was the Special Advisor of King Shebitku. From Napata City's corridors of power, Atem secretly ruled the entire Kingdom. Ankha is the beautiful female... More > warrior among the previously all-male Royal Palace Guard who sees Atem as the conniver he really is. An uprising of Vampires devastates Nubia and transforms both Atem and Ankha into bloodthirsty monsters. Under King Shebitku's orders, Ankha is entombed while Atem is allowed to escape. Freed by Howard University professor Jesslyn Collier, Ankha wants revenge. Atem meanwhile has made himself the King of the Blood Drinkers with his Queen Sharifa by his side. They rule both humans and Vampires from an impregnable Citadel near Juba City, South Sudan. As ancient Immortals clash, what will become of Mankind ?< Less
KANE AND NUBIA By Michelle J. Lyons
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This book is not just a love story but it deals with the moral and ethical issues of human cloning, the implications of immortality from a fictional standpoint. It's an even ended book for those that... More > want to delve into something different.< Less
Travels in Nubia  By John Lewis Burckhardt
eBook (PDF): $2.99
First published in 1829 by Johann Ludwig (aka John Lewis) Burckhardt. One of the first narratives by a European traveler to explore the desert lands of Arabia. This edition features the original... More > two volume text by the Swiss explorer, enhanced with hyperlinks and biographical notes, and illustrated with period prints and maps of Arabia. PDF version features mock parchment paper effect.  A fascinating travelogue.< Less
The Heart Of Georgia By Georgia Nubia
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This is my heart in the poetic form, this is my life, my words, my babies, and I am sharing them with the world
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Take a trip back to the land of Ancient Nubia through pictures, with Dr. Faheem Judah-EL. Nubians were the first people on earth, they build the first civilization. It was the Ethiopian-Nubians who... More > sent the Egyptians out as explorers to colonize new lands.< Less
Nubia: The Calling By Salma Mahmoud
eBook (PDF): $8.00
ما كان بداية ذلك كله؟ ومتى بدأت... More > عجلة الأحداث بالدوران؟ ربما من المستحيل الإجابة عن هذا كله.. من عمق تيار الزمن، ولكن بالرغم من ذلك كله، استمرت أوراق الزمن بالتساقط..... وكانوا هم كالنسيم في ليلة صيفية يدوي صدى ضحكاتهم وبكائهم....عبر الزمان والمكان.. تدور الرواية في عالم إفتراضي، وتحكي عن الإنسان وصراعه في الحياة آماله وآلامه ، وتتمحور حول البطل أكينار،فارس فيلق الميدجاي - أيقونة قوات الجيش في دولة أكسيوم- والذي ينضم إلى مجموعة من فرق المقاومة وهي عصبة الفجر الجديد و التي تستهدف إيقاف مجلس الحكماء من استخدام الطاقة الحيوية للكوكب (النيلكا). وفي ذات الوقت يقوم رئيس المجلس بالتعاون مع كبير العلماء ورئيس هيئة الأبحاث بالتحضير لمشروع العنقاء ذو الغاية السرية والتي تعتمد على إيجاد نسل قدماء الكوكب. وخلال هذه الأحداث يظهر القائد العبقري أونال من إمبراطورية كوش، والذي يسعى نحو هدف آخر ، وبين هاتين الدولتين وهذين الفارسين تدور رحى الأحداث من أجل غايات شتى تلتقي وتتنافر لتنسج سجل تاريخ قد مضى أوربما سيأتي.< Less
Here In The Land Of Nubia - Kingdom Guide By Lp Johnson
Paperback: $3.99
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*A Historical Romance Of Epic Proportion* Welcome to The Land Of Nubia! This Kingdom Guide will introduce you to the Royal Household of Hummingbird Palace. Tyelah Olesk is the beautiful, headstrong,... More > and mildly physic ruler of this gently quietly kingdom, nestled along the mighty Grey River in Ancient Nubia. Through her entirely unorthodox union to former soldier, former slave, and now Lord Devaleh Knaye, the Fates will test and try their futures, their sanity. In a household ever abuzz with the dramas of family, servants, officials, visitors and demands, Devaleh soon finds himself awash in wonder and worries as he tries to establish his own place as newly crowned King. Yet a past that is quickly catching up will force him to face all he has kept to himself -and shake the foundations of his newly restored love. *Also Catch a Sneak Peek of Nubian Star, Chapter One - The Meeting< Less
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This book is a wonderful journey to the Saqqara Pyramids through pictures. Dr. Faheem Judah-EL takes to the Saqqara pyramids, mastaba, and Saqqara Temple complex, as well a highlighting the great... More > African Kings and Queens of Khemet and Nubia.< Less
Pedrinho By Núbia Alves Bühne
Paperback: $7.35
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A comovente história de um rapaz das montanhas que encontra um amigo. Por meio de uma história o leitor é conduzido a refletir sobre a eternidade e a entrega de sua vida ao... More > Senhor Jesus Cristo como único Salvador.< Less
eBook (PDF): $8.97
El Objetivo es cuantificar los tipos de violencia en las personas mayores, en el departamento de Boyacá, durante un periodo comprendido entre el año 2012 y 2013, teniendo en cuenta el... More > ambiente social, tipo de relación familiar, grado de escolaridad y situación en el marco geográfico, dentro del Departamento. Se realizó un estudio descriptivo, retrospectivo y transversal. La población de estudio es de 108 hombres mayores de 60 años, que están registradas dentro del Sistema General de Seguridad Social en Salud dentro del Departamento de Boyacá. Resultados: En el presente estudio, se consolidaron tres tipos de violencia hacia las personas mayores: La física, psicológica y privación, y negligencia; se presentaron en adultos mayores de 60 años. Los mayores maltratadores son personas muy cercanas a su sensibilidad: el cónyuge, los hijos e incluso su propia madre y el escenario más utilizado fue la propia casa. Las personas violentas lo son por motivos culturales y no culturales.< Less

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