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Nursing By Fukuoka Japan
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When I heard her story, I recommended that she write down everything she had experienced for the past six months. “Then,” I said, “You will regain your presence of mind and can form... More > a right judgment.”< Less
Nurse By Mike Marty
eBook (PDF): $1.76
Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living needing nothing.
Nursing The Nurse By Sarah Smith
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Carry walked inside the mental hospital with her medical kit full of medicines for the patients. The night was not quite toxic and she was assigned to give medications to the patients and get some... More > samples of their blood as well. The guards and resident doctor had passed out on their posts while the others are sleeping in rooms provided for the staff. She proceeded to the ward where only one patient was waiting for her. The man has been separated due to his harmful behavior. The contents of most rooms and beds have been cleared aside from the bed at the far end. When she entered, she eyed the patient sitting on the hospital bed, he was a large man, with a potbelly and a snake tattoo intertwined on his arm that carried his name on its body. His head was bald, with a long mustache. His look was menacing enough to scare anybody he would meet. Carry put the tray down on the side bed and then she removed the patient’s chart. “Mr. Bray? Cole Bray?” she asked. The man just looked at her and grunted.< Less
Inspired Articles Of Dr. Nurse By John Nurse
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The book contains Inspired writings by John Nurse, a former Missionary Baptist Minister. I sincerely hope this booklet will enlighten,encourage,inspire and be a helpful tool to everyone that will... More > embrace the wisdom in it.< Less
The It Girl Rules: Get Hired & Stay Hired By Tamika Nurse
eBook (ePub): $6.99
The It Girl Rules: Get Hired & Stay Hired reveals the keys to success for women who aspire to enter and ascend through the ranks of Corporate America. In this book, readers will discover an... More > invaluable roadmap for the shortest path between “Hello” and “You’re Hired” as well as effective strategies for job hunting, networking, positioning yourself for promotion, handling a bad manager, transitioning between jobs, and much more!< Less
The It Girl Rules By Tamika Nurse
Paperback: $9.95
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The It Girl Rules offers advice for every woman who is striving to become her own superwoman. With guidance on everything from Power Shopping to Tailoring Tips, this volume of The It Girl Rules is... More > focused on fashion and style. This handbook will be an invaluable asset for those who want to stir up their creativity, improve their aesthetic, and become their best selves.< Less
The Tale Of Greedy Reeby By Lesley Nurse
eBook (PDF): $9.95
It's Reeby's birthday and it's all about her. Except, there's another student who is also sharing the spotlight and Reeby's not too happy about that. Will Reeby celebrate her party with her class? Or... More > will it be a party for one?< Less
Transcend By Rae Nurse
Paperback: $4.50
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This is the story of my journey so far; the ups and downs, the hurts and happiness. When spoken words failed, I let my hands fall to paper. This is the result of that, the most direct connection to... More > my emotion I was able to muster. I am putting this out into the universe and letting go, moving on, transcending my adolescence and growing into myself. this is my first attempt, my vision realized. I mean for this to be food for the mind; take what you need and leave the rest.< Less
Our Hospice Care, my Faithful Family, And I By John Nurse
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This is a true story about the patient, the caregivers, the family and the husband who worked around the clock to give comfort to their terminally ill loved. They prayed, they worked in hope and they... More > lost the battle in the end. Or did they? You be the judge.< Less
Christian Writings From The Heart By Ann Nurse
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This book was written to comment on questions Christians and non-Christians alike have about the Christian faith. Questions pondered by the average individual,who wonders why is there good and... More > evil; love and what it means; compassionate; sin; how can you get to heaven; yes, and life and death issues. It gives reason why the Christian has HOPE for an eternal reward. It also provides a witness to the non-believer why CHOICE is believer to the non-believer. God does not enter the heart uninvited. In addition to this, it addresses the Islamic religion.< Less