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Too Big for His Britches By Jere Haken
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Eighteen-year-old Darren's tumultuous relationship with his stepfather comes to a head when Leo decides he's had enough of his stepson's sass. Darren has gotten too big for his britches, and with the... More > boy's mother safely out of town, he can finally deal with him the way he's always wanted: with a good spanking. Warning: This 5k word M/m erotic short story features one fed up stepfather, one bratty stepson, OTK spanking, and an unforgiving wooden ruler. Contains masturbation but no explicit sex. All characters are 18+. You be, too!< Less
Rules for a Happy Life By Nattie Jones
eBook (PDF): $8.99
When Troy proposes to Jenny, she doesn't think that she could get any happier. But then, he adds conditions and rules that stretch the limit of happiness. Not only does he want her to address him... More > as "Sir," but he also insists on spanking her every Friday night--and on any other night that she disobeys one of his rules. Will his rules be the downfall of their marriage, or the key to a happier life? For ages 18 and over.< Less
Fairy Tale Fantasies By Kristin York
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Fairy Tale Fantasies features 12 familiar stories, each with a decidedly grown-up twist. Strong heroes and naughty heroines populate the pages of this book written with the spanking enthusiast in... More > mind. Evil plots are thwarted, true love conquers all, and the occasional date with a hairbrush leads to a memorable "happily ever after" for one and all. If you're a fan of white steeds and red bottoms, turn the page to find out what happens when fairy tales grow up. For ages 18 and over.< Less
Room with a View By Kristin York
eBook (PDF): $4.99
Liz and Tony worked hard to convert their spacious attic into their own special multi-windowed room with a view. There, in the massive four-poster bed, they explore their fantasies. But it has... More > another use – as a retreat for practicing domestic discipline, in which Liz pays for her transgressions… over her husband’s lap, or a chair, or a stool… if you like spanking romances, you’ll love this story! For adults only. The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
That Old Spankin' Magic By Brandy Golden
Paperback: $15.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
Chicago born and raised Remy Broussard wants to discover the secrets of the Louisiana Bayou treasure map left by her great grandmother, Rheims Renquist. The secret is steeped in historic voodoo... More > rituals that send chills of excitement up Remy’s spine. Cork Renoir, a disillusioned, peace-seeking, ex-jazz player, owns the property that Rheims used to live on and is determined that his peaceful existence will not be disrupted by the treasure-seeking brat! Naturally sparks fly when the two young, headstrong people come into contact with each other and Cork’s hard hand flies to the seat of Remy’s pants more than once during the resolution of this mysterious tale of dark intrigue! For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
Red Hawaii By Brandy Golden
eBook (PDF): $6.91
When Kelo O'Holloran's stepfather puts handsome and bossy Nick Gorman in her coveted spot as a cliff diver instructor, the young girl sees red. Famous for her volatile temper, will Kelo learn to... More > control it when Nick decides to take her in hand? What secrets does her mind have behind lock and key that contribute to her loss of control and will a trip over his knee really change her? A man used to being in control, Nick Gorman falls instantly in love with the tiny dark-haired diver and decides he must have her for his own, but will a dangerous shadow from the past take her away from him before their love is ever fulfilled? This exciting and fast paced love story is bound to become a favorite that readers will return to again and again, taking Kelo and Nick into their very heart and soul. This book is also published on with a different publisher and book cover. For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
A Perfect Partner By Michael Martin
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
How many times have we asked ourselves the most important question of our lives: "Will I ever find true love and happiness?" A Perfect Partner is a true to life personal adventure leading... More > to pure, unadulterated bliss. Although the fictional characters elicit the notion that this is a romantic, adult spanking novel, it may be more accurately described as a self-help, nonfiction guide to finding the elusive perfect partner. In a changing world where divorce was all the rage, Daniel Dinsmore decided to search the entire world to find his perfect partner. It was a time when there was no Internet, and overseas phone calls cost more than a mortgage payment, yet Daniel lived his fantasies via postal mail and traveling to visit the incredible ladies he had contacted. There were many thrilling and exhilarating moments in his quest, but the inevitable question loomed: "Which one was he meant to spend his life with?" For Adults Only.< Less
A Pirate's Revenge By Brandy Golden
Paperback: $25.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Watching her father destroyed by pirates and her mother spirited away were the scenes that haunted Frankie Fontaine's troubled dreams. She vowed revenge on the pirate rogue Jacques LaSalle. With the... More > help of her twin sister and her Uncle Pierre, she sets out to find LaSalle and the black ship, The Nemesis. Driven almost to the brink of madness, Frankie finally encounters him in a Caribbean harbor. But little do the sisters know that seeking revenge will lead them to two ruthless "gentlemen turned pirates" who will tumble them head over heels in love and over their broad laps for a bit of well-deserved discipline. From the beautiful artwork of K. Manago on the pages, to its spicy content, this story is sure to become a favorite! For adults only. NOTE: The printed version page pictures are in black and white due to the printing cost for colored pages. The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
My Lady Robin Hood By Maren Smith
eBook (PDF): $5.95
(2 Ratings)
Penelope's heart is torn. Her aunt's charitble work among London's poor has driven her to help. But as the Season begins, just knowing where her hat ribbons and lace embroidery come from--and the... More > plights of those who make such fripperies to survive--is heartrending. At first, stealing from the rich seems like the perfect way to help. She's not taking much. Just little pieces that she knows won't be missed, from those who can afford it the most. Yes, her heart's in the right place; too bad her methods could land her on the gallows! The Earl of Granville doesn't need an heiress, so Penelope's lack of funds are of little concern. It's her air of mystery that appeals to him the most. As the Season wears on, Niles is drawn ever closer to the lovely Penelope and her odd little habits. Niles is bound and determined to get to the bottom of all her secrets. Particularly since--with Penelope--this particular bottom will likely end with skirts up and knickers down!< Less

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