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Smooth Landings By Kathryn Jay
Paperback: $13.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Any long-distance relationship has its difficulties, but for Susan Markham, still singed from a divorce years past, the separation from the new man in her life allows doubts and insecurities to grow.... More > Ty Reynolds is determined not to let this new relationship fall apart, though, and plans a romantic getaway to reconnect. Is that enough, or will he have to take stronger measures? (Adult content, including semi-consensual spanking)< Less
Mistress By Maren Smith
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Caught between two warring countries, Olivia is a woman on the run. With her abusive husband dogging at her heels and a newborn baby in her arms, she moves constantly through the London slums, never... More > staying in one place too long, ever mindful of the Baron's henchmen closing in behind her. Until the day she--quite literally--runs into the arms of a handsome, wealthy rogue. Marcus Browan has a warm smile and his eyes are kind, but the money and protection he offers her comes with a very high price attached...He wants her, heart, body and soul. And although Olivia does grow to love him, her gentle and charming Protector, in return, can she ever really trust him? With her darkest secrets? More importantly, can she trust him with her heart?< Less
The Daughter of the Strong By Maren Smith
eBook (PDF): $5.95
(2 Ratings)
After years of loyal service to Ethelred the Unready, Tremen of Southby has received the greatest prize that any third son of a nobleman could hope for: Lands of his own. And not just any parcel of... More > much-coveted property, but Burkshire Keep, a significant holding along a key section of the Welsh coast. All he has to do now is keep it from falling into the hands of the marauding Vikings, defeat the scheming Robert (who desires the Keep above all else), and woo the warrior maiden who lives there--Hallie, his wife by proxy. Of the three tasks, the first two are quickly proved the easiest to accomplish by far. Fortunately for Tremen, a lifetime of battle has strengthened his right arm. He's confident that, given enough time, enough patience--and enough birch switches freshly cut from the garden--eventually, he'll bring even a head-strong woman like his wife to heel...that is, if she doesn't outrun, out-fight, or even outright kill him first.< Less
Grandfather's Heir and other Short Stories By Katy O'Reilly
Paperback: $13.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
Molly O’Connor’s multi-millionaire grandfather has just died and left her his entire estate. She can’t wait to get her hands on the fortune. But when she goes to the lawyer’s... More > office to get her money, she’s in for a big surprise. Grandfather had made some stipulations to his will… Dan Duggin has been appointed executor, but the task is much more than financial management. He has to figure out how to get this beautiful, spoiled brat to behave like a decent young lady! Read this plus two other novellas in this book, written especially for spanking romance lovers! For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear. < Less
Breakdown in Clifton Forge By Katy O'Reilly
Paperback: $16.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Julie Gilbert was cursed with wealth – every boyfriend she’d ever had wanted only one thing – her money. Running away from yet another fortune-seeker, her car dies in a blizzard and... More > she’s stranded in the cold. When she’s finally rescued by Sheriff Brett Rowan, her knight in shining armor turns out to have some disturbing habits – like spanking her when she doesn’t behave! The plot grows deeper when political criminals come after her. They want her dead or alive. Can Brett keep her safe? Can she love a man who spanks her? And what will happen when he finds out she’s rich? The answers are in this novel filled with love, drama, and adventure! For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear. < Less
Ansel's Mountain By Reesa Roberts
eBook (PDF): $7.99
Kiria Martin will do anything to get just the right angle for her paintings, including trespassing on someone else’s property. But when she hikes up Ansel’s mountain, she finds a lot more... More > than what she came for. Ansel White is the star of a local wildlife show. He’ll do anything to protect what’s his. When that includes Kiria, sparks fly as her free spirit rebels under his watchful eye. But he has an idea how to make her behave – and he’s not above spanking her. Will she ever learn to listen to him on their outdoor explorations? Or are their worlds too far apart to ever merge? If you love romance or nature adventures, you’ll love this full-length novel! Previously published on a members-only website as “The Art of Nature.” For adults only. NOTE: The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
Love's a Beach By Katrina Devlin
eBook (PDF): $7.50
Christina and Jonah live in a 200 year old farmhouse at the Jersey shore, where their family has been supplying peaches to the beach traffic for over fifty years. Christina is a modern woman -- an... More > editor and a burgeoning freelance writer, married to Jonah, a carpenter, surfer, and hippie musician who believes the best things in life are excellent waves, a simple lifestyle and the love of a good woman who obeys him or finds herself sprawled across his lap, receiving a healthy dose of his old-fashioned discipline. Of course, life is anything but simple, when paired with headstrong Christina, whose Irish roots and strong sense of loyalty and fun often descend into mayhem. Will their love survive their differences? If you love romance, you’ll love this story! For adults only.< Less
Second Chances and other Short Stories By Kristin York
eBook (PDF): $7.50
Fiercely independent ad-exec Noreen Vance is determined to avoid egotistical, male-chauvinist Quinn Martin despite their roles as maid of honor and best man in a weekend wedding. Can Quinn’s... More > gentle dominance change the course of Noreen’s life, or will she remain “Always a Bridesmaid?” Todd and Michelle have big plans for their second honeymoon. But Michelle has second thoughts about their domestic discipline relationship. Will she ruin their chance for a romantic getaway? If you like spanking romances, you’ll love this collection of stories! For adults only. The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
Lady Barrington By Katy O'Reilly
eBook (PDF): $7.50
Julianna Pritchard, the spoiled, willful only daughter of the Earl of Pritchard has been used to having her own way in every aspect of her life. Her mother died when she was but a small child,... More > leaving her father, already along in years with no patience or desire to discipline her. Her cousin Maise lives with them, and finds herself easily led astray by her exuberant cousin. Now it is time for her to be married and most of the eligible young lords shy away from the prospect of living their life with such a spoiled girl. However, there is one young man, the Earl of Barrington, who is interested in wedding Julianna. He agrees to the marriage with a courting period, during which he will do his best to tame her. This leads to many adventures as Julianna slowly falls in love with him and her cousin with his friend. Over 350 pages! For ages 18 and over.< Less
A Perfect Partner By Michael Martin
eBook (PDF): $2.99
How many times have we asked ourselves the most important question of our lives: "Will I ever find true love and happiness?" A Perfect Partner is a true to life personal adventure leading... More > to pure, unadulterated bliss. Although the fictional characters elicit the notion that this is a romantic, adult spanking novel, it may be more accurately described as a self-help, nonfiction guide to finding the elusive perfect partner. In a changing world where divorce was all the rage, Daniel Dinsmore decided to search the entire world to find his perfect partner. It was a time when there was no Internet, and overseas phone calls cost more than a mortgage payment, yet Daniel lived his fantasies via postal mail and traveling to visit the incredible ladies he had contacted. There were many thrilling and exhilarating moments in his quest, but the inevitable question loomed: "Which one was he meant to spend his life with?" For Adults Only.< Less

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