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My Polycystic Ovary & Me By Hisham Maksoud Toqa Abdelrahman
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Many patients attend to the clinic with a significant number of unanswered questions regarding polycystic ovary syndrome. The patients often are not aware of the presentation of polycystic ovary... More > syndrome and there has been a significant amount of confusion because of the published data on the internet. Some websites are outdated and the information that we have received from research over the last 10 years has explained in more detail the different clinical presentations of polycystic ovary syndrome that have been identified. There has been a need to have a clear concise up-to-date information book to explain to the patient in plain straightforward language what polycystic ovary syndrome is all about.< Less
How to Psychologically Survive Cancer By James Egan
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There are many books out there that explain how cancer works biologically. There are countless books that give the reader a deep understanding of how chemotherapy works, how radiotherapy works and... More > how the medication works. They will go into detail about wigs, headscarves, injections, surgery, CT scans, X-Rays, PET scans and so on. But very few cancer books focus on the most important part – the mind. How is your mind going to survive an illness that is turning your life upside down? Cancer books always insist that you need to stay positive but it’s not that simple. You need to prepare better than “stay positive.” When does it start feeling normal? How much of the battle is in your head? How will people perceive you? This doesn’t mean I will neglect to discuss treatment, surgery and medical scans. But I will detail these factors in plain language rather than medical terminology, which many cancer patients find alienating and unhelpful. Read on to learn how to combat cancer – physically and mentally.< Less
88 Organic Meal and Juice Recipes for Ovarian Cancer: The Natural Way to Fight Cancer By Joe Correa CSN
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88 Organic Meal and Juice Recipes for Ovarian Cancer: The Natural Way to Fight Cancer By Joe Correa CSN Ovarian cancer is becoming more common every day. Learning to prevent this form of cancer is... More > essential and can be done by consuming the right types of food to allow your body to heal on its own. These meal and juice recipes are based on tasty and healthy ingredients and will strengthen your immune system, restore intestinal integrity, and provide essential nutrients ranging from amino acids to vitamins and minerals. Today, the popularity of healthy meals and juicing fruits and vegetables is greater than ever before. This positive trend has reminded us of all the health benefits raw foods have. We may or may not have the time to eat healthy, but the fact is that everybody has a couple of minutes to prepare a delicious juice in the morning and start the day in the best possible manner. Returning to these old fashioned healing methods will bring us many benefits.< Less
47 Home Remedy Juice Recipes for Ovarian Cancer: Vitamin Packed Recipes That Will Give Your Body What It Needs to Fight Cancer Cells By Joe Correa CSN
eBook (ePub): $4.99
When we talk about ovarian cancer preventing foods, we simply have to mention juices. This is the easiest way to give your body all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Besides, they are easy to... More > make and can fit into anybody’s budget and schedule. This is why I have created this healthy collection of delicious juice recipes that will help you fight off ovarian cancer. Juicing is not something new. It is an old yet very popular way of consuming multiple fruits and vegetables at the same time. This powerful method has been proven to improve your immune system and overall health within a couple of minutes of preparation. When using the right ingredients, the results are simply amazing!< Less
The Unconventional Guide to Ovarian Cancer By Latrisha McFadden
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Ovarian cancer is a silent killer and is one of the deadliest threats to women’s health. The American Cancer Society says that about 20,180 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer... More > this year alone. Every woman faces a risk of 1:57 risk of getting ovarian cancer in her lifetime. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are not perceptible until the cancer becomes widespread and critical, which explains why thousands of women die of this dreaded disease every year. Although ovarian cancer is treatable, in most instances, it is detected late causing complications and death to ovarian cancer patients. Discover everything you need to know by grabbing a copy of this ebook today.< Less
Pcos-friendly Eating - The Ultimate Do’s and Don'ts By Annabel Boys, PhD
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Being diagnosed with PCOS can be scary and overwhelming. This book will help you to feel that you are back in control. Research shows that diet can make a huge difference to PCOS symptoms. Annabel... More > Boys has put this book together to highlight the best bits of advice to follow and common pitfalls to avoid so that you can feel confident that you are supporting rather than sabotaging your hormones. Her simple explanations banish overwhelm and will have you confidently embracing change as a lifestyle choice rather than a temporary ‘diet’. A MUST read for any PCOS sufferer.< Less
The Astrological eMagazine December 2015 By Niranjan Babu
eBook (PDF): $3.99
We discuss the horoscope of Angelina Jolie, one of the more popular Hollywood stars who made headlines in multiple ways. What are the astrological combinations for a Divorce? How can Trikonas track... More > spiritual awakening? What are Dasa Systems? Is Super Moon good or bad for the world? Buy your copy today.< Less
effect of menstrual cycle on the pharmacokinetics of drugs By Dr.G.SANDHYARANI GUGGILLA
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The aim was to monitor carefully follicular growth arrest in polycystic ovaries by assay of hormones in individual follicles. DESIGN AND PATIENTS: Fluid from follicles less than or equal to 10 mm... More > was obtained from ovaries of 16 regularly cycling women between days 1 and 12 of the follicular phase (controls, n = 120 follicles), polycystic ovaries of five women with polycystic ovary syndrome (n = 43), and polycystic ovaries from 14 long-term testosterone treated female to male transsexuals (n = 120). MEASUREMENTS: Fluid was assayed for oestradiol, androstenedione< Less
The Essence of You: Your Guide to Gynecologic Health By Denise Howard, MD
eBook (ePub): $9.99
This is the medical book every woman will want to own. Within these pages, Denise Howard, MD, brings to a wider audience the same knowledge and advice she consistently delivers to her many grateful... More > patients. From puberty to menopause and beyond, “Dr. Denise” takes readers through the many developmental stages of a woman’s growth. Her warm conversational tone, a hallmark of her practice style, is engaging and reassuring as she presents, in precise yet easy to understand language, the many physical changes and health issues a woman may experience during her lifetime. You will want to share this book with your loved ones and keep your own copy handy for reference. “I believe the best way I can bring value to those I serve is by passing on what I know to as many people who are willing to receive it.” Denise Howard, MD< Less

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