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Legacy of Lies - The 2009 Obama Administration By Peter Andrew
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"Legacy of Lies - The 2009 Obama Administration" - The ultimate Conservative American tea partier's guide! This book features an amazing list of 924 lies, flip-flops, broken promises and... More > scandals from Team Obama! 154 items in just the ObamaCare Nightmare section alone! Includes details of 105 Czars, lobbyists, appointment scandals and nominees with tax problems! Obama's radical friends, his outrageous comments, and teleprompter gaffes! Far from a political rant, Legacy of Lies is a reference guide backed up with dates, facts, figures, sources and links. Use the 18-page index to easily search for scandals on the economy, war, terrorism and more! Featuring 22 pages of sources! Legacy of Lies is the most interesting political history of 2009 you’ll find. Hundreds of these items were never on your nightly news! You will be stunned to meet the real Barack H. Obama, Hypocrite-in-Chief! And you’ll want to buy more copies of Legacy of Lies for all your friends and relatives!< Less
Hope and Lies 101 Reasons to Defeat Obama By Madden
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This book is dedicated to all Tea Partiers and conservative Republicans willing to fight for our country’s future. Do you think you know the real Barack Obama? Did you know we have lost more... More > than 2 million jobs under Obama’s watch and now have a national debt of more than $15 trillion? You might be surprised at some of the issues that have been swept under the rug by the mainstream media. This book is a compilation of 101 reasons to defeat Barack Obama and to put this country back on the road to greatness. This book will give you the in-depth knowledge of Obama’s true actions and enable you to effectively counter your liberal friends and help America elect a true conservative in 2012. Read about Solyndra, ACORN, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, extravagant vacations, botched photo ops, lies, broken promises, government waste, abuse and much more.< Less

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