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Bimbo Spa By Teresa Joseph
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When Carol and Valerie walk into the foyer of the Harrington Day Spa, they know that something is horribly wrong. Once drugged into mindless obedience, Mrs Harrington transforms the two friends into... More > yet another pair of gorgeous, giggling bimbos whose only desire is to fuck. Read with shock and disbelief as Fiona Harrington struggles to satisfy her lifelong obsession to turn every available woman she meets into a mindless sex doll. She empties their minds of every relevant thought and memory, swells their tits, stimulates their pussies, dresses each of them up like ‘Backstreet Hooker Barbie’, and gives them a pretty name. Now that Mrs Harrington has made them ‘All happy and pretty’ the bimbos are all so delighted with their new lives that they never want to go back. A cutting satire about the obsession with beauty and the objectification of women in modern society? Or a sick, perverted fantasy by a mental deviant woman who should be shot like a rabid dog? Or both? You decide.< Less

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