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Occupational English Test Hints 2014 By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $27.22
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hints to help candidates prepare for the Occupational English Test for Nurses. Virginia Allum has a wide experience in the production of medical English resources as well as a background in nursing... More > as a Registered Nurse.< Less
Occupational English Test Speaking For Nurses By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $6.59
Prints in 3-5 business days
The communication strategies used in typical role plays during the OET Speaking subtest for nurses. Develop the ability to structure a dialogue with a patient or patient's relative within a... More > healthcare scenario.Several common areas of communication are covered as well as starting and ending the role play and dealing with difficult conversations.< Less
Occupational English Test Sample Role Plays - For Nurses By Virginia Allum
eBook (ePub): $10.96
Hints for success in the Occupational English Test speaking subtest for nurses. The ebook explains communication strategies used in seven sample role plays.Includes transcripts of the seven dialogues... More > on youtube.< Less
Occupational English Test Reading Subtest Hints By Virginia Allum
eBook (PDF): $6.19
Hints for the Occupational English Test Reading Sub-test. Contents What is the Reading Sub-test? How is the Reading Sub-test marked? What sort of skills do you need to read well? How do you predict... More > information in a reading text? What is skimming? What is scanning? Managing Multiple Choice Questions.< Less
Occupational English Test Sample Role Plays By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $7.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Development of the skills needed to perform role plays for the Occupational English Test and similar medical English tests. Role play scenarios including transcripts of YouTube videos made by the... More > author assist in the understanding of the structure of a medical English dialogue. Contents: Aggressive Behaviour Management Role play - delay in treatment Persuading Roleplay - Newborn with jaundice Compromise – Assessing pain Role play – back pain Talking about symptoms Role play –Irritable Bowel Syndrome Encouraging the following of treatment Role play - Eczema Reassuring Role play – diabetic foot injury Talking about lifestyle changes Role play – high cholesterol< Less
OET Preparation: English for Healthcare Professionals Book 1 By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $8.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
Vocabulary development for the Occupational English Test. Book 1: Introduction to Communication Strategies The Language used in Healthcare 3 Learning New Terms 6 Communication... More > Strategies 15 Hospital Documentation 24 Medical Terms: The Head – Anterior 26 Medical Terms: The Head – posterior 28 Medical Terms: The Face 30 Medical Terms: The Nose 31 Medical Terms: The Eye 33 Medical Terms: The Ear 36 Medical Terms: The Mouth 38 Medical Terms: Anterior of the Chest 40 Medical Terms: Shoulders 42 Medical Terms: The Lower Back 44 Medical Terms: The Buttocks 46 Medical Terms: Thigh and Hips 48 Medical Terms: Abdominopelvic Region 50 Medical Terms: Anterior Knee and Lower Leg 52 Medical Terms: Posterior Lower Leg and Knee 54 Medical Terms: The Foot 57 Medical Terms: The Arms 59 Medical Terms: Back of the Hand 61 Medical Terms: Palm of the Hand 62 Medical Terms: Fingernails and Toenails 65 Answers: 67< Less
English for Nurses: Back Pain Admission By Virginia Allum
eBook (PDF): $4.59
Occupational English Test (OET) role play example of a patient who presents to Accident and Emergency with back pain. This package of activities and transcript available on also examines the type of... More > language used in the role to discuss back pain and its treatment. Can be used by nurses and doctors to practise the OET Speaking sub-test.< Less
OET Preparation: English For Healthcare Professionals The Heart Book 3 By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $8.18
Prints in 3-5 business days
Vocabulary building activities about the heart. Medical Terminology: The Heart 3 Medical Terms: Heart Conditions 5 Deep Vein Thrombosis 7 Thromboembolism Deterrent Stockings (TEDS) 10 Medical... More > Terms: Heart Diseases and Conditions 10 Compound Words 13 Vocabulary Extension: Discussing Past Medical History 14 Staff who Work in the Cardiovascular Area 15 Healthcare Professionals: Angiographers 16 Integrated Care Pathway: Coronary Artery Angioplasty 21 Equipment used during Resuscitation 31 Grammar Focus: Describing and Defining 32 Phlebotomy 35 Hospital Procedures: ECGs 42 Monitoring Blood Pressure and Pulse 48 Digital Monitor 53 Patient Observations 54 Phrasal Verbs versus Formal Terms 55 Integrated Care Pathways 57 Answers 61< Less
OET Pharmacy Prep: Speaking Sub-Test By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $22.85
Prints in 3-5 business days
Contents The OET Speaking Sub-test: What is it like? What do I do with the 12.5 minutes of role play time? The Role Plays Developing a Glossary of Terms The ‘Find out about’... More > Task Conversation Strategies during Role Plays Conversations which go ‘off track’ Communication Blocks Role Play 1: Discussing Generic and Brand Names Role Play 2: Discussing Acne Treatment Role Play 3: Advising on Statins< Less
OET Reading Subtest Preparation By Virginia Allum
Paperback: $12.41
Prints in 3-5 business days
OET Preparation hints for the Reading Subtest 2.0 Contents The Reading Subtest Reading A Types of Texts Reading A Reading Skills Reading A Assessment Reading B Types of Texts Reading B Reading... More > Skills Reading B Assessment Reading C Types of Texts Reading C Reading Skills Reading C Assessment Vocabulary Building< Less

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