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Liberty Square - A History of Occupy Wall Street By Oscar ten Houten
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This is an account of sixty days of Occupy Wall Street, based on the image that was forged by the occupiers themselves and by the press. It chronicles the movement of the ‘99%’, and their... More > conviction that if a government is necessary, it should be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”< Less
The 2012 OCCUPY WALL SPACE Calendar
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Show your support for the wall of your choice with this fine calendar!
Economic Elite Vs. The People - Origins of the 99% Movement & Occupy Wall Street By David DeGraw
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An insider's perspective on the origins of the 99% Movement & Occupy Wall Street.
occupying dissent By robert p francis
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A must read drama for everyone. Authored by Robert P Francis. As bold and revolutionary as the movement that inspired it. The premiere Occupy drama. Activist inspired. The story of our... More > time. Forced from his position with Smith & Stanley, Andrew Torrez joins the legions of unemployed. Along with his pregnant wife Leela, they decide to move from Oakland to Albuquerque. While staying with his conservative in-laws, a heated clash breaks out. Andrew and Leela decide to take up residency in a tent at the local Occupy Wall Street camp. There they befriend Bonnie: a 60's wanna-be and hypochondriac, and Jacob: an anarchist, anti-capitalist, and camp medic. Andrew goes on a hunger strike in an attempt to prevent the camp's eviction, but will it be enough to save Camp Coyote? Bonus feature includes exciting illustrations by artist Glenn D. Woodrome. You are about to occupy dissent! LOVE, PROTEST, GREED, SEX, HUMOR, REVOLUTION, TRIUMPH, TRAGEDY, FREE SPEECH< Less
Occupy 2014 By Clifford Potts
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A vibrant collection of front line, digital photographs from the Occupy Wall Street protest movement from 2011 and 2012 to remind you it is far from over.
Occupy 2015 By Clifford Potts
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This 2015 Calendar will keep the Occupy spirit alive through the entire year.
Occupy This Novel! By Maelstrom Wordsley III
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When characters who rarely have a role in novels decide that they are fed up with the status quo and begin to Occupy the works of authors, they have the simple goal of starting a conversation. The... More > protesting characters are united in their demand for a fairer system of fiction, but divisions arise over how best to achieve equality. The Occupiers soon find that the authors of the world aren’t taking their movement in stride, and have an enforcer who will stop at nothing to make sure literature itself isn’t overthrown. The rebelling characters battle through novels and poems, gather allies from ancient archetypes and even stage an attack on a major motion picture. What started as a simple message from the less-successful characters to the authors who fail to cast them turns into an epic adventure about characters gaining independence and fashioning narratives of their own.< Less
Occupy the World: From the Heart of the Protesters By Hannah Faye
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The energy from protests which began in Egypt earlier this year has spread like a wild fire throughout the world and overseas most recently touching the United States borders. On September 17, 2011... More > protesters in the U.S. began marching on the streets of New York City's financial district, Wall Street, going by the name Occupy Wall Street. They claimed it was time to "occupy" the city and take back what belonged to them. In their own words they represent the 99% against the 1%, who they believe controls the world unfairly. In a very short time Occupy Wall Street has influenced several other cities to follow suit taking on a similar name with respect to their cities: Occupy Chicago, Occupy Los Angeles, etc. Occupy the World: From the Heart of the Protesters is the first book of testimonies given from actual participants in the movement from different parts of the country. They say it's time for a global revolution and it starts right here in the hearts of protesters.< Less
The Tragedy is "the Commons" By Brian Phillips
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Since Roman times, it has been held that certain resources, such as air and water, could not and should not be privately owned, but instead held “in common.” Today, “the... More > commons” movement seeks to destroy private property rights by equating air and water with such man-made values as the Internet and the electrical grid. This booklet examines the ideas behind “the commons” and demonstrates how property rights can be applied to air and water.< Less
We the People By Tyke Evenese
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A novel on the Occupy movement that takes us behind the politics of the Occupiers. While the Occupiers refer to it as a largely "no politics" movement, placing emphasis on "direct... More > action", a look into the public and private lives of various characters involved reveals a definite political tendency that permeates the movement and threatens to disarm the Occupiers against its most consciously organized enemy : the One Percent. Along the way we meet students, mothers, daughters and a doll, undocumented workers, a war veteran, a trucker, a union boss, a congress woman, a revolutionary socialist and an undercover Democrat.< Less