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We Have A Long Way To Go By Cheryl Cooper
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In 2009 me and my family experienced a troubled time in our lives, just as millions of other Americans were experiencing too. As I watched things happen from 2005 until this present day, I decided to... More > share my views, anger, opinion, basically voicing my freedom of speech right regarding how I feel about what's happening to America, along with experiencing the pain of being an Law Abiding Citizen looking for the American Dream. Which turned out to be an American Scheme many Citizens feel, in my opinion and theres.... So here in this brief missive I wrote, I shared my very personal and humble opinion of how I viewed things happening here in the US, from 2005 until 2010 and a few other issues.. Now as we come to an end of 2011, pretty much it appears things haven't remain the same, they seem to be getting worst day by day... Please take a journey with me and tell me do you see what I see...< Less
An Infrantryman's Guide To Combat In Built-Up Areas By Headquarters, Department of the Army
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The increased population and accelerated growth of cities have made the problems of combat in built-up areas an urgent requirement for the US Army. This type of combat cannot be avoided. The makeup... More > and distribution of smaller built-up areas as part of an urban complex make the isolation of enemy fires occupying one or more of these smaller enclaves increasingly difficult. MOUT is expected to be the future battlefield in Europe and Asia with brigade- and higher-level commanders focusing on these operations. This manual provides the infantry battalion commander and his subordinates a current doctrinal source for tactics, techniques, and procedures for fighting in built-up areas.< Less
Job Market: Survival Guide in 2012 & Beyond By David Paraiso
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This book is a collection of best practices and lessons learned in planning, and implementing various strategies of preparing for, keeping and transitioning from jobs to other jobs in several... More > industries – healthcare, banking, finance, semi-conductor, retail, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, oil, federal/state/county/city governments, entertainment, and transportation - among others. This book builds the case for public officials, policy makers, the private sector and the rest of us to get our act and work together. The current economic problems and loss of jobs are self-inflicted and caused by a catastrophic collapse of governance in 2008 and the years prior. Companion volumes to this book are: Job Market: Innovators, Stakeholders & Infrastructure, Job Market: Family and Support System, and Job Market: The Retired, Disadvantaged and Marginalized.< Less