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Benito Cereno (Hardcover) By Herman Melville
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Herman Melville's intense and dramatic novella Benito Cereno depicts a revolt aboard a Spanish slavery vessel captained by the titular character. Melville first published this story in 1855 - the... More > ensuing popularity from its initial serialisation led Benito Cereno to be published as a distinct book in its own right. A tale of deception of both the characters and the readers, the tale is commonly cited as a classic example of the unreliable narrator device in which the subjective viewpoints lead the reader astray as to what is actually happening. Set in 1799, we witness an American trading vessel, the Bachelor's Delight, visiting to aid the San Dominick - a Spanish slave ship which has apparently fallen into distress. The American captain, Amasa Delano, notes a few oddities about Captain Benito Cereno and the ship's passengers, particularly the liberties taken by the slaves aboard ship, but is otherwise unperturbed.< Less
Carnival of Souls : The Strongman By Jazan Wild
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Carnival Comics presents... Jazan Wild's Carnival of Souls... Boris The Strongman; book four in the Carnival of Souls Series. (Each book tells the origin story of a member of the Carnival of... More > Souls.) ADMIT ONE... to the Carnival of Souls. You've all heard about Jexter the Clown and his collection of superhuman oddities, as well as the make-shift carnival these particular freaks of nature call home. Now learn how the strongest among them, Boris The Strongman came to be the most powerful soul in the show! In this knock-out of an adventure for the ages, see just how the littlest runt of the litter caught the eye of a certain Clown and his sideshow soothsayer, Esmeralda the Fortune Teller. It seems that the shadow cast by poor poor little Boris, was actually quite large indeed. Come One, Come All! Step Right Up, and Slam The Hammer Down! Don't enter a carnival... Enter the Carnival! Carnival of Souls ®< Less
secrets about my love life By Marina Pinsky
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1960's russian slapstick comedies, a dozen snake heads, abraham lincoln, air chess, andrew wk, anorexic snakes, beards, bears, being a glutton, bobby fischer, bruce springsteen, cadavers,... More > cannibalism, charles barkley, chess players, christopher robin, cluny, convergent evolution, depeche mode, dinosaurs, dwarfs, eloping, embryos, famous gluttons, feral children, getting married on surfboards, going back in time, julia johnston, knife throwing, maple syrup theft, medical oddities, midget run tiger farm, moscow, my dad, national geographic naps, neuroscience, newly discovered mass graves, nurse dresses, pizza lasagna, prince william, raptors, reptilian surgery, stewardess uniforms, surf guitar, tarrare, the royal family, the ruff ryders, tiger farming, two headed creatures, wolf children, wrestling anacondas, zen speedflicks< Less
Fictional Creature Propagates Reality By David Pearson
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A narrative was developed to question presupposed definitions of public/private and nature/infrastructure. Through the relationships of characters, new values arose. Overlapping jurisdictions of... More > the site leave behind oddities: water fowl hunting, nudism, animal trapping, and pesticide laced water disposal. The site is clearly overtaken by caretakers: a game warden, water fowl hunters, a farmer, marines, the EPA, CalTrans, North County Transit District, pesticide lobbyists, lifeguards. Potential space allows for the perpetuating complexity of increasing numbers of jurisdictions A CREATURE TO ROAM AN ARMATURE DEVICE and A TOWER to observe, gather/distill information, experience the site, allow future jurisdictions to occupy, raise plants, research natural infrastructural means of solving big manmade infrastructural problems.< Less
108 Breaths By Mark Wollacott
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"A haiku is but one breath. It is the kodak moment of modern poetry and it proves all Picasso needed to write a picture was 17 syllables." In 2004, Mark Wollacott moved to Japan and... More > discovered this perfect poetic form. One day, seven years later, he was digging around the old boxes under his bed, the ones he'd brought back from Japan with him, when he re-discovered a dusty notebook crammed full of haiku. A few hours later he'd found hundreds more. 108 Breaths represents the best haiku of his time in Japan. They chronicle the ups and the downs, the oddities and the small moments that make life worthwhile. His first month alone saw six typhoons and three earthquakes. Every night when he went to bed, he received a dozen mosquito bites and he formed a long alliance against the tatami ants with a gecko named Hiro.< Less
A Sage of the Stage, not Beast in a Cage By Sharon Whyte
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This series of screenprints presented by Edinburgh artist Sharon Whyte all relate to so-called ‘learned’ or ‘educated’ animals, a true oddity of magic and performance history.... More > They reached the height of their popularity in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the various claims stated on playbills and other ephemera include their ability to tell the time, read and spell, perform arithmetic and do tricks with cards. The surviving playbills, reviews, posters, songs and books that relate their history form the backbone of this series of screenprints (all of which are hand printed by the artist). The intention is to convey the playfulness with which such entertainments were both presented and received in their time and to celebrate a unique piece of history using colourful imagery mixed with original ephemera. This is the exhibition catalogue for the series, which went on show at various venues in the UK in 2009.< Less
The David Bowie Chronology, Volume 1 1947 - 1974 By Patrick Lemieux
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The David Bowie Chronology, Volume 1, is a comprehensive look at his recording and release history. From the time he left school to pursue a career in music, David Bowie was always working. After... More > years of struggling with bands, releasing singles and a debut album, all of which failed to chart, success first came with “Space Oddity” in 1969. The 1972 album The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars made David Bowie a household name. This Chronology covers every aspect of David Bowie’s recording career. It looks at his singles, albums and rarities. Demos, alternate versions, remixes and edits, side projects and his work with other artists such as Mott The Hoople and Lou Reed are all explored. The information is presented date by date in chronological order, accompanied by detailed descriptions of each song version, guest appearance, edit, non-album track and alternate version. The book also covers his tours and live appearances.< Less
Chase is On By Jack Swallow
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Chase Coltrane, (AKA Shelly Sinclair) had to leave Destin, Florida, in a laundry cart. If he hadn't he wouldn't be the central character in this book. A lot of people back in Destin were eager to see... More > Shelly dead, but thanks to his old pals the feds he got out alive and with a new identity. Shelly has gone from a successful semi-retired entrepreneur to now attempting too pass himself off as a psychic in the carnival. As it was with Shelly, misadventures abound and in the end everything turns upside down on Chase, but along the way there's more excitement and adventure than should be allowed. Chase encounters his share of bad guys and human oddities as he thrusts himself into the mysterious world of the carnival community.< Less
The Story of Jace - Sanctuary By J. P. Edgar
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Being the only survivor in a tragic car accident that claimed his entire family, 6-year-old Jace starts a new life in the Sanctuary for Orphaned Children – a place that seems like a comfortable... More > and luxurious dream to those on the outside, but with a world so drastically different for those on the inside. After a painful first day, Jace discovers he is surrounded by violence and torment, and isolates himself from the world around him, only to later embrace the combative lifestyle he would grow up in. But when his simple life gets disrupted by a kid with strange abilities, Jace is forced to put his trust in others, and wage a personal war against those who possess unnatural powers. He will discover strange magic and technology. He will discover plots and oddities about the establishment. He will discover that he is the savior for all humanity.< Less
Straddling The 'Hound: The Curious Charms of Long-Distance Bus Travel By Trevor Watson
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Straddling the 'Hound is an account of four solo bus trips within the U.S. taken by ageing physician and road-addict Trevor Watson. Travel with him as, with open heart and curious mind, he explores... More > the netherworld of long-distance bus travel. Whether it's chatting with outlaws and mystics on the bus, hobnobbing with Mormons in Utah, hanging out at the end of the line in Key West, or plunging into Mark Twain's Mississippi - you'll find the author's love of people, oddity and language a genuine pleasure. Hop on the bus - you're in for a treat. About the author: Dr. Trevor Watson's insatiable curiosity and itchy feet have led him to travel and work in many parts of the world. He has practised medicine for over 40 years, and has a keen interest in psychology, philosophy and spirituality. He and his wife, Cynthia, have been married for 46 marvellous years. He has two children and four grandchildren. Allowing for sensible buffer-zones, they all live near one another on Vancouver Island.< Less

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Our World Our World By Deleah Payne
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