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Lunaria and Other Oddities of Nature By K.C. Williams
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K.C. Williams’ first collection of short fiction takes you into the dark world of the human soul, where the edges of reality take on the blurred essence of a photograph streaked with rain. From... More > the lovely but damaged title character in the novella, “Lunaria” to a naked man falling from the sky clad only in his socks, from an desperately unhappy woman who chooses a dangerous transformation to a trio of sisters who grow sentient flowers that cause pregnancy, from a battered wife who discovers redemption in a lost turtle to a young, pregnant girl who thinks her unborn baby is dead, these stories will alternately disturb, provoke and challenge your perceptions of the world around us. ** Also available in an eBook downloadable version. **< Less
Space Oddity By Vlad Kim
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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What can inspire a boy at the age of eighteen to publish a book? In fact, it’s quite simple: the same things that motivated people of all times and nations to create something more that we... More > usually expect from an average person: love for the cause, a little dedication and, most importantly, support of true friends with whom you can share the burdens of the process, and then the triumph of the result. As for the latter, Nikita Petrunenkov, a close friend of author, played an essential role in the creation of this book. Generally speaking he is responsible for the existence of this artistic endeavour. As the author of the book, I express my genuine gratitude to my close friend Nikita for showing altruistic initiative and assistance in the process of development of the book now you hold in your hands. The book — a collection of stories, which reflect the experience and reasoning of a young author. He has been accumulating these stories over his first eighteen years of life.< Less
Oddities Of West Blankshire Soft Cover By Dan Soelberg
Paperback: $15.72
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A collection of illustrated two-line poems depicting the various dark and whimsical children of West Blankshire.
Modern Oddity 2nd Ed. By Mike Rieger
Paperback: $8.75
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A collection of colour artwork. Some gargoyles! Some ladies. Some ladies who are gargoyles! Some not.
Dave Death of the Cosmic Oddity ECC special By Richard Pester
Paperback: $8.01
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Edinburgh Comic Con special premiering the Death Of The Cosmic Oddity
Paperback: $9.99
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Assembled together for the first time in print, all four scripts to the landmark miniseries that launched SPACE ODDITY. Commander Robert MacManus and his crew have been on the sidelines of space... More > exploration for almost 7 years after rushing into the FARSIDE ENCOUNTER but today it looks like history will repeat itself when they're yanked from audience to participant in a series of the most incredible moments that open the entire galaxy up to human exploration.< Less
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A nearly invincible marauder has entered the sector and is chewing through Starships like candy but MacManus’ immediate concern is figuring out whether all the hypothetical battle scenarios... More > Admiral General Poul Cherok are giving him are a portent of things to come or not. And while Tzu, Bill, Mel and Peoul are settling into their assignments on the great battleship INDEPENDENCE, MacManus is having difficulty balancing work and life, particularly since the life category now includes an instant wife and child. So when a planetary survey goes horribly wrong and a chance encounter opens up a world to MacManus he’d prefer remain shut, the strings of events grow evermore taught leading MacManus to the ultimate conflict between the past and the future, all of which he has to face being both the odd man out and without all the cards. This assignment could get him everything he’s always wanted, but only if he can survive it long enough for the pay-off.< Less
Weird: A Henry Ian Darling Oddity: Missive Five By Julie Elizabeth Powell
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Henry Ian Darling wakes in a cave with a sore head and confusion. Flix, a dwarf-like figure tells him he’s in EverVale, the Realms of the Fae, a map of which implants itself into Henry’s... More > head – though he can only guess what it could all mean? Was Flix the one to snatch him from the place of demons, and if so, why? What had happened to Clara; Albert, too? Henry learns of a prophecy that further confuses his overwhelmed senses, but knows he’s in for a puzzling adventure, one which thrusts him into unknown locations, where he must find two further artefacts to fulfil his destiny...but that wouldn’t be the end of it, for sure! What it’s really all about, Henry can only guess until the clues unfold and perhaps reveal the portent of mystery. Follow Henry’s quest into the world of weird, but beware you don’t fall in.< Less
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Continuing the CHRONICLE format of newsreel style coverage this set of SPACE ODDITY Scripts pick up where CHRONICLE PART ONE left off. While Robert MacManus tries to get to far and distant worlds... More > ahead of increasingly faster follow up missions, and convince pre-invasion civilizations of the need to get ready for galactic war we meet the next set of heroes, the ones who step it up while MacManus is gone. POUL CHEROK: He's a steady officer who's already seen history pass him by once. Can he be the War’s biggest hero? SEMAGE K'RICK: The rising space jockey from an alien world. Does she have what it takes to be the greatest starship commander in history? HENRY JAMES: His Stellar 20 mission ended before it began. But can a person more comfortable supporting leaders handle the spotlight in the heat of battle? And when the greatest threat to galactic peace turns out to be Robert MacManus, can the others stop him before he restarts a devastating galactic war that may have ended one planet too soon?< Less
SPACE ODDITY SCRIPTS: Book Two - STELLAR 20 By Gary Davidson
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Robert MacManus just rocketed to the front pages as the man who broke the light barrier and tripped up Aliens preparing to invade Earth, so you'd think his life would be pretty simple... And it is... More > until Network Command decides it wants an Earth victory over the Aliens AND post-war domination of any Galactic Alliance that replaces them, so they take the great team MacManus has put together and split them up for their new STELLAR 20 Mission. But MacManus wants the team he assembled back together, or he ain't going! And his part of the Mission is probably the most important one. If that ain't enough, after years of feeding his dreams for deep space exploration his wife decides she's got a better life at home. What's a 23rd century space cowboy to do? Find out as the SPACE ODDITY story continues as the build up to galactic war, front-lines that aren't always in battle, and the most dangerous laggard in history, come together in an epic showdown that changes the course of human history forever...< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
Paperback: $15.99
19-20: MS V3.0 19-20: MS V3.0 By Liza Cowan
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Mariposa Mariposa By Joseph Huerta
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