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Dialstone Lane, Part 5. By W. W. (William Wymark) Jacobs
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: William Wymark "W. W." Jacobs (8 September 1863 –... More > 1 September 1943) was an English author of short stories and novels. Although much of his work was humorous, he is most famous for his horror story "The Monkey's Paw".Jacobs was born in Wapping, London; his father was a wharf manager at the South Devon wharf at Lower East Smithfield. He was educated at a private school in London and later at Birkbeck College (then called Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution, now part of the University of London).In 1879, Jacobs began work as a clerk in the civil service, in the Post Office Savings Bank, and by 1885 he had his first short story published. His road to success was relatively slow: Arnold Bennett writing in 1898 was astonished that Jacobs turned down the sum of £500 for six short stories. Excerpt from:< Less
Life's Little Moments By Pamela Jenkins
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Pamela Jenkins lives on a farm in Henryetta, Oklahoma with her loving husband, Stanley, where they have raised four children. If it hadn't been for a friend, Pamela says she might never have started... More > writing seriously. Her neighbor Margaret wrote a humorous story about farm life and it was published in Ag Youth magazine. "After reading Margaret's story, I thought about all the stories that I could write, too. Once I started, there just didn't seem to be any end! I'm always thinking of the next story I'm going to write." In this book put together by her four children are stories she has written from the years 2000 – 2017. Although the inspirations for most of her stories center on her family and her love for God, Pamela also writes about the bond between people and their pets. "I believe that every person and animal out there has a story waiting to be told. Not a day goes by at the office that I don't hear a tale of something special about a pet and I think, Oh, I need to write that one down!"< Less
Not Quite Leaping Puddles By Barbara Blanks
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This collection of award winning poems captures the extremes, in-betweens, and sunbeams people experience—past and present, humorous and serious. Obviously life is neither all good nor all... More > bad—all we can do is splash from puddle to puddle. Sometimes landing in puddles is fun. Sometimes they hide sinkholes. It’s always our choice how we deal with it. Still, while we’re in mid-leap—oh, the possibilities! From Eve winning the battle of the sexes, to Elvis resting his pelvis; from a civil war post office to social media, from survival to recovery, Barbara Blanks believes “grief is no place to linger or dwell.” She also refuses to have a “rendezvous with death” because she doesn’t want to leave “this most amazing place.” She “tastes poetry, crunching it like popcorn.” and pretends she knows the words to “the sound of Moses.”< Less
Lessons Learned By Randy McGrath
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Years of working as a trial attorney and judge taught Randy McGrath countless lessons about human folly and hubris. In this book, McGrath reveals many of those lessons through stories, both humorous... More > and sad. His stories include the robber who didn’t bother to change his identifiable clothing after his getaway—and the murderer who changed his appearance as he ran, significantly undermining his insanity defense. Then there’s the rapist who asked his victim for a date, and the rapist who declined a generous plea deal only to wind up with a much longer sentence. McGrath also bares some weak spots in the judicial system, from prosecutors who let law enforcement officers’ opinions influence their prosecutorial judgment to defense attorneys who aren’t adequately committed to representing their clients. Readers, as the author, will learn lessons about people, crime and justice in these true tales from inside and out of the courtroom.< Less
How To Smoke a Pipe & Pipe Smoking Poems By Richard Braley
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How to Smoke a Pipe and Pipe Smoking Poems: A book explaining tobacco pipes, how to make bamboo pipes, how to choose tobaccos, tobacco pipe tools and tobacco pipe tool sets. Featured is the Braley... More > Tobacco Pipe Tool Set Holder--patented by Dr. Braley--made of stainless steel and the finest leathers, including snakeskin, and exotic woods. The poems in the book are Dr. Braley's, a published poet, retired Pastor, professor, inventor, husband, father, and grandfather, Vietnam Veteran, X-Police Officer and Covert Investigator. Tobacco use is different from tobacco abuse and Dr. Braley's book explores legal, proper tobacco use, explains why a pipe is better than cigarettes and why a shaving mug with brush is better than a can of shaving "soap" while offering humorous insights into his journey through tobacco-paranoid infested waters (or dry land). Photographs of the finest tobaccos, pipes, and excellent pipe tool sets he fabricates. Poems are for adult tobacco pipe smokers.< Less

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