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Numerical Methods with Applications: Customized for Old Dominion University By Autar Kaw, Duc Nguyen, Egwu Kalu
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This book entitled Numerical Methods with Applications: Customized for OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY is written primarily for engineering undergraduates taking a course in Numerical Methods at ODU. We can... More > build a customized book for your university also. Contact the author at The textbook offers a unique treatise to numerical methods which is based on a holistic approach and short chapters. This book is a product of many years of work on educational projects funded since 2002 by the NSF. Features: 1) Examples of real-life applications. 2) Each chapter is followed by multiple-choice questions. 3) Supplemental material such as primers on differential and integral calculus, and ordinary differential equations are available on the web. 4) The book has a state-of-art dedicated open courseware with YouTube lectures, extra examples, PPTs, worksheets in MATLAB, MATHEMATICA, Maple and MathCAD, anecdotes, eBooks, and blogs. To access the website, go to< Less
Old Dominion University - Biology Graduate Student Organization 2010
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Support the Biology Graduate Student Organization of Old Dominion University by purchasing a calendar showcasing fantastic artwork created by our very own biology graduate students!
Pageant Girl - Venom of the Cobra By Larry Reeves
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Howard Marcum and Mark Richards on the surface seemed unlikely heros. The two older former Marines from the Vietnam era stumbled upon an attempted rape in an alley near a state finals beauty pageant... More > in Virginia Beach. The young beauty queen, Becky Sue Bunting had fate in her favor that night when a Shaolin Temple trained Kung Fu Master came to her rescue. The older Marine befriended the young girl and taught her the Cobra technique of Kung Fu to defend herself in the future. The small cheerleader-gymnast was a natural. With Marine Corps and Shaolin Temple training she quickly mastered the Cobra technique of Kung Fu. With training from her older Marine Mentor and assistance from two college friends she declares war on the Scorpion motorcycle gang to get revenge for what they did to her. One by one the Scorpion scum begin to fall, but she will not be stisfyed until she takes down their psychopathic leader that led the attack on her that fatal night.< Less
Foxhunt! By Rich Hanes
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Captain Sebastian Valentino is a veteran of interstellar war, a successful mercenary who had it all, until a botched infiltration mission leaves his first officer - and best friend - dead. He begins... More > to unravel, mishandling the sacred funeral rites and berating his new first officer in front of his crew. Matters grow worse when Sebastian's favored target, the powerful Canis Dominion, places an unprecedented bounty on his head. With Sebastian struggling to survive as an international pariah, and an old enemy with a vendetta hot in pursuit, the Foxhunt! is on. Foxhunt! is the first novel set in the Wildstar Universe, where genetically-engineered human-like animals vie for supremacy with futuristic weapons and savage instinct. Jump into the wild!< Less
Echos From Eden Book Three By J Preston Eby
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The book of Genesis is probably the most important book ever written. The word "genesis" of course means "origin" or "beginning," and the book of Genesis gives the only... More > true and reliable account of the basic entities and conditions of the universe and of life. Genesis yields vital information concerning the origin of ALL THINGS – and therefore the meaning of ALL THINGS! Thus it is that Echos From Eden takes a closer look at the very foundations and redemption of our existence. It brings the story and its meaning into today as a word spoken to our hearts and spirits of the significance of God’s great love and plan for the world that He made. Book Three of this series deals with a very misunderstood topic. The evil that entered that world of Eden and subsequent remedy for that evil. The chapters cover: the Serpent, Dominion of angels, and Thorns and Thistles. The Series closes with The Blood of the Lamb and Return to Paradise. A fitting closure to our study on the Echos from Eden.< Less