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The Saxons By Robert Sass
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Once there were a people known as the Saxons. They lived in the area that is now a part of the Eastern Netherlands and Northwestern Germany. While some in the tribe fled with the Angles and Jutes... More > to settle Britannia, many Saxons remained in Saxony. For 350 years after some migrated to Britain, the Saxons were still a powerful tribe, and a well-populated tribe. They spoke their own language and they had their own religion. Robert Sass explains the culture, history, religion, and language of the Saxons showing the greatness of the once powerful tribe. THIS IS THE FINAL EDITION< Less
The Little Saxon By Michael Raine
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Set during the reign of Henry I of England, a noble Saxon family struggles to co-exist with their Norman conquerors, treated by them as inferior in a land where once they held power. The Little... More > Saxon is the youngest son in a family that had strong ties to the Saxon Kings. Younger sons, even in the great Norman families, could expect very little unless they married an heiress or rose in the ranks of the Church. This resulted in the ruthless pursuit of self-advancement with all the treachery and intrigue that it required. Even murder is not ruled out where advantage can be gained. Treasonous plots are hatched and foiled in which the Little Saxon has a part to play. He is not only skilled in the use of weapons, but has taken advantage of a monastic education to gain advancement in a world where learning among the ruling classes is a rarity. Interwoven with all the harshness of such turbulent times is a story in the tradition of Romeo and Juliet - tender, romantic, and ultimately tragic.< Less
The Sass Saxon Saga By Robert Sass
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Old Saxon Language, Mythology, Folklore, and religion explained.
The Gospels in Anglo-Saxon By St. Edward the Confessor Press
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The four Gospels of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, in oversized format, all in Old English/ Anglo-Saxon. A preface in English introduces the scope of the work, which follows in very clear,... More > easy to read text. Excellent for the student of Old English, churchmen in the English tradition, or folks who just couldn't get enough of Beowulf! A very succinct index follows the Gospels, and all Gospels are broken into chapter and verse for ease of reference and translation practice.< Less
Anglo-Saxon Literature By John Earle
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Dictionary of Ango Saxon Names By Asher Bell
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The Anglo-Saxons are part of the fabric of Britain. They are tried to the Dark Ages and to the early period of the Medieval World. The Anglo-Saxons were a martial people and this is reflected... More > in the personal names they chose. Plus names pertaining to wolves and elves. Originally they held to the old beliefs but then became Christian. And indeed there anglo-saxon saints. Most are little-known today. Their lives are listed in this book. (The old beliefs and transfer to new ones is also discussed) This book concerns names. Anglo-saxon ones. An extensive list of male and female names is found. And the meaning of each name given. Most of these are rare or simply unfamiliar. Information is given on the anglo-saxon kings which held domain from south east Scotland to the welsh borders. And down to the fringes of Cornwall. It is therefore hoped that this publication be both a guide and reference to the Anglo-Saxon World. To bring that distant period and its people alive.    < Less
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle By ed. Lars Ulwencreutz
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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, one of the most important documents that has come down to us from the middle ages. It was originally compiled on the orders of King Alfred the Great in approximately A.D.... More > 890, and subsequently maintained and added to by generations of anonymous scribes until the middle of the 12th Century. The original language was Anglo-Saxon (Old English), but later entries were probably made in an early form of Middle English. This document is the ultimate timeline of British history from its beginnings up to the end of the reign of King Stephen in 1154. The Chronicle certainly does not present us with a complete history of those times and is probably not 100% accurate, either, but that doesn't diminish its enormous value in helping us to arrive at a clearer picture of what actually happened in Britain over a thousand years ago.< Less
Celt and Saxon -- Complete By George Meredith
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: George Meredith, OM (12 February 1828 – 18 May 1909) was an... More > English novelist and poet of the Victorian era.Meredith was born in Portsmouth, England, a son and grandson of naval outfitters. His mother died when he was five. At the age of 14 he was sent to a Moravian School in Neuwied, Germany, where he remained for two years. He read law and was articled as a solicitor, but abandoned that profession for journalism and poetry. He collaborated with Edward Gryffydh Peacock, son of Thomas Love Peacock in publishing a privately circulated literary magazine, the Monthly Observer. He married Edward Peacock's widowed sister Mary Ellen Nicolls in 1849 when he was twenty-one years old and she was twenty-eight.Meredith collected his early writings, first published in periodicals, in an 1851 volume, Poems. Excerpt from:< Less
An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary [supplement] By T. Northcote Toller
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Toller's supplement to the standard Old English dictionary. WARNING: This reprint, though certainly legible, is not identical in quality to the original edition. Judge the quality of the scan for... More > yourself at before purchase.< Less
West Saxon Psalms by James Wilson Bright By Bradford B. Taliaferro
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This is a facsimile reprint of the 1907 work edited by James Wilson Bright, The West Saxon Psalms, Being the Prose Portion, or The 'First Fifty' of the So-Called Paris Psalter.

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