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OP-AMP DC circuit analysis By Louis Wofford
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OP_AMP DC circuit analysis of common linear DC circuits along with complete mathematical functional derivations. Many functions including current to voltage, voltage to current, current gain,... More > difference circuit and negative resistance and many more. Ideal for students and those wishing to gain further understanding of how OP-AMPS work. Lays the methodology foundation for those wishing to better understand OP-AMP functionality.< Less
OP-AMP AC circuit analysis By Louis Wofford
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AC circuits analysis of OP-AMP circuits. Including filters (low-pass,hi-pass,band-pass,band-reject) Simulated inductors, attenuators. Mathematical derivation (by hand) of all equations in... More > "S" domain and analysis in "Jw' domain. Extensive practical information along with theoretical calculations that enable one to build and understand circuit performance. Extensive use of appendix to explain the basic concepts needed to perform the analysis. With some study and understanding, you will be able to develop your own circuits and more importantly be able to predict circuit performance and behavior before ever building the actual circuits. All calculations can be done manually by hand or by computer software, most equations are second order polynomials with some third order examples. Graph plots of circuit gain and phase on selected circuits is presented.< Less
ECE 203: Electric Circuits & Systems Laboratory By Gregory M. Wierzba
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Lab Manual for Spring 2013. A complete syllabus and other related downloadable materials including instructional videos can be found at :
How to make an electronic stethoscope? By shahzad saeed
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"What Engineers can is what Doctor's can't". Get a quick ready to make tutorial on making an electronic stethoscope with checked OK circuit diagram. Helpful for low cost mini-projects works.
Basic Electronics: An Introduction to Electronics for Science Students---Second Edition By Curtis A. Meyer
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This book has been written to support a one-semester course on basic electronics. It assumes a freshman-level physics background and builds on this to move from simple DC circuits to AC circuits and... More > passive filters. Transistors and Op-amps are then introduced, and active filters are discussed. Finally, an introduction to digital electronics is presented, followed by an introduction to digital filtering.< Less