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Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation Volume I By Nigel Askey
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In June 1941 the Wehrmacht launched Operation Barbarossa: the attack on the USSR and the largest land invasion in recorded history. Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical... More > Analysis, and Military Simulation focuses on 1941 - when the USSR came closest to defeat. It includes full analyses of the belligerents’ armed forces, weapons, equipment, personnel, transport, logistics, war-production, mobilisation and replacements. The work employs a unique military simulation methodology, extending from the tactical to the strategic level, and applies this methodology to each of the belligerents. Volume I, the first of six volumes, is primarily concerned with the structure of this methodology, but uses many of the events and weapons from Operation Barbarossa as illustrative case studies. The complete work represents the most historically accurate, advanced and comprehensive analysis of the first six months of the largest and most decisive military campaign of WWII.< Less
Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation Volume IIA By Nigel Askey
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Operation Barbarossa: Volume IIA concerns the Wehrmacht. All the significant German weapon systems and combat squads used in the campaign are analysed using the quantitative methodology detailed in... More > Volume I, along with the contextual history. An assessment of each weapon system’s inherent ‘combat power’ is provided, as well as attributes such as the relative anti-tank, anti-personnel and anti-aircraft values. Volume IIA then focuses on the detailed Kriegstarkenachweisungen (KStN, or TOE) for German land units (including those in the West), as well as the unit’s actual organisation and equipment. All significant units in the German Army (Heer), Waffen SS, Luftwaffe and security forces are included; ranging from the largest panzer divisions, down to small anti-aircraft companies, military-police units, Landesschutzen battalions, and rail-road and construction companies. In all cases the data is presented in detailed tables, using the weapon systems and combat squads previously analysed.< Less
Operation Barbarossa: the Complete Organisational and Statistical Analysis, and Military Simulation Volume IIB By Nigel Askey
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Volume IIB completes the Wehrmacht, and the German mobilisation and war-economy, in 1941. It includes the most detailed Orders of Battle ever published on the German Army (Heer), Luftwaffe and Waffen... More > SS (across the whole Reich) in June-July 1941. Even the smallest and most obscure ground and air units are included, while the Luftwaffe OOBs include details on aircraft types and strengths. Also scrutinised are: the personnel and equipment assigned to combat-units in each army or reserve-force in all areas of the Reich; the ground and air unit reinforcements as well as those newly mobilised; the military personnel and equipment that became available in the Reich during 1941; the Replacement Army; the mobilisation process and resources used; the available replacements and those sent east; the logistical supply of the Wehrmacht (the varying Supply Distribution Efficiency); the Kriegsmarine forces in the east; and the Wehrmacht killed, wounded, missing/POW, unfit and recuperated casualties.< Less
World War 2 Operation Barbarosa By Ronald Ledwell
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OPERATION BARBAROSSA: One hundred and ten German Divisions smashed across the Russian Border in June of 1941, destroying and encircling every Russian Army in its path. The poorly led and equipped... More > Russians fell back into the vast recesses of the Russian Steppe, biding their time until the newly erected factories East of the Ural Mountains began to produce and then out produce the German ability to destroy them. By 1943, the Germans were in full retreat. The defeats at Stalingrad, North Africa and the U-Boat offensive, forced the Germans over on to the defense, vainly trying to contain a shrinking front line.< Less
Nietzsche: The God of Groundhog Day By Michael Faust
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Is Groundhog Day the greatest philosophical movie of all time? It examines Nietzsche's eternal recurrence, Camus' Myth of Sisyphus, and the possibility of becoming a Superman and even a god. Did... More > Nietzsche's atheism disguise a pious Lutheran spirit? What is the basis of our love of music? What are the implications of building a machine that gives us everything we want? Is narrative non-fiction a form of parasitism? Do novels have personalities? How can a book be loved by some and hated by others? Is the publishing industry dominated by people of a certain Myers-Briggs type, and are certain sections of the population being denied the sorts of books they would like to read because the books they enjoy aren’t rated by commissioning editors? Is the human race destined to be always stupid? Did German philosopher Hegel think he was God? This is a book by the Pythagorean Illuminati.< Less
Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1941 By Patrick Cloutier
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THREE KINGS: AXIS ROYAL ARMIES ON THE RUSSIAN FRONT 1941, is about the armed forces of the kingdoms of Italy, Romania, and Hungary, which fought alongside the German Wehrmacht, in the 1941 invasion... More > of the Soviet Union. Foreword written by Colonel John R. Griffin (retired), US Army Special Forces. Author Patrick Cloutier discusses the motivations of the three Axis kingdoms for going to war against the USSR, the organization of the forces which participated, their roles as integral components of Army Group South, and traces their movements and progress during the course of Operation Barbarossa. He makes reference to the books of a number of authors - including Russian historians - through whose works we get a detailed view of events in the Ukraine in 1941. Included are accounts of Soviet armored trains in combat, identification of Red Army units which opposed the Germans and their Axis allies, and discussion of the political considerations which may have influenced the military decisions taken by both sides.< Less
Unfulfilled Promise: The Soviet Airborne Forces, 1928-1945 By Leroy Thompson
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Introduction to Soviet airborne forces, their weapons, equipment, aircraft, gliders, training, and combat operations against Germany and Japan. Contents: Introduction; Acknowledgments; Training;... More > Uniforms, Equipment and Parachutes; Weapons; The Planes; Gliders; The Partisans; From The Beginnings to BARBAROSSA; The First Six Months of War and the Near Annihilation of the Soviet Airborne; 1942: The First Large Soviet Airborne Operation and the Conversion of the Airborne Corps to Rifle Divisions; 1943: The Last Major Airborne Assault; The Defeat of the Reich and the Soviet War Against Japan; Conclusion; Bibliography. 21 photos, 6 illustrations, 2 maps, 4 organization charts.< Less
Soviet Army Order of Battle in WWII June to December 1941 By Maximino Argüelles Martinez
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With the base of the original Soviet files and numerous secondary sources, this work develops a monthly basis the structure and deployment of the Soviet Army during the first year of war on the... More > Eastern Front from June 22 and Operation Barbarossa to the extreme situation in early December at the gates of Moscow.< Less
Soviet Army Order of Battle in WWII, Book I June to August 1941 By Maximino Argüelles Martinez
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On the basis of the original files and numerous Soviet secondary sources, this paper presents a monthly survey of the structure and deployment of the Soviet Army during the first year of fighting in... More > the Eastern Front, in this first part, since 22 June Operation Barbarossa, to August 1, 1941. 196 pages with diagrams, maps and lists of the Soviet Army formations from the level of the battle lines passing through the main types of units up to battalion level.< Less