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Rascals: My History In The Miami Drug Trade And Organized Crime By Richard B. Favier
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On advice from a writer, Spanky, a convicted Latin crime boss, decides to write his life story, which include the drug underworld of the 1960’s onto the present day, the history of the Cuban... More > mob and their dealings with outlaw bikers, prison gangs, the Italian, Chinese and Russian Mafias.< Less
Mexico’s Drug Trafficking Organizations: Source and Scope of the Violence By June S. Beittel, Congressional Research Service
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Violence is an inherent feature of the trade in illicit drugs, but the violence generated by Mexico’s drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) in recent years has been unprecedented and remarkably... More > brutal. The tactics—including mass killings, the use of torture and dismemberment, and the phenomena of car bombs—have led some analysts to speculate whether the violence has been transformed into something new, perhaps requiring a different set of policy responses. Most analysts estimate there have been at least 60,000 homicides related to organized crime since 2006. Some analysts see evidence that the number of organized crime-style homicides in Mexico may have reached a plateau in 2012, while other observers maintain there was a decline in the number of killings. It is widely believed that the steep increase in organized crime-related homicides during the six-year administration of Mexican President Felipe Calderón (2006-2012) is likely to trend down far more slowly than it rose.< Less
International Trafficking in Women to the United States: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery and Organized Crime By Amy O’Neill Richard, Center for the Study of Intelligence
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Trafficking of women and children for the sex industry and for labor is prevalent in all regions of the United States. An estimated 45,000 to 50,000 women and children1 are trafficked annually to the... More > United States,2 primarily by small crime rings and loosely connected criminal networks. The trafficked victims have traditionally come from Southeast Asia and Latin America; however, increasingly they are coming from the New Independent States and Central and Eastern Europe. Trafficking to the US is likely to increase given weak economies and few job opportunities in the countries of origin; low risk of prosecution and enormous profit potential for the traffickers; and improved international transportation infrastructures. Though it may be impossible to eradicate trafficking to the US, it is possible to diminish the problem significantly by targeted prevention and microcredit strategies in the source countries; strengthening the penalties and laws against traffickers in this country...< Less
Terrorist and Organized Crime Groups: Tri-Border Area (TBA) of South America By Library of Congress
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This report assesses the activities of organized crime groups, terrorist groups, and narcotics traffickers in general in the Tri-Border Area (TBA) of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, focusing mainly... More > on the period since 1999. Some of the related topics discussed, such as governmental and police corruption and anti-money-laundering laws, may also apply in part to the three TBA countries in general in addition to the TBA. This is unavoidable because the TBA cannot be discussed entirely as an isolated entity. Based entirely on open sources, this assessment has made extensive use of books, journal articles, and other reports available in the Library of Congress collections. It is based in part on the author’s earlier research paper entitled “Narcotics-Funded Terrorist/Extremist Groups in Latin America” (May 2002).< Less
Transnational Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Criminalized States in Latin America: An Emerging Tier-One National Security Priority (Enlarged Edition) By Douglas Farah, U.S. Army War College, Strategic Studies Institute
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The emergence of new hybrid (state and nonstate) transnational criminal/terrorist franchises in Latin America operating under broad state protection now pose a tier-one security threat for the United... More > States. Similar hybrid franchise models are developing in other parts of the world, which makes the understanding of these new dynamics an important factor in a broader national security context. This threat goes well beyond the traditional nonstate theory of constraints activity, such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and human trafficking, into the potential for trafficking related to weapons of mass destruction by designated terrorist organizations and their sponsors. These activities are carried out with the support of regional and extra-regional state actors whose leadership is deeply enmeshed in criminal activity, which yields billions of dollars in illicit revenues every year.< Less
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Finding missing persons isn’t always as tame as Lyn Farelli would like it to be. She has just turned forty and is beginning to crave something out of the ordinary to add a little verve to her... More > life, but not so much it would be life threatening or turn her community into a killing ground for an unholy alliance between a corrupt sheriff and an international drug lord. Is it just the thought of growing older that has caused her to suspect her longtime friend and lover, Jack, has begun to stray? Although Lyn resists the idea of marriage and the expectations associated with that state, she is not ready to relinquish her man to a younger woman and waffles between letting him go and fighting to keep him. This is the fifth book of Lyn Farelli’s life and times as a trace detective in Carleton, TN. .< Less
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Try Me Again By William Shambaugh
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A contemporary novel of solving a crime while finding lost love. Jon Sears, a cocaine cowboy from Miami, shot Nappy Johnson on Nappy’s front step in Harrisburg as a favor to his uncle. Cleo... More > March was only twenty feet away, a perfect witness. When Sears was quickly released through money contacts, he started sending hard men to remove the only witness that could get him convicted. Cleo March believed that the only one that could save her was Ray Fargo. But she hadn’t seen him in eighteen years since he left her abruptly two days before they got married. He was back in town but staying away from her. Cleo had saved Myrtle when she was ten from being abused in the system as an orphan. That was seven years ago and when the first two men Sears sent to Harrisburg ended up dead, one flat on his back in the parking lot with an arrow tipped with curare in his chest, it was clear that Myrtle was now returning the favor to Cleo. The second thing Myrtle did was go tell Ray Fargo, “Get on board.”< Less
Raised by Wolves : Inside the Life & Mind of a Guerrilla Hustler By Cavario H
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Raised By Wolves is an autobiographical diary, chronicling the development of a gifted young boy, born to homicidal parents, and raised as a ghetto prince in an environment replete with criminal... More > influence–the heroin soaked streets of 1970’s Harlem. Cavario has emerged alive, healthy and free after nearly eighteen years of hardcore hustling, in notorious US cities like Harlem, New York, the South Bronx, and the infamous South Jamaica section of Queens, as well as Baltimore MD, Washington D.C., Bridgeport CT, Richmond VA, Charlottesville VA, Winston-Salem NC, High Point NC, Greensboro NC, Durham NC, Raleigh NC, and Charlotte NC. Raised By Wolves is not just a story of violence and drugs but an honest and in-depth journey into the mind and motives of a genetically engineered gangster and his spiritual struggle to move beyond the only world he has ever known.< Less
The Reality of a Mexican Mega Cartel By Sam Logan
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21 pages and four appendices - Mexican organized crime is known for its ability to smuggle anything into the United States. The factions that battle over control of the busiest border crossings into... More > the US are extremely adept at smuggling drugs, chemicals, humans, or just about anything across the border to the north. They smuggle weapons and bulk money back south. From the Tijuana-San Diego crossing to the Matamoros-Brownsville crossing, the Mexico-U.S. border is more porous now than ever before. It is inevitable that one gang will rise to the top. When this happens, the US-Mexico border, already a soft-under belly will be controlled by one Mega-Cartel with the potential to earn over 50 billion dollars a year. It is a reality that is not far off in Mexico’s future and very well could emerge during the term of Mexico’s next president, Felipe Calderon the hand-picked successor of out-going president Vicente Fox.< Less