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orientation By Peter Ganick
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Poet, Sheila E. Murphy, wrote in a haibun for Peter Ganick (read full version at "The word for weeds that should be jewelry makes the yard a globe. The place to... More > pay admission is the mind, where rock formations dry after an overdose of winter." That empty yard is a landfill for every full & generous poem in orientation. Look here to energize the mind's eye and elasticize the sky. "some sunshine every sleeper is convinced of essences a malleability- cull it ductile-seeking neutrality one step from togetherness-"< Less
The Secret Grimoire of the Fallen Angel Turiel By Frater Ab Oriente Lux
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This book presents an ancient grimoire for the summoning of the fallen angel Turiel. This edition is arranged and commented by Frater Ab Oriente Lux, a knowledgeable occultist. The book is divided... More > into two parts. The first part is Fr AOL's commentary and the second part is the grimoire proper.< Less
The Secret Grimoire Of Turiel By Frater Ab Oriente Lux
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A 16th Century grimoire of ritual magic
Joint Statements between the Catholic and Oriental Orthodox Churches By Catholic - Oriental Orthodox Regional Forum
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A collection of the Joint Statements and Agreements made in recent years between the Catholic and Oriental Orthodox Churches. This volume has been produced and published by the Catholic-Oriental... More > Orthodox Regional Forum, an ecumenical body drawing together bishops and representative clergy of these communions in the British Isles< Less
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ORIENTATIONS : Des sites - Où l’aube s’étend - Et l’ambre - Nue qu’Éden - Villes ouvragées - Et cil des Dieux vécus - Dessein des âges... More > - Insigne des promontoires - Naïades de l’aube - Insigne de l’aube - Villes écloses - Mais voici - Que le conte témoigne - Signe des souffles - Chemin d’orbe - Prémisses des âges - Pluie d’Or - Chant d’oeuvre - Haute vague - Et de l’astre - Et l’orbe du soir - Il y a là sur l’horizon - Des villes - D’Éden le signe - Des cils l’aventure - Hymne par la Terre - Firmament éclos - Et le fruit de l’Amour - Lyre d’Âme - Isis en la pluie d’Or - Où le Chant natif - Signes éveillés - Et dans la nue - Où le coeur inscrit - Fruit d’Or - De lyre souveraine - Et ce ne seront - Fruits d’Or - Qu’iris le fruit - Et ces mots - Où l’Imaginal demeure - Forge de l’Astre - Et la Terre en ce répons - Ainsi l’ambre - Ainsi d’ivoire ne croyez - Voiles - Et ce ne sont les verbes - Et des mots en gerbes - Il y aura là la destinée - Ainsi du fruit des âges< Less
Oriental Dreams - Oriental Fans By Angela Herremans
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Oriental Fans is the 3rd Block from the quilt "Oriental Dreams".
Oriental Dreams - Oriental Words By Angela Herremans
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Applique patterns for Oriental words used in the quilt design of "Oriental Dreams". All of the words used in the quilt are with in this pattern file.
Business Orientations By Jaroslav Tyc
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THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS THEORY brings the insight into so far unknown business foundations. It shows that in business there are only 4 basic business directions or 4 cardinal Business Orientations.... More > The 4 Business Orientations are characterized and compared from various perspectives like market and competition diagrams, pricing freedom, way of customers' payment etc. The 4 Business Orientations are then used to explain the major shifts in the economic history of the western society and in some business sectors. One chapter describes how the knowledge of the 4 Business Orientations may help managers to take right decisions. The 4 Business Orientations are also pictured to be in analogy with other sphere quartets like 4 forms of money, 4 planetary economic zones etc. Last chapter deals with the manifestations of the 4 Perception Spheres (the underlying basis of 4 Business Orientations) in non-business fields of man's life: legal and political systems, religions, psychology and others.< Less
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Productivity under God is not an exclusive preserve of a few. It is available to all who will seek to know and walk by the principles guiding result, success and productivity. In result oriented this... More > insights are shared. It will teach you how to create the result oriented personality in order to set yourself on the path of achieving all you desire under the divine guidance.< Less
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