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Deceived In The Outer Court By Paul Anthony Clarke
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Many people live a life empty of purpose and value, they feel like they are in a continuous cycle that won’t end and in reality, they know that they are not where they should be in life. One... More > way or another they have been caught in deception and led off course, to a place far from their destination. For Christians the destination is to be in God’s presence and in the centre of His will, a place of surrender and true submission; the Holy place. However, through deception they have been lured away from the presence of God. They offer lip service but their hearts are far from Him. Paul Anthony Clarke gives an in depth and personal account of how deception causes people to lose intimacy with God and how it takes them off course entirely. This book will challenge the reader to examine their life according to God’s word and journey to a true place of worship.< Less
Life's Laws for Inner & Outer Peace By Mark L Johnson
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Is it possible that we hold the key to our own freedom? Life's Laws for Inner & Outer Peace explores 26 laws of life about human conditioning, beliefs and our own created identities to finally... More > remove the veil between Man and God, the essence of life. If you've been trying to find the kingdom of heaven this book is for you. End your spiritual search right here and now and enter the once lost paradise. Explore the mysteries of your being further and the laws that govern it Plus we'll explore some connections to scripture and look at the original sin of mankind and what you can do today to reverse it. You'll also get access to an interactive questionnaire to test your level of peace, and an advanced formula to create your desires. For an introduction to these 26 Life's Laws you can visit to learn more about creating Inner and Outer Peace and much more.< Less
A Cosmic Guide To Inner And Outer Beauty For The African Woman By Yehotifa Chesed Tau Mari
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This is not a politically correct ready-made book particularly because it is written with a particular reader in mind. However, this book is for any woman of African descent. If you know a woman of... More > African descent who has already read just about everything afrocentric, this book is a good gift to give to her. This book deals with issues that only black women face today. It is an easy read, but very forth-right and Christian oriented. Works in this book also pertain to reference works by Diop, Darkwah,York, Budge, Welsing, Reddings, ChristJesus and more. An intense paced read filled with research clippings and soul-searching stirs that wind in and out of each other. There are no page numbers because I wanted it to be a scroll writing, similar to works in Upper Egypt. Enjoy the cosmic pictures; they are there for your meditations and to relax as you decipher the hidden meanings behind each set of paragraphs. They were installed for that purpose. Come, take a journey to Africa. Here's a passport. Amentet.< Less
GOD SEED By David J Rodger
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For acclaimed documentary film-maker, Adam Kyle, this was going to be another feather in his cap. Embedded within a team of highly-trained corporate mercenaries, he was covering the start of an... More > operation in England. But when the operation goes terribly wrong, Kyle finds himself battling for his life, his sanity, and maybe even his very soul as a new and dramatic story unfolds, dragging him across the globe...and beyond. It isn't just his documentary that is at stake, but the fate of every living thing in the Universe. David J Rodger’s trademark gut-wrenching rendering of a dark and edgy near-future, and relentless narrative pace, are here in palm-sweating abundance, delivered in a tense action-packed novel that plunges you uncomfortably deep into crawling chaos festering and feeding on the membrane of human existence. Rodger's work is a must for any fan of Cyberpunk and the Cthulhu Mythos - Hågen Landsem, K9< Less
Legalize God By Gerardo Arellano
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It is a book dedicated to everyone who is in awe of the universe which we will never completely understand. From the deeply religious to complete atheists, Legalize God is designed to help everyone... More > embrace an agnostic view. Having faith in God, and accepting heaven is all we need. It is a ridiculous must read which will change your life for the better & forever! The scientific evidence is all around us, and in our day and age it is becoming clearer that religions are mostly preaching fiction and things that will never happen. The Gates Of OuterHeaven Are Open To Everyone! Enjoy The Chamber Of Secrets : ]< Less
The Gods of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs
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After John Carter's arrival, a boat of Green Martians arrive on the River Iss and are ambushed by the previously unknown Plant Men. The lone survivor is his friend Tars Tarkas, the Jeddak of Thark,... More > who has taken the pilgrimage to the Valley Dor to find Carter. Carter and Tars Tarkas discover that the Therns, rulers of Valley Dor, a white-skinned race of self-proclaimed gods, have for eons deceived the Barsoomians of the outer world by disseminating the myth that the pilgrimage to the Valley Dor is a journey to paradise. Most arrivals are killed by the beasts of Valley, the survivors enslaved by Therns.< Less
Asgard - Resurrection of the Gods By GrinOlsson
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Odin leads the Áesir of Ásgarð who have been resurrected from ancient times into this new destiny to create a new Ásgarð and Midgarð (the Earth) must become the... More > unexpected comrades of mankind and the Jotunar in a crucial alliance to save both Midgarð (the Earth) and Utgarð (outer planet) from the galactic aliens known as Zy. The galactic aliens have secretly colonized the Midgarð oceans over the last thousand years and have created a paradox of different destinies. The Zy presence on Earth has created a potentially new destiny that could not only destroy the Earth but, also make the outer planet of Utgarð uninhabitable and a new Asgard impossible. Although both the alien life forms and mankind seek peace, the interpretation of the word and terms of peace, by each species makes conflict inevitable. Only Odin knows which destiny holds the key to Peace and only Odin knows how to change destiny. This is the 3rd story of GrinOlsson Ásgarð Series.< Less
Walking Barefoot: Living in Prayer, Faith and the Power of God By Jeff Doles
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When Moses approached the burning bush, in Exodus 3, the Lord spoke to him and said, "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground" (v. 5). Moses found himself... More > in the powerful, purposeful presence of God. Walking Barefoot is about faith, the things that activate it and the things that hinder it. It is about praying according to the will of God and expecting to see results; speaking in agreement with the Word of God in ways that are life-changing and world-changing. It is about God's desire to bless, heal and prosper His people; receiving the wonderful inheritance we have in God, and passing it on to our children. It is about healing for the inner and outer man, about giving and forgiving ~ and thanksgiving, about growing strong in faith and joyfully enduring in difficult situations. It is about moving mountains and changing the world.< Less
Saved & S.E.X.Y. For the Almighty God By Tiffany D. Taylor
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This book is an inspirational memoir exemplifying how women who are called by God and choose to live a saved life can overcome insecurities as they acknowledge, accept and embrace not only their... More > outer, but also their inner beauty. Saved and Satisfied, Saved and Encouraged, Saved and Xenoglossia (Speaking in tongues), and Saved and Yielding- For the Almighty God was written to encourage and inspire all women striving to live Saved and S.E.X.Y.!< Less
Worship Music in Three Dimensions - How to Sing Down the Presence and Power of God By Rev. Thomas L. Pedigo
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This is THE most anointed book ever written on church worship music and how it should be led! WORSHIP MUSIC IN THREE DIMENSIONS helps churches bring their congregation into the VERY lap of God, by... More > teaching worship leaders a method to be used during the time of congregational singing. “The Temple Pattern,” is a process of musically moving from the "Outer Court" - celebration & jubilation, to the "Inner Court" - reflection & expectation, to the "Holy of Holies" - adoration & spiritual communion. A MUST-READ for every pastor, worship leader and worshippers. After visiting 100’s of churches, Tom Pedigo believes this is a blueprint for corporate church revival. Filled with comprehensive help in understanding what the worship time during your church service SHOULD be like; helping you in the selection of worship music AND, most importantly, the progression this music should flow, in order to lead the sheep towards the Great Shepherd! 180 pp 8-1/2 x 11 inches (If only a 6” x 9" book, it would really be 360 pages!)< Less