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This book is filled with powerful information to help you break free from all forms of addictions, easily and painlessly. Overcoming Addiction: How to Regain Control Over Your Life provides you the... More > step-by-step instructions on how to stand on top of your addiction and eventually emerge victorious in your battle for a free and wonderful life in less time.< Less
Overcomer Testimony By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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After long and very deep exercise of heart and weighing things solemnly before the Lord, I am led quite strongly to the conclusion that His message for us at this time, and not for us only, but for... More > His whole Church, is concerning Overcomer Testimony. The definition will wait upon all that we have to say; I do not stay to try to explain that in any preliminary word. You will notice that I leave out the article and just say “Overcomer Testimony”, not something new in itself perhaps to any of us, but I believe in the intention of God, new in emphasis. We begin by reminding ourselves of the fact of overcomers throughout the whole history recorded in the Scriptures, the fact of Overcomers in Divine history.< Less
Overcoming the Darkness By Kimberly Essenburg
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​This is a true story of the darkest time in my life. I have seen so many people struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts and I just wanted to write this to maybe give them some hope that... More > they are not alone. Also that there is a chance to beat your depression and come out on top. I hope that by sharing my story that at least one person reads this and finds comfort in the words. Some places and names will be changed for the privacy of others and I will stick mostly to my point of view as to not cause any trouble for people in my life. If you are dealing with depression, suicidal thoughts or any other mental health issues please be sure to seek out the help of a professional. They are trained in helping you through your problems properly.< Less
Overcoming Lust By Stephen Hogan
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Have you ever wondered what lust is all about? Lust is full of deceit, envy, jealousy, and wickedness. Lust attacks almost everywhere you go. You never seem to find a place where lust is not found.... More > Lust has a way of keeping people’s minds very busy, no time to relax. It has a way of making people feel powerless. Overcoming at times may seem impossible, but this book teaches you how to overcome lust. This book is not filled with religious jargons; rather, it offers plain talk from the heart of one of God’s servants who has experienced the onslaught of lust. This book will help you in your quest for victory.< Less
Overcoming Resistances By Best Publications
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Numerous roadblocks condition you to weaken yourself,either by denying your might or by trying to give it away.As you become aware of these roadblocks,you'll learn to encompass your might and utilize... More > it wisely.Regardless how weak you might have been in the past,your true might is still waiting for you to come and lay claim to it.“Overcoming Resistances”looks at: Being A Scardey Cat,Negativity, Beginning Steps To Master Might and More Tips To Master Might.< Less
Overcome Inertia By Janine Wiggins
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Minister Janine Wiggins presents a soul-baring summary of how the Lord helped her through the worst times of her life. She equips the reader with the simple yet POWERFUL solution that worked for her.... More > What is Inertia? It’s that force stopping you from taking control of your life, from living life to the fullest, and from being all God called you to be! It’s not just enough to KNOW what to do. We have to take ACTION in our lives. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, the principles outlined in this book can help you take ACTION and regain CONTROL over your life. You CAN overcome inertia. You CAN live a vibrant, fulfilling, anointed life!< Less
The Faith of the Overcomer By Theodore Austin-Sparks
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Let us for a moment reflect upon that well-known statement: "...that I might live unto God... I live: yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and that which I now live... I live in faith, the faith... More > which is in the Son of God..." Now note: the Apostle says, "I have been crucified with Christ..."; not, I am being crucified with Christ; not, I am going to be crucified with Christ; not, I once started being crucified with Christ and am going on being crucified with Christ to the end. That is not what is said, but, "I have been crucified with Christ". What he means is that the thing was done in totality when Christ was crucified; not that a part of me was crucified, and a good deal more left to be crucified, but the whole was crucified in Him. Now says he, in effect, I have definitely accepted that as a full and complete thing, an actuality: in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me, I have been crucified. That is where the life of faith begins. It was done.< Less
The Overcomers Journal By Claire Henry
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The Overcomers Journal is a 40-day Christian devotional journal.
The Overcomers Journal By Claire Henry
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The Overcomers Journal is a 40-day Christian devotional journal.
Overcoming pain By David Hall
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Overcoming pain is a practical guide to understanding and overcoming persistent back pain and neck pain. It is written by an Australian physiotherapist with personal and professional experience of... More > what is required to overcome pain that just won't go away. David's message is confrontational, realistic, practical and it works!< Less

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