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14 P's of Modern Marketing By Mustaali Marvi
eBook (ePub): $0.99
Over the time, marketing has evolved further. Modern marketing, as Seth Godin asserts it, has become more pronounced and deliberated in this era. I am going to elaborate over a dozen words. Each one... More > of it elaborates upon a concept; each one of it encapsulates a big idea that you can work with. I am going to underline each concept and describe how each word differentiates from the old into the modern marketing arena. Once you understand that you are leaning forward and have a goal, and you are going to yell and babble out as loud as you can, a lot of stuff starts to make sense. You would be able to sift out the marketing aspects: the ones that you care about and the ones that you don’t, you would be able to make sensible investments in the areas that matter to you. Many thanks to Seth Godin for his inspirational course on Modern Marketing on Skillshare that helped me to write this book. Had it not been this course, there would have little that I would have been able to contribute.< Less
I Am Not Alone : The 14th Murray Barber P. I. case By Julie Burns-Sweeney
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I Am Not Alone Case story fourteen Murray Barber is a private investigator with a difference. He can hear the dead speak. With the help of some ghostly company and Jeff, his friend from C.I.D.,... More > Murray solves a variety of cases. After a visit to Bodmin Gaol, can Murray prove a hanged man innocent? In 1987 a girl walks into a bungalow and is never seen again and was Len Flounders really abducted by aliens? Is it the end of the road for Murray and Jenny?< Less
Startling Mystery Stories #14 By Edmond Hamilton et al.
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
A FICTION HOUSE PRESS REPLICA: The Winter 1969 issue featuring "The Dogs of Doctor Dwann" by Edmond Hamilton, "The Parasite" by Dorothy Norman Cooke, "The Outsider" by... More > H. P. Lovecraft, "The Crawler" by Robert W. Lowndes, "The White Domino" by Urann Thayer, "The Case of the Doctor Who Had No Business" by Richard Lupoff, "The Feline Phantom" by Gilbert Draper, and "The Consuming Flame" by Paul Ernst.< Less
Process Systems Engineering Selected Topics v 14 By Edward P. Gatzke
Paperback: $23.00
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This is a collection of class notes, handouts, homework assignments, and exam problems developed over the past years teaching courses in Process Systems Engineering at the University of South... More > Carolina. Most of the material relates to ECHE 550, Chemical Process Dynamics and Control. This course covers the basics of dynamic modeling, solution and analysis of ordinary differential equations using Laplace methods, feedback control, and some advanced control topics. Information is also included from other courses, specifically ECHE 589 Intermediate Process Control. The intermediate course includes more advanced topics, such as numerical optimization and discrete time dynamic modeling.< Less
14 Daily Thoughts For Safe Living Journal By P. Corvell Brown
Paperback: $10.00
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Vie Securitaire (Safe Living) The safest place in the world is inside of you! Enjoy life!
The sentence printed at the top of p.14 is Duplicated in the middle of p.168 and bottom of p.544 within the Context of a 234,348 word text (see p.6 through 609 excluding the Three pages mentioned above). On p.544 the sentence Bleeds onto p.545. By Todd Van Buskirk
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The Indiscerniblity of Identicals is the principle that if two objects are absolutely identical then they must be indistinguishable from one another with respect to all of their properties. But does... More > that include the context of the identical objects? The notion of identical gives rise to many philosophical problems, including: 1. What does it mean for an object to be the same as itself? 2. If x and y are identical (are the same thing), must they always be identical? Are they necessarily identical? 3. What does it mean for an object to be the same, if it changes over time? (Is applet the same as applet+1?) 4. If an object's parts are entirely replaced over time, in what way is it the same?< Less
Ollodagos 14 By SBEC Société Belge d'Etudes Celtiques
Paperback: $31.44
Prints in 3-5 business days
Brigitte FISCHER, Des échanges commerciaux aux relations divines : la monnaie gauloise, p. 3 – 23 Frédéric BLAIVE, Les renards des Céréalia, p. 25 –... More > 45 Françoise BADER, D'Epéios 'Ippotektoon' à Epéios d'Elide et aux jeux Olympiques : une onomastique familiale structurée, p. 47 – 103 Christian ROSE, D'Indra triple pécheur et de Trita Āptya au triple péché conjoint de Zeus et d'Athéna Tritogénia (I), p. 105 – 157 Claude STERCKX, Imagerie monétaire gauloise et Ragnarøk scandinave, p. 159 – 161 Bernard SERGENT, Elcmar, Nechtan Oengus : qui est qui ?, p. 179 – 277 Nick J. ALLEN, Imra, Pentads and Catastrophes, p. 279 – 308< Less
14 Point Web Copy Analysis By Yanik Silver
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Got a Business Website? Want to Increase Sales? Then You Need This Book! This ebook (with audio links) covers 14 topics: Part 1: Create Immediate Attention with a Powerful Headline Part 2: First... More > Sentence Part 3: Establish Credibility Part 4: Problem/Agitate/Solution Part 5: Introducing the Product Part 6: Providing An Example Part 7: Whet Readers Desire with Benefit-Driven Bullets Part 8: Testimonials Part 9: Building Value (Comparing Apples to Oranges) Part 10: Reason Why Part 11: Create Greed Mentality or “Gotta Have it” With Bonus Pile On Part 12: Unconditional Guarantee Part 13: Make it Absolutely Clear How to Order Part 14: The P.S. Download it NOW for only $5.00!!!< Less
The Douglas Files: Books 1-4 By Nathan Birr
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Smart-aleck P.I. Jackson Douglas isn't your every-day detective . . . and it's a good thing too. Relying on his wits, an innate eye for detail, and a team that will never let him down, he'll go the... More > distance to crack the case and provide his clients with a happy ending. Overnight Delivery: Jackson will need all his wits to survey a day and night where nothing is as it seems. Three's a Crowd: Jackson finds that working three cases at once is nothing compared to dealing with his three clients. All an Illusion: For most guys, a week in Vegas with a beautiful girl would be a dream. For Jackson, it turns into a nightmare. Shot List: Jackson is on the defensive when he becomes the victim of a shooter he can’t identify. #AllAdventureAllTheTime< Less
Pilot Training Manual for the Mustang P-51 By United States. Forces
Paperback: $12.48
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pilot manual for the P-51 Mustang pursuit airplane. History of the P-51 P-51 P-51D; P-51K; Controls; Control Surfaces; Cockpit; The Engine; Supercharger; Carburetor; War Emergency Power; Throttle... More > Quadrant; Propeller; Landing Gear; Brakes; Hydraulic System; Electrical System; Fuel System; Oil System; Coolant System; The Canopy; Cockpit Instruments Vacuum System Instruments; Pitot Static System Instruments; Engine Instruments; Miscellaneous Instruments; Radio Equipment; Radar Equipment; AN/APS-13; Radio Navigation; Homing; Radio Emergency Procedures; Oxygen System. Armament .50 Cal machine guns; 500 pound bombs; 5-in rockets; Gun Camera; Gunsight; K-14; K-14A; Chemical Tanks; Armor; Signaling Equipment; Flare Gun; Recognition Lights.< Less

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