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Journal of Book Reviews- Pakistan Army analysed - Crossed Swords-Book Review By Agha Humayun Amin
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This is a very interesting book published in 2008 . The writer being brother of a Pakistan Army chief was provided considerable access to all archival material . On page-3 the author starts with... More > making some erroneous claims as below :-- Till 1885 the army of British India was not Punjabi majority but the writer makes a sweeping claim. Pathan recruitment did not occur at a later stage in British rule but right from the time the English East India Company defeated the Sikhs in 1845-46. On page-8 the author dabbles in British Indian military history but makes factually inaccurate statements like as below :-- He mentions Bengal and Madras Army but forgets Bombay Army which was also there. On page 9 army headquarters at Meerut was actually divisional headquarter of English East India Companys “Meerut Division”. The author states on page 10 , that some soldiers Sikhs and Gurkhas more prominent but< Less
Pakistan’s Nuclear Future: Reining in the Risk (Enlarged Edition) By Henry Sokolski et al.
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This book takes a long look at these threats as possible. Its companion volume, Worries Beyond War, (2008) focused on the challenges of Pakistani nuclear terrorism. These analyses offer a window into... More > what is possible and why Pakistani nuclear terrorism is best seen as a lesser included threat to war, and terrorism more generally. Could the United States do more with Pakistan to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons holdings against possible seizure? News reports indicate that the United States has already spent $100 million toward this end. It is unclear what this money has bought. If policymakers view the lack of specific intelligence on Pakistani nuclear terrorist plots against the United States as cold comfort and believe that such strikes are imminent, then the answer is not much. If, conventional acts of terrorism and war are far more likely than acts of nuclear terrorism, then there is almost too much to do.< Less

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