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Paola's Midpoint Review By Paola Alunni
Paperback: $30.00
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This book was created for a midpoint review for my school Academy of Arts University School of Architecture in San Francisco. Its to prove to my schools directors I deserve to be studying architecture
calendario 2009 paola By renato m.
Calendar: $12.49
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Paola Rattazzi: CON ALTRI OCCHI By Cristina Polenta
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Catalogo della mostra d'arte di PAOLA RATTAZZI "CON ALTRI OCCHI" a cura di Cristina Polenta per ART OPEN SPACE.
Paola Rattazzi: CON ALTRI OCCHI By Cristina Polenta
eBook (PDF): $4.14
Catalogo,versione e-book,della mostra d'arte di PAOLA RATTAZZI "CON ALTRI OCCHI" a cura di Cristina Polenta per ART OPEN SPACE.
TEACHING ENGLISH THROUGH POEMS (and vice versa) By Paola Bartocci
eBook (PDF): $9.53
This “project work” is made up of two parts, or two halves. In the first one, mainly theoretical, I will try to explain some of the reasons why, in my opinion, poems can be used... More > effectively in teaching a foreign language (namely English, in this specific case). A list of useful websites and some hints at bibliographical references can also be found at the end of this first half. The second part is more practical – in its intent, at least. In this “worksheet section” I will provide some examples of activities focussing on poems. The choice of poems and the ideas for the activities are my own responsibility. They have not been tested in a real class. Nobody else should then be blamed for any shortcomings they might reveal when put into practice.< Less
Genesis 3 (English version) By Paola Pane
Paperback: $7.52
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Two hundred million years ago the masters of the world were the dinosaurs, since a few thousand years men are, in the future something else will rule “our” world… I wrote this... More > little green science fiction novel in 2001: it is about a biologist, a transgenic plant, and an ecoterrorist. The time is set in a couple decades from today, on an earth invaded by human development and technology, where plants claim their place. I named the plant in question "trans-super-plant" (a Frankenstein type creature, vegetable version). If I'd had to choose a song for this book, it would be "Supernature" by Cerrone (1977) WARNING (!!): I have written the book in Italian, and the English version is my best translation up to today..< Less
Keep Your Pets, These Are My Peeves By Paola Llaneza
eBook (PDF): $5.00
these are my pet peeves
52 Other Things To Do By Paola Morales
Paperback: $10.00
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Have you ever gone to a party that was so boring you could've died? Hypothetically speaking of course. Read to see how a young girl in a situation like this deals with the evil monster that is... More > boredom by finding 52 other things to do.< Less
Too Much Life By Paola Serafini
eBook (ePub): $7.99
Since my birth in 1959 I have lived dozens of lifetimes. Subjected to unfair discipline at the hands of neglectful parents, I was an awkward child forced to grow up before my time. As a young woman I... More > nervously walked the catwalk for the Miss Italy competition and learned that beauty was a form of currency that I could use. When my family moved to America to escape the shame of my father's affair, I was dropped into a world murky with drugs and filthy with liars, yet peopled by wealthy men who would do or pay almost anything just to keep a beautiful woman happy.From food stamps to riches and back. From the beaches of Acapulco and the Casino of Monte Carlo to eviction. . What makes my story different from others is the amount and the veriaty of events, both tragic and magical. Maybe they can relate, or they can judge. The focus is on an everyday person who ends up doing extraordinary things due to pivotal events that alters her perspective about life. Not a “poor me book”, but an “amazing me” book.< Less
The message is the medium By Paola Cassone
Paperback: $35.23
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The quest for the 'holy Grail' of media effectiveness and Return on Media Investments has missed the spot entirely. Media effectiveness is not a function of the carrier (medium), but primarily of the... More > code (message) and subsequently of the relative and absolute target audience reach. The #1 step in successful advertising is providing your potential consumers with a commercial interesting enough to make them watch it at least once. The #2 step in successful advertising is identifying the medium (or media mix) with the highest possible reach of your potential consumers. Effective reach is the name of the game advertisers are in. They should focus on how to get the effect and never, ever compromise on the reach. If this seems very straightforward, think again: more than 50% of commercials is not interesting enough or does not reach enough audience. In this book I take you into the depths of effect and efficiency of media spending, and give you practical advice on how to successfully manage your media budget.< Less