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Paranormal Activities Unit By Chris Slusser
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What would you do if a secret government agency came to you and asked you to help them beat back the paranormal creatures encroaching on our world? You'd laugh in their faces, right? So did Will and... More > Emily. At first...< Less
The Homeowner's Guide to Paranormal Activity, Exorcism & Psychic Hygiene By Chrisa Williams
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The Homeowner’s Guide to Paranormal Activity, Exorcism and Psychic Hygiene is for anyone who has wondered, "How do I fight something I can't see?" This book gives average, everyday... More > people the tools they need to take back their homes from unwanted spiritual activity. It empowers families with information about different classes of spirits and the signs peculiar to different types of hauntings, as well the armor to shield one’s body, spirit and home against supernatural attack. Whether you’re coping with poltergeist phenomena or demonic attack, The Homeowner’s Guide to Paranormal Activity, Exorcism and Psychic Hygiene will give you the information that you need to know, and that no one else is telling you. You don’t have to be afraid of the dark.< Less
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L'autore ha raccolto in questo libro i racconti di fantasmi ed infestazioni che ha sentito dalla viva voce dei protagonisti nel corso degli ultimi 15 anni. Un volume agile che si legge tutto d'un... More > fiato.< Less
The Paranormal Playbook By Rev. Fr. William C. Mayo, Ph.D.
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This book will guide you through your firse investigation. It will show you how to gather, process, preserve, and present evidence in a safe, professional manner.
Living With Ghosts Understanding and Managing Paranormal Activity Within Your Home By Rebecca June Williford
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Have you ever wondered why your house is haunted? Or,how to rid your home of bothersome spirits? As a sensitive,I have witnessed unexplained events since childhood. With over forty years of... More > experience with the other side,I have compiled some explanations that may assist you on your journey through the unpredictable world of the paranormal. In this easy to understand guide, you will learn how to accept what is truly happening in your house, recognize some of the causes, where to find answers about your situation, and other useful tips. Including, step by step instructions to calm and clear your environment. Plus, positive techniques you can use to reclaim your family’s home. Don’t Let A Haunting Overwhelm Your Happy Home! Understand It and Take Charge Now!< Less
10 Rules for Paranormal Investigations By Mary Catherine Miller
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Ten rules for conducting paranormal investigations from the Phenomenal Spirit Investigations (PSI) team. PSI is a client-based paranormal investigation team in the DFW Metroplex that is dedicated to... More > providing supportive services to individuals having concerns about possible paranormal activity.< Less
Michigan Paranormal: Haunted Flint By Paul Counelis
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Every town has its myths and legends. Every city has the tales spoken in hushed voices over campfires, passed down in awe from generation to generation. The city of Flint, Michigan is no... More > different. Michigan was #11 on the list of paranormal reported activity for three years running. Paul Counelis (Flint Comix, Rue Morgue) takes us through a concise look at some of the stories and the people who have experienced them, with fascinating first hand accounts.< Less
Chilling Tales Of The Paranormal By Denver Hensley
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This book is a compilation of True paranormal activity Stories from people who have had encounters with ghosts, demons and aliens. Inside these pages are true stories of demons, witch craft, ghostly... More > encounters and other strange phenomonon. Most of these stories surround Kentucky and Ohio. Come along with Author, DENVER M. HENSLEY, as he keeps you on the edge of your seat telling you TRUE stories of the bizarre.< Less
Activation of the Conduit and the Supersymetric Mind By Maximillien De Lafayette
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Beyond the Third Eye and Toward the Oneness, The book that millions were waiting for! For almost 40 years, people around the world asked the mystic Ulema, Maximillien de Lafayette to teach them how... More > to Open the Conduit. And now, the time has come, and finally, they will have the opportunity to open their Conduit. Unquestionably, this book will change your life for ever. It gives you the opportunities and means to reach a high level of awareness, and succeed in many of your endeavors, and plans for the present and the future, using Anunnaki-Ulema techniques. This is the first time ever, a mystic Ulema describes in detail, and in a simple language, how to OPEN/Activate the Conduit, that the Anunnaki installed in the brains of the human race, some, 7,000 years ago. It includes a step-by-step illustrated techniques, with dozens of sketches and photos to show you how you can open the Conduit and discover your powerful Supersymetric Mind,that shape your health, success, happiness, and events in your future.< Less
The Paranormal Investigator Book Series: Practical Spiritual Tools Book 1 By Christia Cummings-Slack
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The Paranormal Investigator Book 1: Practical Spiritual Tools is a great tool to have in any investigation kit. It gives simple examples on how to protect oneself before, during, and after an... More > investigation. "I feel it is important to say that this work, paranormal investigation, is not to be taken lightly. When opening yourself up to the paranormal unseen world it is vital to have some ground rules for protection of yourself and others," Christia Cummings-Slack< Less