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Paranormal Portals By Lauren A. Johnson, Lawrence Johnson Sr.
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Welcome Paranormal Portals, where the normal lives of plain individuals are challenged by the existence of paranormal creatures or events from the future. Learn the mysterious reasons behind the... More > entities that terrorize the employees at The Green Hills Hospital. Go on a time traveling journey as Philadelphia Real Estate Agent Chris learns the future of his children. Or go on a dimensional adventure with two brothers who meet some quirky characters. All of these stories and more take place in a different portal in Paranormal Portals.< Less
A Paranormal Compendium By Jordan Haider
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At 11 years old the Britain's newest fantasy fiction writer has delivered his first ever book. A compendia of great short storeys for the whole family to read. From the mind of child see the world... More > like you have never seen it before, story's of the i-s-s- space station to the world of the grim reaper and his battles with Lucifer. Introducing smith of the yard in his first every mystery story. The story of fallout , a tale of Jordans school being the last place to be infected by a killer virus. near death experience take the reader to the other side of death and back again. All these and more told by an 11 year old with an imagination firmly set in the PARANORMAL.< Less
Paranormal Love By Jennifer Loiske et al.
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Paranormal Love is the second anthology to come out of the writers' collective, Authors for Charity. The collective have collaborated on a number of projects, most notably their first book for... More > charity, Tales of an Old Wizard, which was launched in 2013. All proceeds from Paranormal Love go to the cancer unit in Sussex, England, in remembrance of fellow writer and friend Laura Tina Warnes, who contributed to Tales of an Old Wizard before sadly losing her battle with cancer in late 2013. Laura, who is remembered fondly by all members of the collective, was involved in the early planning stages of Paranormal Love, and Authors for Charity are proud to be able to produce this book in her memory. So grab a duvet, steel your nerves and step inside, and lose yourself in these stories of love, romance, fantasy and mystery. Just be sure to leave the lights on when you go to sleep tonight...< Less
Paranormal Investigations 4: In Limbo By EH Walter
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Leo owes the Fae promises, promises that are being called in by Jamie in a bid to help him escape the Realm of the Fae - even if that means entering Limbo and being accused of murder at an Agatha... More > Christie convention. With her team consisting of a time travelling daughter, a satyr and a troll around her, Leo has to escape Limbo and prove her innocence. Not easy when everyone thinks you did it.< Less
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Spirit Paranormal By alice falco
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Anita sembra una ragazza normale, forse un po' asociale,ma normale. Vive con la zia e ha uno dono: vede i fantasmi. Questa è stata la causa della rovina della sua vita. Nella città in... More > cui si è trasferita è quella nuova da anni. Scoprirà presto che niente è ciò che sembra; il suo mondo, già sconvolto, diventerà un caos. Non saprà da che parte schierarsi e in più c'è una profezia di mille anni fa che la riguarda e che le grava sulla testa... Un sacrificio fatto per amore, per non versare più sangue< Less
Heaven and Earth: Paranormal Flash Fiction By Graham Downs
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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." - Hamlet (1.5.167-8) Demons, witches, extra-sensory perception, possessed animals, and an... More > ever-loving God. There is much that exists, or is claimed to exist, in the world today, that we are yet to understand. A perfect introduction into the inner workings of the weird mind of Graham Downs, this collection of flash fiction paranormal stories contains: The Thing in the Window, An Automatic Decision, Telepathic Link, The Witch of Wellington, and The Christmas Bird. All have been newly edited and polished since publication on his website in 2014, and some with new endings. It also contains the never-before published story, Under the Sheets, about an old woman who believes she is being haunted by a strange ghost, living under her bed, and this special edition paperback includes the hit short story, Billy's Zombie!< Less
Tallulah-A Paranormal Tale By Catherine Wright
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Tallulah is a horror story that also hits the area of romance and fantasy. It is about a young girl who gets place in an insane ayslum from the late 1920s-1930s in Missouri. On the day of her... More > release, she is burned to death. Tallulah then unleashes a portal in which she drags the forsaken and damned towards a portal of Hell. 70 years later a college paranormal team decides to investigate her story. They soon find out that Tallulah is more than just a ghost and a bringer of death, but something more sinister.< Less
Paranormal Investigations 5: A Faint Whiff of Wet Dog By EH Walter
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Leo Fey is safe back in Barnet after her trip to Fae. Rose is still out of biscuits and Trevor still cheats at Risk. However, strange things are happening in London - celebrities have been seen... More > committing crimes across the capital... and there is a Chihuahua on the loose in Hadley. And what is that lingering whiff of wet dog all about? There is only one person who can put these things right - the reluctant Seer - Leo.< Less
Chosen By the Billionaire: Bbw Paranormal Wicked Billionaire By Dina Harrison
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Chosen By The Billionaire: BBW Paranormal Wicked Billionaire