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Leaving Grangeville By Chloe Behrens
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A beautiful but fiery force to be reckoned with, Sofia began plotting her escape from small-town Texas as a child. Her constant boredom and penchant for mischief has the tendency to land her in... More > handcuffs on a more regular basis than her parents would like, and she longs for a life anywhere outside of that tumbleweed-laden town. Any place has to be more exciting than Grangeville, right? Enter Eric Brennan, the mysterious stranger who appears to be escaping a life of his own. Stranded alongside the road, he stumbles upon Sofia and the two of them are as attracted to one another as they are to trouble. Some people are just drawn to chaos. The rush of adrenaline becomes their addiction, and Sofia’s complete lack of remorse is a dangerous ingredient in this toxic pair. They have no limits. They have no conscience. Sofia’s appetite for self-destruction propels her further on the downward spiral, and it’s still unclear whether Eric was already headed down that path, or if she’s dragging him behind her.< Less
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BLAME RANE was a quiet college student until a tragic fire shattered her world. To escape poverty, Blame exposes herself to drugs, domestic violence, prostitution, and incarceration. She moves from... More > welfare role to employment role as a single parent,from the grimy streets of D.C. to plush condos in VA; to rural NC, where she discovers the meaning of self-empowerment and unconditional love. Three birds tail her every move. This crow, cardinal and pigeon were an African-American, a Native American and a Caucasian woman in life. They are the blood ancestors of Blame Rane. The birds honestly tell the stories of their lives, taking us on an epic tour of American history. Blame encounters joy, jealousy, love, addiction, friendship, disease and opportunity. She battles classism, racism, and materialism; seizing passion, dignity and wisdom along the way. It's easy to blame the rain, but at some point, a woman learns to take responsibility for her life. Will Blame?< Less
A Stranger to Myself By Judy Frothinger
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This novel has soulful depth and shows the resilience of the human spirit. It is about forgiveness and a young woman's struggle to understand herself. Having grown disillusioned with the big city... More > that was supposed to offer glamour and glitz, Marka returns home with heartache instead. She spends a year of turmoil under the watchful eye of her spinster aunt. Their German-Russian heritage adds an additional dimension to her journey! Her life becomes muddled with romantic predicaments and confusion over her value as a person. A zealous gossip mill adds to her dilemma. Marka also has to deal with the house left to her after her parents’ untimely deaths. The house holds unpleasant memories of an alcoholic father. It has been empty for years and needs work; a metaphor for her life. Marka comes to terms with her own inclination towards addictions. She learns how her drinking affects her decision making and relationships. Often confused and hurt, she has much to learn. Life is a series of lessons.< Less
REFLECTIONS In January in Kay's House: social commentary from an empty headed housewife By kai stevenson
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Subjective Reality. Modern Angst. The genre, real life in fiction. The lens set in free-form novel, concerning vignettes daily modern life spanning the last few decades. Main Character in primarily... More > feminist view at bizarre nature modern life in a small coastal town, this accompanied with a metaphysical lens; at times the book departs from reality completely, while assures the reader anyReality is only subjective anyway, via flashbacks rural growing up,- caricature personalities in the small town modern era. There is recession, wife battering, as well bankruptcies, varied addictions, such as a 300 lb. women, and cats or just marshmallows. The aboriginal single parent is the only pragmatic face in the whole book; most people having known such faces on some level in daily life. The subject matter while bleak sets forth in basic North american 'field notes' in social commentary,- certain Canadian-slant... the techy irritations most any us experienced anyway, including fatty hamburger.< Less
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The Juniors: Book 1 By Rod Martinez
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What happens when four tween BFFs get together? Anything! Really! Meet the Juniors (aptly named because they have their parents names): 'Derik' David Markum - saxophonist, auto-junkie and... More > impulsive-adventurer with adrenaline running through his veins; Angela 'Christine' Lopez - leader-extraordinaire, nature-lover, texting-champion and hyper-talker; 'Marion' Katherine Morgan - the brains of the outfit (her dad works for NASA), computer-addict, animal-lover, laid back 'goody-goody' of the bunch, and classical pianist; and finally, but not least, 'Dylan' Rutherford Daniels - mild-mannered rich kid, yo-yo expert, comedian and master voice impersonator. Somehow, trouble always seems to find them, and NOT the other way around. They fight crime and solve mysteries. Their talents and character get them through most of it, but it's usually teamwork that saves the day. Danger is at their every step, but they manage to fight the bad guy and still make it through school.< Less
Ways to Identity, Purpose & Meaning: From the "Curriculum for Whole Living" Series By Geoff James
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As our world moves through the twenty-first century, we are surrounded by marvels of science, communication and advances in health. Despite these improvements, our planet still faces major... More > environmental problems, social injustices, financial disasters and culture-based wars. Humans still struggle with relationships, parenting, stress, addictions and a loss of identity, purpose and meaning. Many escape to movies and video games with super heroes who can solve these problems easily, but Geoff James argues that we don't need super heroes, we need "wayfarers" - ordinary people on a journey through our world learning how to become better human beings, and quietly going about the business of making this world a better place. This first book in a series of practical strategies will guide readers through the Spiritual Dimension of life to better appreciate their unique identity, and live with integrity, purpose and meaning. In the process, they will develop their own answers to twelve "Big" questions of life.< Less
That's Life! Living with Simplicity, Compassion and Common Sense By Karen Wright
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"That's Life" addresses the pain and lack of meaning that are evident in so many people's lives. So much of what we deeply need to know to have fulfilling lives is never taught to us... More > directly, so we’re left muddling through all too often without a map to guide us. We may live in complex times but that does not mean we have to over-complicate our lives. Rather, the opposite is true – we need to find our way to a simpler life that embraces common sense. If you’re stumbling in your relationships with your partner, with your children, your siblings, your parents, your colleagues or with yourself; if you have pain, whether of loneliness, addiction, worry for others, financial worries or health concerns; if you have gone through divorce, the challenges of a blended family, through the grief of loss or the difficulties of a serious illness, you can find help here.< Less
L'éducation en France : alerte rouge ! By Michel de Crousnilhon
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Au risque de se voire qualifier de réactionnaire, l’auteur analyse les causes de la déconstruction de l’école depuis plus d’un demi-siècle :... More > collège unique, « pédagogistes », mixité, éducation à la sexualité, idéologie du genre, tous aspects de l’héritage marxiste, de l’égalitarisme homme femme, et du mondialisme libertaire. Outre diverses réformes de bon sens, il prône l’abolition de la carte scolaire et l’institution du chèque éducation qui donnerait une vraie liberté de choix aux parents. Il évoque aussi les addictions diverses (écrans, alcool, drogue, pornographie…) qui affectent la jeunesse actuelle, la responsabilité des parents et des Pouvoirs publics.< Less

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