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Parrots of the World By Renee LeCompte
Hardcover: $44.99
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A companion to the playing cards deck 'Parrots of the World', this book features over 60 illustrations of those colorful, comical avians.
The attackers of the parrots By Anne Mallett
Paperback: $14.72
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This book is inspired by Pokemon. Two twins called Lucas and Dawn are just taking a walk until they find an unusual thing. There is a parrot who is supposed to be miles and miles away! Will they... More > find out why it's so far away from home? And how will they explain everything to their mother?< Less
Parrot Truths By Virinia Downham
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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If you love Parrots and you are curious to learn some insightful truths from these beautiful birds then you just have to get Parrot Truths. Discover the truths that all Parrots hold dear. You are... More > going to be entertained by Parrot Truths. Sit back and get ready to be fascinated by Parrots. See twenty amazing pictures of Parrots that you will love to look at again and again.< Less
Wisdom of the Parrots By Virinia Downham
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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If you like colorful PARROTS and discovering what goes on inside a parrot’s head then you’re going to love Wisdom of the Parrots. Sit back and get ready to enjoy discovering Parrot... More > wisdom, what they say may surprise you. Lose yourself in twenty amazing parrot pictures that you will love to look at again and again. The twenty parrot photographs were taken by the Morgue File but adapted by me. If you are in the mood for some funny parrot wisdom then read on folks.< Less
eBook (PDF): $9.00
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Backyard Parrots By Dave
Calendar: $17.95
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A photographic celebration of Australia's exotic birds... In the backyard!
Pirates and Parrots By N M Cole
Paperback: $11.49
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Captain Crime and Jim Lad are two pirates on a mission: To steal treasure that's already been stolen! Join them on an adventure across the seven seas, in a hot pursuit, as they chase their sworn... More > arch enemy, the great Captain Chaos and his pesky crew. Meet the Parrot who has it all and a rather meddlesome mermaid who can't wait to stir things up! They'll have you laughing in the rigging and singing with the sirens, as they try to steal the stolen treasure and live the way of a pirate's life. But watch out! It's full of trouble and double strife!< Less
Parrot in the Atrium By Bryan W. Brickner
Paperback: $10.65
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In sanity - there is no outside of the in.
Mary and the Two Wonderful Parrots By Lorena Villarreal
Paperback: $8.40
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Two unsual parrots find their way into the hearts of a loving family.
Your Pet Parrot By Maureen Pace
eBook (ePub): $3.99
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Thinking About a Pet Parrot? Before you make the expensive leap, you should ensure that you have all the information about having a pet parrot in your possession. It may seem like any other pet... More > purchase but anyone who owns these feathered friends will tell you it is anything but normal! In fact, it's more likely a case of who owns who - you or the parrot! You need to know exactly what is involved in owning and caring for a parrot. Everything from cages to veterinarians who are experienced with parrots needs to be studied before you make the leap. Where do you go to get this kind of in-depth information? Glad you asked, you can get the answers you need from an experienced parrot owner. She will lead you step-by-step through just what you need to know BEFORE you plunk down the mega bucks. Learn everything from feeding to the training regimen your parrot requires.< Less

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