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Parshas vaYeitzei By Chaim Brown
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thoughts on parshas vayeitzei
Parshas Toldos By Chaim Brown
eBook (PDF): $0.00
divrei torah on parshas toldos
Parshas VaYeishev By Chaim Brown
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divrei torah - parshas vayeishev
DovBear on the Parsha By Dov Bear
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A look at the weekly Torah portion like none you've ever had before, culled from the collective wisdom of the ages, up to and including the Bible critics of our own day. Far from recycled versions of... More > the sound bytes you may have heard from your grade school teachers, DovBear's parsha posts are refreshingly original, analyzed and applied in ways that are as unique as they are charmingly irreverent. The result is an insightful collection that is sophisticated and snappy to read; superbly intelligent, and yet easy to understand. Offered by one of the most widely-read Jewish bloggers, DovBear on the Parsha will shine a new light on your understanding of the Torah, and invigorate your relationship with parsha studies for years to come.< Less
Parshas Chayei Sarah By Chaim Brown
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Thoughts on the parsha
Volume 1077, Bechukotai (parsha) --- Bede House, Old Aberdeen By Print Wikipedia
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Volume 1077, Bechukotai (parsha)---Bede House, Old Aberdeen Print Wikipedia is a both a utilitarian visualization of the largest accumulation of human knowledge and a poetic gesture towards the... More > inhuman scale of big data. Michael Mandberg wrote software that parses the entirety of the English-language Wikipedia database and programmatically lays out nearly 7500 volumes, complete with covers, and then uploads them to for print-on-demand. Print Wikipedia draws attention to the sheer size of the encyclopedia's content and the impossibility of rendering Wikipedia as a material object in fixed form: Once a volume is printed it is already out of date. It is also a work of found poetry built on what is likely the largest appropriation ever made. As we become increasingly more dependent on information and source material on the Internet today, Mandiberg explores the accessibility of its vastness.< Less
Stam Torah 5774 By Dani Staum
Paperback: $18.90
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A unique perspective of the weekly parsha based on contemporary living.
Sof Sof Softcover By Daniel Rosen
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Selected Questions and a Few Answers about the End of Each Parsha
Pnei Moshe Volume II By Esral Family
Paperback: $6.03
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A collection of Divrei Torah on the Parsha and Moadim, written in memory of R' Moshe Esral z"l

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
Paperback: $19.00
BREATHE BREATHE By Sharon Boney Burge
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