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We Need to Have a Word: Words of Wisdom, Courage and Patience for Work, Home and Everywhere By John R. Dallas, Jr.
Hardcover: $39.95
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We Need to Have a Word, Words of Wisdom Courage and Patience for Work, Home and Everywhere by John R. Dallas, Jr., is written and designed as a week-by-week reader. The 438-page volume contains 52... More > letters to readers for a full year of rapid immersion with high-impact wise words. Personal purpose, passion and potential to be found within selected evocative words are honored as valuable buried treasure. Toward work-life alignment goals and objectives, the book leads readers to find themselves shining within the complexity and brilliance of 52 word gemstones. These are words to be. These words are action. These words support work-life alignment. From conference tables to kitchen tables, and from war rooms to locker rooms, these are words to support readers to dig, drill and think deeper so each person will reach, climb and stand higher. These are grown-up words for leaders of all ages. Some eager readers enjoy reading cover-to-cover, then again reading week-by-week for a full year of building value word-by-word.< Less
Forty-Five Years of Research at the NBRL, Boston, Massachusetts: Chaotic Observations, Serendipity, and Patience By C. Robert Valeri & Gina Ragno Giorgio, Esq.
eBook (ePub): $8.99
In 1789, Horace Walpole defined serendipity as “making discoveries by accident”; it was through acceptance of this inherent chaos that some of history’s most influential advances... More > were made, such as Alfred Nobel and dynamite, Marie Curie and radium, and Alexander Fleming and penicillin. Usually chaotic-serendipitous observations are either not recognized by hypothesis-driven researchers or, if observed, rejected by them. Fortunately, the Naval Blood Research Laboratory (NBRL) has been able to embrace important chaotic and serendipitous observations that were critical to the productivity of the laboratory. As former director of the NBRL, C. Robert Valeri, MD, spent forty-five years exploring hematocrit, bleeding time, and nonsurgical blood loss, as well as other blood-related advances used to treat military and civilian personnel. In this volume, he reviews those advances and recalls his time at the NBRL.< Less
T.R.U.M.P. or Trump Really Undermines My Patience By brenda alexander
Paperback: $16.96
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Last year we saw how a governmental hodgepodge of societal issues caused people with opposing viewpoints to vehemently disagree with one another. During the 2016 Presidential election and campaign... More > seasons involving Sen. Hilary Clinton, Dem. and Donald Trump, Rep;., the main Liberal and Conservative political branches went against each other in a moral divide which harmed the fragile fabric which holds the American population together. The unfortunate 'racial' bigotry, violence, and hatred which has been fostered (mostly)by the actions and words of Donald J. Trump, who has become the 45th President of the U.S., is almost incredulously inconceivable. He has become an embarrassment to decency with alleged "Christian Evangelical" people giving him his strongest support; regardless of the undisguised blatant, destructible lies he utters on a DAILY basis. His presidency is dangerous to the well-being of this Country. So, I wrote about him in verse.< Less
Spanish Copywork - El Fruto Del Espíritu 4 - Patience By Tam Renai Ruiz
Paperback: $7.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is part of a series of booklets, in which each contain 20 scripture verses that pertain to one of the Fruits of the Spirit. Along with print and cursive copywork pages, there are pages to... More > translate verses, as well as journal pages of various line widths to copy favorite verses and illustrate it.< Less
Your Guide to Dealing with Diabetes: The Revolutionary Lazy Way to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Especially for Those Lacking Motivation, Patience, Time, or Money to Diet and Exercise Properly By Dwayne Tomkewich
eBook (ePub): $9.99
As with most people I talk to, I noticed that I would take things to the extreme and fail. Everything I read and was shown about diet was quite regimented. The problem was, like many others, I was... More > quite lazy. You always started out with the greatest intention of dieting and seeing superior results controlling your blood sugar, but after a week or month, you’ve fallen of the wagon.A similar pattern happens with exercise. You start out strong on your workout program, hitting the gym four to five days a week. After two weeks, you’re down to twice per week. After a month, you’re down to just once per week – if that. Few people ever maintain the regular gym habit. Out of all of this, two things happened that have helped me change my ways and get my blood sugar levels under control so I can live my life as I normally would. I call these changes the ‘Lazy way to reverse Type 2 diabetes’.< Less
Fêtes de la Patience di Arthur Rimbaud per voce e pianoforte By Ermanno Pradella
Paperback: $25.25
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Aux branches claires des tilleuls Meurt un maladif hallali. Mais des chansons spirituelles Voltigent parmi les groseilles. Que notre sang rie en nos veines, Voici s'enchevêtrer les vignes.... More > Le ciel est joli comme un ange. L'azur et l'onde communient. Je sors. Si un rayon me blesse Je succomberai sur la mousse. Qu'on patiente et qu'on s'ennuie C'est trop simple. Fi de mes peines. Je veux que l'été dramatique Me lie à son char de fortune. Que par toi beaucoup, ô Nature, - Ah ! moins seul et moins nul !- je meure. Au lieu que les Bergers, c'est drôle, Meurent à peu près par le monde. Je veux bien que les saisons m'usent. À toi, Nature, je me rends; Et ma faim et toute ma soif. Et, s'il te plaît, nourris, abreuve. Rien de rien ne m'illusionne; C'est rire aux parents, qu'au soleil, Mais moi je ne veux rire à rien; Et libre soit cette infortune.< Less
For a Hundred Days By Abdulfatahi Ishaq Ayomide
eBook (ePub): $2.50
Jide, fed up by the frustration around not having money was sad. He soon discovered that an old friend of his Deinde, is now mega rich. He sought his help with the hope of finding the comfort and... More > happiness money seems to bring. His friend helped him but what came with the wealth he soon got wasn't happiness neither was it comfort.< Less
The Most Famous Fisherman of Our Time! By Charles Mazzarella
eBook (PDF): $0.77
This is a story of the main character's cousin who was an avid fisherman. The narrator recalls memorable experiences w/ his cousin; when they were boys and, in more recent times. Now, it is up to... More > the remaining cousin to ulogize the other. The narrator fondly remembers and has some regret that maybe he should have went fishing more often with his cousin. Is he too late to do so?< Less
Sh! It's a Secret! By Marthann Parms
eBook (PDF): $5.00
Sh! It's a Secret! Is a short story whereby we can all learn a lesson about patience.
Sh! It's a Secret! By Marthann Parms
Paperback: $14.52
Prints in 3-5 business days
Sh! It's a Secret! Is a short story whereby we can all learn a lesson about patience.

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