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World Wide Weavings Pdf By RSCDS International Branch
eBook (PDF): $4.68
A collection of dances to mark the tenth anniversary of the International Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. The dances were written specifically for the book by Branch members from... More > around the globe.< Less
Dream Sector (PDF) By Mac Braxton
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Downsider Elleyne learns that Freedomers have abducted her older brother, Brennen. But Preacher, a renegade Freedomer, gives her even more startling news: Brennen is a highly-prized telepath, and... More > the Freedomers are about to turn him into a weapon of war against his own people. With the help of her cousin Alisoun, Elleyne and Preacher embark on a rescue mission to a distant planet ‑‑ but soon discover there's much more at stake than just Brennen. "Harry Potter meets Star Wars!" - Los Angeles Optic< Less
The Wolf and the Raven (PDF) By Diana L. Paxson
eBook (PDF): $8.99
It is the fifth century, and the Germanic tribes are pushing westward toward the world of Rome. In the forest of the Teutons, Sigfrid works at the forge and runs with the wolves. In the Taunus... More > mountains, Brunhild trains with the Walkyriun, the witch-warriors who serve the tribes. Both find a father in Wodan, the ambiguous god of magic and madness who is guiding the tribes into a new world. Wodan helps Sigfrid forge a legendary sword and become a hero. With his guidance, Brunhild becomes a raven priestess. But Sigfrid’s first great deed leaves him without a family, and when Brunhild obeys the god instead of her superiors, she is cast out. Their only hope of happiness lies together, but more than their own lives will be changed when the wolf and the raven fall in love . . .< Less
The Cabbages of Doom [PDF Edition] By Richard Edwards
eBook (PDF): $1.54
(1 Ratings)
The Cabbages of Doom is a surreal science fiction/comic fantasy novella with some adult themes. It is inspired by the "far fetched fiction" of Robert Rankin and has a similar detachment... More > from reality. The story contains some swearing and mild fantasy violence and may not be suitable for young children. The Blurb: For Cyril the Squirrel it was just another day. His main concern was the location of his nuts and the daily battle to avoid being eaten by something with nasty sharp bits and a taste for rodent. And then came The Cabbages of Doom. Suddenly, Cyril found himself the key player in a struggle over time and space for his survival and the safety of those around him. Plus, if he's lucky, a bit of lovin' on the side. Take some marauding vegetables, add a menagerie of talking animals, then chuck in an army of chrome-plated midgets for good measure, and you have a story that will amuse, bemuse and/or confuse for as long as it takes to read it. Maybe more.< Less
Paperback: $7.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
India Hindu religion individual castes S.C/S.T/o.b.c weaker section immediate- poverty solution increase huge business only big role join individual castes sufficient number L.L.B/L..L.M... More > /M.B.B.S/M.D/M.S degree< Less
PDF Tagging Test By Lulu Lunatic
Paperback: $4.76
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Building the Barn PDF By Seán E. Bergin
eBook (PDF): $0.00
This is a pictorial record of an Oak Timber Framed Barn built in South West Ireland in 1995 using only hand tools and natural materials. It includes details of building processes, working drawings,... More > thatching closeups, wattle and daub experiments and much more.< Less
Spinning A Green Yarn - PDF By D Cecchini
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Tall gleaming white towers and intimidating gleaming white blades, creating energy from out of thin air—what could be more wholesome for the environment, wildlife, humankind, and the planet?!... More > This book will help you to have a better understanding of the full impact of commercial wind power on the environment. Read this book and see if the facts mesh with your beliefs!< Less
Dating With Marriage Intentions (PDF) By JM Johnson
eBook (PDF): $5.00
You have spent years being his friend, his lover, the mother of his child, but never his wife. What happened to the promises he made to you in the beginning. He was looking for something serious, but... More > now he’s decided that he needs to take his time? Did you do something wrong? Did he? Without realizing it, you may have actually removed yourself from his choice of marriage. You can be in a relationship that leads to marriage instead of a girlfriend for years. Why not plan to make that a reality instead of embarking on chance? Take control of your current relationship or begin your next relationship with the right foundation. Learn and choose to walk into a year of courtship with someone who wants what you want, and stop wasting time with someone who doesn't.< Less
Fresh Produce (PDF) By Arend van Loggeren
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A traditional marriage may seem old-fashioned, but Luke and Ellen are proving it still belongs in modern society. The rewards of traditional marriage are plentiful for this couple, but they do come... More > at a price. The currency, Ellen has discovered, is a rosy-red rear. Given her willful nature and Luke's confident leadership, Ellen often finds herself paying old-fashioned marriage tax. In "Fresh Produce", Luke's authority is put to the test in an act of subtle disobedience. He knows how much his wife dreads the old-fashioned reward for disobeying him. But, meting out discipline when it is uncomfortable to do so is part of his duty. When Ellen is less than submissive during the punishment spanking, Luke introduces the ginger helper. "Fresh Produce" blazes a new trail into Luke and Ellen's traditional discipline sessions, and will change the way you think about a trip to your local grocery store. This short story is intended for adult readers only.< Less

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