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Peirce Yearbook 2008 By Marek Jacisin
Paperback: $17.30
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Peirce Elementary School, Arlington MA. Graduating Class of 2008, photos and memories.
The Peirce Family of North Kingstown, RI Scrapbook 1893-1923 Deaths and Marriages By Rachel Peirce
Paperback: $10.00
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A collection of Rhode Island obituaries and marriage announcements compiled by two generations of North Kingstown Town Clerks, Thomas Jay Peirce and his son John Perry Babcock Peirce, from 1893 to... More > 1923.< Less
My Calendar By Allan Peirce
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A calendar with photographs from my trash patrols of local rivers in eastern Massachusetts.
Trashpaddling 2011 By Al Peirce
Calendar: $13.99
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Trashpaddling 2011 is a calendar displaying photographs taken from my kayak while trash patrolling local SuAsCo waterways in Massachusetts and some others a little more distant. Proceeds from the... More > sale of this calendar will be used to purchase supplies such as gloves, trash bags, etc. My goal is to pick up the trash I encounter rather than paddle past it.< Less
LAMENT FOR A DYING WARRIOR and other poems 2009 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $12.51
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If Dante had to add one more circle to his underworld realm the world of modern poetry (so called) would have just suited his need. It is a strange world in which those given the greatest preeminence... More > are, as in modern visual art, those who have the least understanding of the purpose for which their art exists. Perhaps the poems in this book may give a hint of how release from the present day poetry can be achieved. Certainly for today’s world this is a strange book of poems indeed, poems that not only read as effortlessly as the best prose (too effortlessly for some tastes no doubt), but which also can be a pleasure and moving to read.< Less
A Marquee In My Mind and other poems 2011 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $16.97
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A book of various poems lyrical in nature, encompassing subjects such as the nature of the world, the nature of humans, the nature of love, the nature of marriage, and the nature of god as well as... More > poems of a wide range of subjects including art and science and literature.< Less
ON THE BEACH and other poems 2007/2008 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $15.74
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A very long time ago someone discovered that expression using words could be enhanced by formatting the words in a manner in which they were divided into specific segments (now called lines) which... More > had a common rhythm and that that common rhythm could be made more emphatic by the use of rhyme. Thus was poetry born. And of course the use of such means were to become much more sophisticated over time. But writing in poetry has today fallen on very hard times. No longer are the mechanism of poetry used as a means of enhancing expression but just making use of them has become the end in itself. So much so that if someone were to try to determine what poetry was today they might define it as a manner of torturing words, which is, indeed, what it has become. For those who can't stand to read modern poetry but would like, were it possible, to be able to indulge themselves in the pleasure of reading some real poetry written in their own time this collection of poems might just satisfy their desire.< Less
The Moon Shone Over The Hill and other poems 2010 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $12.74
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A collection of poems many of which are love poems along with others dealing with topics such as death, the nature of existence, etc.
The Day is Almost Done and other poems 2012 / 2013 By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $17.50
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A collection of lyrical* poems dealing with varied subject matter, such as life and romantic life, love and romantic love, and death and romantic death, including some poems dealing with the nature... More > of humans and of their joy and suffering, some poems with the nature of this physical world and those horizons of it which we cannot see beyond, as well as several poems about animals, one about a parrot in a cage, one about a Bird of Paradise sitting on a tree overlooking the sea, and one detailing the courtship of a mollusk. There is also a poem that is a tribute to Wagner as well as poems that are concerned with the nature of art, along with some poems that are intended to be humorous.< Less
Drifting By Chamberlain Peirce
Paperback: $13.95
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Young attractive Margaret Marston is addicted to both gambling and drugs. Her wealthy businessman father tells her that he will only continue to support her if she reforms. He hires detective Chris... More > Farr to chaperone her and to report to him on her behavior. Jonas Partridge, the owner of an art gallery, has leant money to Margaret which indebtedness has enabled him to persuade her to agree to marry him. A young man, Timmy, in possession of photographs which incriminate police chief Frank Conroy in the shooting of a defenceless man, has Chris deliver the pictures to Jason knowing that Jason’s possession of them will enable Jason to deter the chief from using false evidence that the chief has created in order to intimidate Jason. Finding they have a liking for one another Chris and Margaret come ever closer together as he unravels the mystery of Timmy’s disappearance (he had been murdered) and who murdered him and why. This is the basic film script written in straight dramatic form.< Less

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