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Bal Maidens of the St Just Peninsula By Lynne Mayers
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The St Just Peninsula was one of the most important mining areas in Cornwall. In the 19th century it was second only to the Central Mining District in total copper and tin production, which also... More > reflected the number of women and girls employed at the mines there. This booklet gives glimpses of the lives of the bal maidens, from the late 18th century up until the second World War. Approximate numbers employed are given over time, as well as descriptions of their tasks and working environment. There is a dedicated chapter on the women and girls who worked at Levant Mine in the parish of St Just, and Ding Dong Mine on the boundary of the parishes of Madron and Gulval.< Less
The Struggle for Yemen and the Challenge of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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In recent years, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been widely recognized as a more dangerous regional and international terrorist organization than the original al-Qaeda led by Osama bin... More > Laden until his death in 2011. In 2010-11, AQAP was able to present a strong challenge to Yemen's government by capturing and retaining large areas in the southern part of the country. Yemen's new reform President defeated AQAP and recaptured areas under their control in 2012, but the terrorists remain an extremely dangerous force seeking to reassert themselves at this time of transition in Yemen.< Less
Return of The Balkans: Challenges to European Integration and U.S. Disengagement (Enlarged Edition) By Janusz Bugajski et al.
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For the first time in its modern history the entire Balkan Peninsula has the opportunity to co-exist under one security and developmental umbrella combining NATO and the European Union (EU).... More > Unfortunately, European and American leaders have been unable to complete such a unique historic vision, while the progress of several Western Balkan countries continues to be undermined by a plethora of political, social, economic, ethnic, and national disputes. This monograph focuses on the escalating security challenges facing the Western Balkans, assesses the shortcomings and deficiencies of current international engagement, considers future prospects for U.S. military involvement, and offers recommendations for curtailing conflict and promoting the region’s international institutional integration. In particular, to prevent the future deployment of U.S. forces, more comprehensive strategic intelligence gathering is needed, together with the identification of local...< Less
World War 2 Salerno Beach Head By Ronald Ledwell
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SALERNO: The invasion at Salerno was to be a sudden amphibious operation, quickly concluded and followed by a rapid dash up the coast to the Capital of Rome. In one fell swoop, the Allies were going... More > to occupy Italy and trap large formations of occupying German troops in the southern boot of the Italian peninsula. However, unknown to the Americans and British: the German Wehrmacht had already acted with their customary efficiency, rushing battle hardened divisions to the invasion beach, ringing it in a fist of steel.< Less
The Future of the Arab Gulf Monarchies in the Age of Uncertainties (Enlarged Edition) By Strategic Studies Institute et al.
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Seismic cultural and political shifts are under way in the Arab Gulf monarchies. The political upheavals and transitions that have swept through the Arab world over the last 2 years have not toppled... More > the Arab Gulf rulers, but did not leave them untouched, either. Rulers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states face heightened internal and external challenges and uncertainties. Pro-democracy protests and calls are extending from Bahrain to other oil-rich countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The expectations of GCC citizens, particularly the educated youth, are increasingly moving from socio-economic demands to political ones. They are now not only asking for jobs or wage increases, but also for more political participation and accountability. Chief among internal challenges is the resurgence in several GCC countries, particularly Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, of a decades-long sectarian rift between the Sunni regimes and their Shia subjects.< Less
Forgotten Consequences: The Impact of the Korean War on the Influence of the Military in Turkish Politics and Society By Ata Akiner
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It is often forgotten that between 1950 and 1971, the Republic of Turkey dispatched over 50,000 soldiers to the Korean Peninsula to serve under the UN banner. This study looks at recently... More > declassified official documents and correspondence, analyzes US and Turkish foreign policy and domestic political changes at the time, and integrates newspaper coverage and interviews with Turkish veterans from the Korean War, ultimately shedding new light on why these soldiers were deployed and what the short and long-term consequences of this fateful decision were. The impact of the Korean War on Turkey appears to not only have been lasting domestic changes, but also an aftershock that is still being felt around the whole world until today. Also includes map, chart, and 14 photos.< Less
World War 2 In Review No. 48: Western Front By Merriam Press
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Merriam Press World War 2 In Review Series. The following articles on World War II are in this issue: (1) Western Front: Introduction (2) Action at Arras, 21 May 1940 (3) Hurricanes of Thistle... More > Squadron (4) Defense of Calais by 30th Brigade, May 1940 (5) Armistice Day: Fate of a Famous Railway Car (6) D-Day: Normandy, 6 June 1944 (7) A Miracle in the Skies Saved the Paratroop Lieutenant (8) Payoff Tuesday: Fighters and Bombers Crowded the D-Day Sky (9) American Conquest of the Cherbourg Peninsula, June 1944 (10) Matt Urban, Captain, U.S. Army: Medal of Honor Recipient (11) Diary Solves Mystery of American Unknown Soldier (12) Staff Sergeant Andrew Miller, U.S. Army: Medal of Honor Recipient (13) Tank versus Tank (14) Wacht am Rhein: Total War in the West (15) 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate): After Action Report, 17-31 December 1944 (16) Dieppe Raid (17) Dieppe: A Failure that Led to Success. 400 B&W/color photos/illustrations.< Less
Such Hard and Severe Service: The 85th Pennsylvania in the Civil War. Volume I, 1861-1863 By Dan Clendaniel
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The story of the 85th Pennsylvania Volunteers during the Civil War began with being shamed at Seven Pines to ultimately playing a key role in Lee’s surrender at Appomattox. In between, there... More > was disease, adventure in North Carolina, bombardment around Charleston, and missed opportunities between Richmond and Petersburg. This work, filled with primary source quotations from the participants, chronicles the will and determination of a Union regiment that hailed from the area of southwestern Pennsylvania made famous two generations earlier by the Whiskey Rebellion, a challenge to federal authority seventy years before Fort Sumter. This, the first of three projected volumes, covers the years 1861 to 1863. Volume Two will cover 1864 to 1865, and Volume Three will contain biographies of both officers and soldiers. Extensively illustrated throughout with period photographs and drawings, as well as eighteen maps, timeline, and detailed footnotes.< Less
The Politics Of Identity: History, Nationalism, And The Prospect For Peace In Post-cold War East Asia By Sheila Miyoshi Jager & Strategic Studies Institute
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Both the Taiwan Strait and the Korean peninsula harbor real dangers for the Northeast Asian region. The clash between an increasingly divergent nationalist identity in China and in Taiwan represents... More > a new challenge for U.S. policy in the region. Similarly, the rise of pan-Korean nationalism in South Korea, and an unpredictable North Korean regime that has succeeded in driving a wedge between Seoul and Washington, has created another highly combustible zone of potential conflict. This monograph, by Dr. Sheila Miyoshi Jager, explores how the United States might respond to the emerging new nationalism in the region in order to promote stability and peace. Offering a constructivist approach which highlights the central role that memory, history, and identity play in international relations, the monograph has wide-ranging implications for U.S. foreign policy.< Less
At Suvla Bay Being the notes and sketches of scenes, characters and adventures of the Dardanelles campaign, made by John Hargrave ("White Fox") while serving with the 32nd field ambulance, X division, Mediterranean expeditionary force, during the great war By John Hargrave
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Hint: You can preview this book by clicking on "Preview" which is located under the cover of this book. About the author: John Gordon Hargrave (6 June 1894 – 21 November 1982),... More > (woodcraft name 'White Fox'), was described in his obituary as an 'author, cartoonist, inventor, lexicographer, artist and psychic healer'. As Head Man of the Kibbo Kift, he was a prominent youth leader in Britain during the 1920s and 1930s. He was a Utopian thinker, a believer in both science and magic, and a figure-head for the Social Credit movement in British politics.Born in Midhurst, Sussex, into an itinerant Quaker family, Hargrave was the son of painter Gordon Hargrave and his wife Babette Bing, of Jewish Hungarian descent. A bohemian childhood, spent partly in the Lake District, left him with a passion for Nature and a fierce propensity for self-education through reading books and observing the world around him. Excerpt from:< Less