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The Structure of Chords & Keys By John Ambrose
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Handbook, Referencebook. Helps readers acquire thorough knowledge of all modern and old keys and chords, also supplementary to music lessons. For keyboard players, singers and players of other music... More > instruments.< Less
The Rhetoric of Childbirth: The Trial of a California Midwife By Cyd Ropp
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Should pregnancy be defined as a medical condition as obstetricians would claim, or is childbirth a natural, normal event rarely requiring medical intervention, as midwives would have it? The... More > testimonies of health care professionals who appeared as witnesses in the case of The People of the State of California v. Abigail Odam were analyzed using Kenneth Burke's dramatistic pentad in order to demonstrate the significant professional demarcation revealed by the discourse, clinical approach, and philosophical worldviews held by adherents of the medical model of birth and traditional midwifery. Trial testimonies such as these make it possible to see how physicians and midwives describe physiological processes in markedly different ways--the result of differences in perspective arising from very different terministic screens. This dissertation was accepted by the University of Memphis for a Ph.D. in Rhetoric in 2001.< Less
Walk With Me Awhile By M. Scott Campbell
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An intimate portrait of many of my best works from the last two decades: a collection of essays, pictures, lyrics and poetry... The essays range all across the philosophical wheel: a math proof... More > attempt, discussions on metaphysics, sub-atomic physics, spirituality, sexuality, the dreaded modal fallacy, metaphor theory, social protest theory, music theory, cognition theory, consumerism, literature reviews, Project Management, Burkean pentad theory, visual censorship, and, well, many, many more... The Poems are, as many of you might realize, fairly fluid and abstract -- and speak truths from my heart and soul. Caveats: 1. I have been known to use the "F" word in some of my poetry -- just sayin', you have been warned... 2. Some of my essays are extremely controversial, as I tend to kick the elephant in the middle of the room from time to time... This would be a fantastic piece to set on your coffee table (unless, of course, you expect young children of a reading age to wander through unattended)...< Less
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Il presente saggio è il seguito degli altri due sugli archetipi, però non è necessario aver letto tali libri per poter comprendere questo terzo. Qui, le conoscenze sugli... More > archetipi vengono incrociate con quelle inerenti i vari percorsi iniziatici e le varie scuole di psicologia, per organizzare tali modelli in un corpo unico coerente e ampliarne i confini. In merito alle iniziazioni, vengono spiegati i sette livelli iniziatici raggiungibili dagli esseri umani e le dodici fasi di un percorso iniziatico completo, ricostruito dall’autore assommando le conoscenze iniziatiche delle varie tradizioni religiose. In merito alla psicologia, viene rappresentata una nuova mappa della costituzione psichica, tracciata dall’autore grazie all’unificazione della psicologia dinamica con le antiche conoscenze tradizionali. Infine, l’essere umano viene definito dalle più importanti teorie sulla personalità, ordinate e organizzate in base agli archetipi fondamentali.< Less