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Parallel Pentateuch By Aleksandr Sigalov
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This inexpensive Parallel Transliterated Hebrew Bible is great as a handy reference for anyone who is serious about studying Pentateuch. Even though this Bible is based on the public domain texts,... More > that may not represent the most accurate versions available, three translations in parallel would still give you an excellent opportunity to compare and truly appreciate the magnificence of the original text. This is a Leningrad Codex-English Transliteration-Young's Literal Translation version. This is a PENTATEUCH ONLY version. This is a second edition, that includes better formatting and front cover.< Less
Tyndale's Pentateuch (1530) By Bradford Taliaferro
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This is a facsimile of William Tyndale's Pentateuch (Five Books of Moses) published in 1530. Some titles were cropped and a very few pages had some text loss in the gutter. Otherwise this is a... More > good copy of Scriptures nearly 500 years old!< Less
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This volume is the first five books of the King James known as the Books of Moses with my Commentary.
Notes on the Pentateuch - Genesis to Deuteronomy By Charles Henry Mackintosh
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Of all the groups of Christian believers that developed in the English-speaking world in the nineteenth century, the one which produced the greatest number of gifted writers was the Brethren ...the... More > one whose works have been most frequently printed is C. H. Mackintosh, generally known as C.H.M. C. H. Mackintosh was born in October 1820, at Glenmalure Barricks, County Wicklow, Ireland, the son of the captain of a Highland regiment. Mackintosh was converted at the age of eighteen through the letters of a devout sister, and the prayerful reading of J. N. Darby's Operations of the Spirit. ... (soon after the age of 24) he concluded he must give himself entirely to the ministry of the Word of God, in writing and in public speaking. Soon thereafter he felt led to establish a periodical, which he continued to edit for twenty-one years, "Things New and Old". He died on November 2, 1896, and was buried in Cheltenham Cemetery, awaiting the resurrection morn. This book is the complete set, Volume 1 through 5.< Less
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The very best textbook on the subject Pentateuch for any student of the Bible
Ælfrik: The Pentateuch, Joshua and Job By W. M. Grein
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A facsimile reprint of W. M. Grein's ÆLFRIK: THE PENTATEUCH, JOSHUA AND JOB IN ANGLO-SAXON. The digital files for this reprint may contain printer's marks, library marks, copy marks/distortion,... More > or readers' marks.< Less
Studies in the Pentateuch: Genesis By Dennis Dinger
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The first book of the Bible, Genesis, is the book of beginnings. It covers about 2500 years from the Creation, through the lives of Adam and Eve, through the great flood of Noah’s day, through... More > the lives of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to the lives of Jacob’s sons who were heads of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Genesis ends with the death of Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph, with God’s help, saved the Egyptians, the family of Jacob, and the world, from the great famine of his day! Genesis provides the foundation for the other sixty-five books of the Bible!< Less
Studies in the Pentateuch: Deuteronomy By Dennis Dinger
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Moses reviewed every aspect of the law in Deuteronomy! In this book, Moses presented the Lord’s solutions to problems the children of Israel would face! After the Lord’s discipline to... More > those who transgressed the law, He knew the people would return to Him, ask forgiveness, and ask for help! When that happened, the Lord was ready, willing, and able to come to their rescue! In Deuteronomy, we learn the Lord’s desired relationship with the children of Israel. The Lord desires to have a similar relationship with each of us — today! We can learn how He treats His people today by watching how He treated His people in Moses’ day! The Lord is a wonderful God! . . . and His desire is towards us! . . . that is, towards all mankind!< Less
Studies in the Pentateuch: Numbers By Dennis Dinger
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The book of Numbers presents (and is named after) the two numberings of the children of Israel after their departure from Egypt. Many consider Numbers to be a dry read, which contains little of... More > interest! . . . but the book contains Moses’ report of many interesting events, happenings, and teachings which provide excellent lessons for all! Surely every Christian today should pay close attention to the figurative nature of this book! Everything the Lord did in Moses’ day was for the benefit of His people — the children of Israel! Everything He does today is for the benefit of His people — believers of the church. . . . and the many figures in this book reveal the parallels between the Lord’s treatment of the children of Israel and the Lord’s treatment of the church!< Less
Studies in the Pentateuch: Exodus By Dennis Dinger
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The book of Exodus tells the story of the children of Israel as God brought them out of slavery in Egypt. He delivered them into the wilderness of Sinai, guided them through forty years of... More > wandering, and ushered them into the Promised Land. The overriding message in Exodus is that all mankind, represented by the children of Israel, can not live this life without God’s help! In Exodus, God abundantly poured His love, mercy, grace, and providence upon the children of Israel. In like manner, all mankind today can enjoy His abundance and His company in new life which He provides! Exodus is a wonderful book! It presents a wonderful picture! . . . and it leads to a wonderful outcome!< Less

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